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Edmond New Homes | We’ll Answer All Your Questions

Speaker 1: (00:02)
Welcome to another edition of podcasting with Shaw homes. Today, we’re going to talk about new homes, Edmond new homes, Fox layer, new homes, Northeast Edmond, new homes, Northwest Edmond, new homes, deer Creek, new homes, Oklahoma city, new homes, Edmond schools, new homes. We got all kinds of great stuff in the works. I’m not sure if you guys have heard, but we are doing the St. Jude home again in Oklahoma city, and it’s going to be a Cyprus, a story, whoever wins. It’s going to want a beautiful house. Lord help them. If they pick the same paint colors they picked for the model, but that’s neither here nor there. Um, Shaw homes.

Speaker 1: (01:02)
You’re number one, builder of Edmond new homes, Fox layer, new homes, Logan county, new homes, Oklahoma city, new homes, Ridge Creek, new homes, Northeast Edmond, new homes, all the new homes in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma county Edmonds schools, new homes, deer Creek schools, new homes. We’ve got you covered. We’ve got a number of different floor plans. I mean, listen guys, one of the things to consider is if you build a new house, you’re getting a new home. You know, people are almost, it’s not that they wouldn’t love it when they move in. You just are a little bit intimidated by the build process of your Edmond new homes, your Fox layer, new homes, rich, Greek, new homes, Cobell new homes, that kind of thing. I mean, people are, uh, just kind of turned off I guess, by that build time, but understand that you would get what you want.

Speaker 1: (02:13)
You know, you’re getting a brand new house that should be something exciting. Um, and I would encourage you to not go to your build site every day or even every week. You know, you want to see things progress. Um, you know, don’t, uh, don’t, don’t get too caught up in the weeds because bad things are gonna happen and they’ll get corrected. And it’d probably just be better if you’ve never knew about them, bad things such as, you know, what, if you get the wrong paint color on the walls, and then by the time you move in, it’s corrected and you never know, you know, that kind of thing, but there’s big things coming. I would encourage everybody to hang tight.

Speaker 1: (03:05)
Everybody wants the bigger home sites on Northeast Edmond. I’m believing that there’s things in the works. And if you hang in there, we’re going to take care of you. We’re going to have something for you because ultimately I think we have a floor plan finishes for everybody. Um, price and location ultimately are the determining factor. I never think that our product, uh, is the issue and it’s not. Um, we build quality homes from start to finish. That’s very evident, uh, if you walk into our, our models, um, but Shaw homes is your number one builder for Edmond, new homes, Fox lair, new homes, Logan county, new homes, Oklahoma county, new homes, deer Creek schools, new homes, Edmond, north new homes, Edmond Memorial, new homes, Northeast Edmond, new homes, rich Creek, new homes to railroad new homes. I mean, we’ve got you covered, you know, one of the great things about preserving co-fellow is, is your access.

Speaker 1: (04:17)
I mean, you are right there off 35. Um, you know, if you need to shoot on to 35 to get to and from work, it’s just a great location. And I think that neighborhood’s going to turn out to be very pretty, uh, there is going to be a second phase. It’s not going to be too terribly large either. Um, so all the homes on that preserved side are really, in my opinion, going to have it made, uh, just because, you know, your, your neighborhood’s not going to turn into a rush Brooke type of situation where it’s just a amaze of, you know, all the sacks and roads that just go for miles. Um, you know, it’s just going to be nice tucked away back there in that, in that corner. And you’re gonna back up to that zone to ag area. Um, so that’s, that’s just, that’s, that’s a great option and there’s, we’ve got great home sites in there, um, that I would encourage everybody to, um, that I would encourage everybody to consider.

Speaker 1: (05:22)
You know, we, we just, we’ve got, um, you know, a number of different things for people to choose from in your Edmond new homes. And I just always believe that, you know, if, if you don’t choose us to build for you, it’s not our process or product, it’s more of a price and location than anything talked with many people that just fall in love with some of our floor plans. So give us, give us an opportunity, uh, let build your dream home for you in Edmond, Northeast Edmond or Northwest Edmond, we’ve got great options available with build a beautiful home love to show you Edmond schools, new homes, deer Creek schools, new homes, Edmond Memorial, new homes. I mean, we are, we are, uh, we are here to serve and help. And so just give us that chance, give us that opportunity and we will take care of you and your family.

Speaker 1: (06:33)
I know it can be a bit of an intimidating process, but we do have a really great process after building thousands of homes for people, and we’ve refined that process and continue to do so, uh, in an effort to, um, improve on things. And so I would just encourage you to give us a look, give us a chance, give us an opportunity. And, um, I know that we can, I know that we can do this for you. There’s a lot of great things out there. The show homes is your number one builder of Edmond, new homes, deer Creek, school, new homes, Edmonds school, new homes, Ridge Creek, new homes, Northeast Edmond, new homes.

Speaker 1: (07:26)
We can do it all. I will say, be weary of, you know, pricing right now. Um, and, and the landscape we’re dealing with today, uh, prices fluctuate and, um, make sure you’re working with a builder that locks in your, your base pricing at the time of, of, uh, signing on to build your new home. I mean, obviously your, your price can fluctuate when you design things and you add to your Edmond new homes, you know, beams or you change your exterior. And those are things that after purchase agreement, uh, under any circumstances would change, but you really want to make sure that you get that pricing locked in. And at Shaw homes, we have a transparent process that is gonna allow you guys to do that. So keep that in mind as well. Uh, you want to build her that’s, that’s going to be able to give you upfront accurate information on where things are at, so that there’s no surprises. You want to have the right expectations set so that you aren’t frustrated. We are talking about a rad, rather large purchase. And obviously you want the best information you can get when you’re trying to make that decision.

Speaker 2: (09:03)

Speaker 1: (09:12)
If you are looking for one story options that do have a bonus room, we have, we do have some floor plans that fit the bill there for Edmond new homes. Um, some new floor plans, which is exciting. Um, you know, we’ve got a couple that, um, we are in the process of building out and we’re all very excited to see those come to life. So I think those are gonna be very popular, you know, having everything on one floor, um, you know, has not, has not been as common. Uh, I feel like things are trending in that direction. I talked to more and more people that really liked that bonus room all on the first floor. So.

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