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Edmond New Homes | Warranty

Edmond New Homes | One Year Warranty

Show homes, build custom homes and broken Arrow and other cities and the Greater Tulsa area. Jinx bixby. I know La, um, so I’m talking about the warranties today. We offer the best warranties of any builder in the Greater Tulsa area with our one year limited warranty on craftsmanship, workmanship on your home as well as materials a second year on a, all your mechanicals, that’s going to be electrical, plumbing, you know, your air conditioning, things like that. And then a 10 year structural warranty Edmond New Homes

which covers the structure of your home from being free from major damage, which in today’s climate of Oklahoma earthquakes, that’s just not a bad thing to have on your side, which is why we offer it to our clients here at Shell homes. So let’s not talk about what is not covered by this warranty. We build custom homes and broken arrow. And what is not covered by this warranty is a consumer products that are not covered by this warranty. A Shaw homes hereby assigns to the purchaser all rights under manufacturer’s warranties covering consumer products. Consumer products means all appliances, equipment, and other items which are defined as consumer products for the purposes of Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, Edmond New Homes, and which are located in the residence on the date of your closing. Purchaser is directed to follow the procedures in each respective manufacturer’s warranty. If any defects are found in any consumer products, uh,


show homes as a custom homes broken arrow builder. We specifically did this claim. All other warranties expressed or implied including the implied warranty of had habitat, but the implied warranty of Merkin habitat or fitness of any particular purpose. Further, this warranty does not cover any consequence or incidental damages. Exclusives from your coverage except as otherwise specifically provided in the warranty. The following are excluded from coverage under this warranty. Edmond New Homes Any defect which has not resulted in actual physical damage or loss, any sub sequential and into a incidental damages including but not limited to damage by covered defect, cost of shelter, transportation, food, moving storage, or other incidental expenses relating to relocation or loss of use during repairs, personal property damage or bodily injury, and any claim not reported to show homes in a reasonable amount of time.

As a custom home builder and broken Arrow at Shaw homes. I’m continuing to talk about our great warranties are one year limited warranty on a everything in your home, the second ear on electrical, mechanical and plumbing for craftsmanship, workmanship materials, et cetera. And then the 10 year structural warranty, Edmond New Homes, which warrants the structure of your home to be free from any major damage. Um, now how do you make a claim if you do find, you know, a warranty problem that pops up in your new home, well before making the claim. First thing you need to do is read and review this warranty and its entirety. And particularly the warranty standards contained to determine whether or not the defect is, is covered as a custom homes broken arrow builder.

We actually have our own warranty department at Shaw homes right out of the corporate office, so you can always call or email our warranty department and ask any questions that you may have. But, um, the first thing you have to do after reviewing the warranty is to give notice to us of any defects. So to, uh, invoke the protection offered by this warranty and the homeowner message written notice to the builder clearly describing the deflect the defect in reasonable detail. If the claim qualifies for Emergency Warranty Service as defined in section F of our warranty, the homeowner may call the builder directly during normal business hours. Edmond New Homes You could call the subcontractor responsible for such areas directly after business hours. So in your home owner’s manual, you will be given a list of the subcontractors, emergency contact information for everybody that worked on your home. So let’s say you’ve got, heaven forbid, water backing up in the bathtub, you’ll, you would call the plumber a listed in your home warranty manual. So that he can, uh, make arrangements to get out there and get you taken care of.


then the next thing of your claim and request for warranty surface should also include at minimum, of course your name, your address, and phone number where you can be reached during business hours, the lot number and subdivision where your residence is located, if you know it and slash, or the street address of the home. And of course a complete description of the problem. For example, a guest bath, cold water line leaks under sink. Rather than just saying plumbing problem in the bathroom, I mean we need to complete a description of what’s going on so that we know how to address the problem. And after we receive a request for warranty service, the builder’s representative will contact the homeowner directly to discuss the request and to determine the appropriate action. If the subcontractors are required to complete the repairs, Edmond New Homes the builder will notify the appropriate persons or entities and the homeowner will be contacted directly by the subcontractors to schedule the warranty work. Now deadline for making a claim as a custom homes broken arrow builder. In order to constitute a valid claim under the warranty, a written notice of the coverage of defect occurring within one year of the warranty period must be received by the builder no later than seven days following the expiration of the one year warranty period.

The homeowner shall provide shaw hubs and subcontractors with reasonable weekday access during normal business hours in order to perform the warranty repairs. Failure by the purchaser to provide such access shall relieve the builder of all obligations under the warranty agreement with regard to the that claim in question. As a custom homes builder of broken Arrow, the purchaser must cooperate with the builders inspection and investigation of purchasers claim. The builder may request information from the purchaser regarding your claim. The purchaser agrees to provide information from the builders reasonable requests, latent death etix. When a claim is made for a defective condition that cannot be observed or determined under normal conditions, it is the purchasers responsibility to substantiate that the defective condition exists. The costs involved in substantiating the condition shall be paid for by the purchaser and then any warranty disputes, any and all claims or disputes or cub controversies between the purchaser and the builder relating to the condition of the residents or the method of construction used by the builder shall be subject to section c of our warranty agreement. And the method of the dispute resolution provided in section C as a condition proceeded to any, Edmond New Homes, pursuing any matter in arbitration. Uh, and so such disputes should be handled as follows. And I will take that up on my next podcast as shaw homes is a custom home builder in broken Arrow.

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