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Edmond new Homes | the Purchasing Agreement

Edmond new Homes | Pricing It Out

The next step in our process here at Shaw homes when building your, your new home with Shaw is going to be that purchase agreement, um, as a bixby homebuilder we know that it’s really important to, to answer all those questions for our customers before we go to that, that purchase agreement, and we feel at this time, um, between the home site reservation and all the financing and the home tour and the price out. Um, at this point, all of your questions are going to be answered. Um, you’re going to know how the building process works. Um, you’re going to know what all is going into your home, the exact cost of it, exactly where it’s being built. Edmond new Homes, you’re going to be informed about the neighborhood you’re going to be building in. Um, so we’d like to, we’d like to exhaust, um, all of our options there as it bixby homebuilder.

Um, we know that you have a lot of options when choosing a builder here in Tulsa and that big ski area. And we see that it’s really important to us to educate our customers and keep them well informed. Um, so when you, when you go to the purchase agreement, um, that’s going to be a really fast meeting, usually takes about an hour. Um, there is an informant informative video to watch at that time, um, that’s going to explain everything that we’re doing in the purchase agreement because like I explained before, we really want our customers to, to be educated and to make an informed decision. And so that’s why we add in little things like that. Um, it’s something that not every Edmond new Homes will do that you will find that here at Shaw. So at this point for the purchase agreement meeting, um, there are a few things that are going to be final and some that are not final at this time.

So the two things that are final is going to be the home site selection. So the neighborhood and the home site that you have reserved and that you have picked out when you sign that purchase agreement, that home site selection is final. The other item that’s going to be final at that time is going to be the structural options. Edmond new Homes, so at this point you are not going to be able to change any of these structural options within the home so you can change the pitch of the roof. You can’t move a wall, things like that. If those were things that, that you wanted to see, if it could be done, that would just need to be done before the purchase agreement because at the purchase agreement that structure of the home is going to be final. Um, so again, you know, feel free to talk to your new home specialist before this time.

If you’re thinking about some structural changes, I’m on that floor plan. Um, you know, we, we always look into anything that we can do and that can be done and at that time that would be when you would want to talk to your new home specialist about that anytime before that purchase agreement. I’m also at this time, um, your mortgage approval will be do any additional deposit that will, um, that will be necessary. That will be due at that time, um, discussing whether or not that contract is going to be contingent or noncontingent. Edmond new Homes, that meaning do you need to, do you need to sell your home before you can go into a second mortgage there? Um, is there any kind of delay of build, um, that will also be discussed at that time? Um, and the two things that aren’t going to be final are going to be the all the finishes in the home and all of the colors.

So at this point, even though you have gone to price out and you have spoken with your new home specialist about all of the options you’d like to add in the home and you’ve talked about what cabinet style you’d like, um, what kind of flooring options you’d like to have in the home, what you want the fireplace to look like. Edmond new Homes, this was simply an informational meeting, um, to get you the prices on all those items. If at any point after the purchase agreement while you are in the design studio, if you would like to change any of those items or totally start over, um, that’s entirely up to you. Those design studio appointments are really meant to discuss all of your, your options. Um, so don’t worry about your colors or any of your finishes or any of your interiors at that time because none of those are going to be final.

And we know with other bixby homebuilders, um, this is really what sets us apart. The selections process or not, that’s what we call our design studio. We have the largest design studio in this, um, in this part of Oklahoma and we really pride ourselves in that. We know that our customers really appreciate being able to go into a design studio to be able to see all of the selections. Um, being able to see all of their options live and in person is really helpful. Edmond new Homes, also the, the ladies that are helping you in that design studio appointment, um, they’re going to be the ladies that, um, that when all of the awards for parade of homes for Shaw homes, um, they really do a beautiful job in outfitting and decorating and designing all of our beautiful model homes. So you’re really going to be working with a professional here.

So you know, if you’re, if you’re very new to designing and decorating and it’s not really your thing, you’re going to have plenty of help see it here. So not to worry. And that being said, um, if you know exactly what you want and um, you know, you, you’ve designed a home before and you are a great decorator, Edmond new Homes, then they’re just there to take in your ideas and make notes of them. So either way that you’re doing here, you’re just going to have a, a helpful hand when, when going in that design studio and these appointments are a lot of fun,

has it bixby Humboldt or we know that it’s really important not only to find the right home site and the right floor plan, but to decorate the home and outfit the home the way that you want it, the way that you’re happy with. Um, so there’s going to be three easy meetings here. Um, those three meetings are going to be interior, exterior and then final signatures. Um, so they are again down to such a process here that it’s super easy to, to kind of understand here again, there’s not gonna be any structural changes in this meeting. So that’s what’s going to make them so easy and so fast. Um, it’s a really simple process. Um, we’ve got tons of options offered to you at this time and um, and if you would like to see any of these options, I’m in a home. We put as many of the options in our model homes as we can.

So we like to have, um, especially the most popular ones. We will go ahead and add into the homes. So if you want to see a certain flooring or a certain countertop or granite, I’m usually one of the girls in the design studio can let you know what model home has those items in it. So you can go and see it for yourself. I’m that way. You’re not looking at just one tile. You’ll look at what all those tiles will look like on a bathroom floor next to a specific cabinet. It’s a really helpful way to, um, to build your home. Edmond new Homes we’re really grateful for having that and we know that our customers are too, um, as a bixby homebuilder we know that that’s an important thing to pass down to the customer. So we’re really proud of having that.

So the seventh step in our path to your new shaw home is going to be your plan review. Um, now during this meeting, we’re just going to review all of your selections. A, we’re going to go over the timeline and kind of discuss that. Uh, we will discuss weekly updates, um, and kind of how those will go when you are handed off to your construction manager. Um, we will discuss the homeowner orientation at that time. Uh, this meeting will be at our main office where you’ll meet with your builder and construction manager. You’re going to go over the blueprints with him, um, review that site plan and discuss that great of land that you are on. So I’m at this time, you’re really going to be talking about the, Edmond new Homes, the stages of the building process, everything that, that will be done, everything that you’ll want to know about and kind

of getting to know your builder at that time. Um, it’s important meeting because at this point you will, you know, kind of be transferred from your new home specialist, a teeter builder where your construction manager, they’re going to be your point of contact for here on out. They will be giving you weekly updates and kind of let you know, um, what’s going on with the process of the build with your home. Any questions you might have. Um, let’s say you, we encourage you to, you know, drive by and take a look and check things out. If there’s something that you’re concerned about or you have a question about, that person’s going to be your point of contact. Edmond new Homes, and so you really want to want to make sure that, um, you know, you, you have all your questions answered during this appointment. Um, and they are super, super helpful and super informative and they are certainly going to be your go to person because they know everything forwards and backwards as far as the build of that home. Um, and so that’s just really important meeting to, uh, to make you a little bit more comfortable with your home and the process of the buildout.

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