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Edmond New Homes | What Location Are You Looking At

Speaker 1: (00:04)
Well, it was another day at the office selling Edmond new homes to everybody in their mother, between yesterday and today had quite a few people come through the door. Everybody wants an Edmond new homes. I’ll tell you that Woodland park is quite the place and people love it. I mean, I had multiple people ask me yesterday about building an new home and Woodland park and Morris coming. Just not yet. In fact, I would say the same thing for rich Creek. People want to build over there. Um, I hope more it’s coming over there. I hope more comes off. Uh, Tavel looks like they’re doing a bunch of prep work to get that community ready, but I had a lady from Puerto Rico come in and ask about buying an Edmond new home. Her husband works for the FBI, even people in Puerto Rico wanna buy an, a new home.

Speaker 1: (01:36)
I mean, it wasn’t, especially from Shaw were the nicest around, but anyway, she was a great potential buyer. Unfortunately she and her husband will not be back until December, but I’m hoping that they ended up in an Edmond new home and it’s a shop home. Uh, she seemed really pleased with the product. Um, she asked great questions, which is saying a lot coming from me. Uh, I’m a new and, uh, I was able to field most of her questions. She was very engaging. Uh, like I said, impressed with the product really loved it there one in between 20 503,000 square feet in their Edmond, new home  new homes, excuse me. And price point wise. We’ll work things around and see what we can do for her. But I’m excited. They, uh, they come from everywhere, looking at these show homes. I mean, they don’t call the king of the hill for nothing.

Speaker 1: (03:02)
So, Hey, does anybody know if the big 10 is going to play good grief? It’s like dog and pony show over there. I mean, I don’t know if they’re ever going to make up their minds. It’s like, do you want to play football? Of course you want to play football and what’d you make a lot of money. Of course you’d make a lot of money, but instead you’re about to foil the whole thing. All I gotta be one college football playoff this year and they’re gonna miss out on it if they don’t get started good night. Well, anyway, Nobody in their Edmond new homes is going to be watching big 10 football for another week. Anyway, I’m sure they’ll have some vote or whatever to get this or get that. So, anyway, I I’m glad football’s back though. I’m thankful even though Kansas state lost last week, that was absolute tragedy was not expecting. That was not expecting that. And we go to Norman next. So that’s really exciting. A lot of people in Edmond, new homes are going to be watching that game. And I can already tell you they’re going to be before.

Speaker 1: (04:43)
Yeah. This Spencer rattler kid. He’s something, everybody in their Edmond new homes watching Ooh, for they love them. Or they just, I know they played Missouri state, but they just, you just see those highlights and they just look dominant. I mean, those guys have just an absolute choke hold on the conference right now. It’s not even funny, Texas is not back either. So stop saying that too tired of it. I hope that wasn’t too controversial. You know, we’re talking about Edmond new homes, not Austin, so,

Speaker 1: (05:37)
Well, I’ll tell you what they put a, uh, put a new Brahms and they’re off COVID boy, Audi as good eating right there and get you, get you a bag of burgers and you got kiddos. Get you an extra bag and feed the family on a budget. I mean, boy, that’s it doesn’t get much better than that. Plus that’s Oklahoma right there. That’s good eat. Oh, and make sure you ask for the, uh, Brahms dipping sauce. Uh it’s over the counter only. Well that, that stuff, it’s like a sweet spicy to pulp play. Ooh, good eating, good eating for sure.

Speaker 2: (06:22)

Speaker 1: (06:39)
Well, let’s everybody just make sure to buy you and new homes this year. And I’ll tell you what get into that Fox Lira states while you can. Those home sites are selling like candy. This lady that came in today, I’m thinking they won’t be back till, uh, they, uh, they won’t be back till December. Shoot. I wonder what’s going to be left and Fox layer by then. Uh, it’s going to be interesting to see

Speaker 2: (07:24)

Speaker 1: (07:47)
By the way, I can’t count on one hand anymore. How many times people have asked me what’s the cost of this home? Try to explain it to them. They don’t get it. And then They ask again. So I need to review that portion. I know everybody wants an Edmond new homes, but good night, Hopefully I can formulate an answer that will suffice. I mean, I watched the video and I’m telling people as much and they don’t like it. They want to know the money, the price. Okay.

Speaker 2: (08:35)

Speaker 1: (08:41)
I just drove by a bunch of that. CO’s learn about them right now. And the dust section, you know, the number six, the shooter shoot you in the eye or wherever it’s just dust. We ain’t talking about bullets. So don’t get crazy on me.

Speaker 2: (09:07)

Speaker 1: (09:17)
Uh, coming up on another Brahms’ guest boy, how do these things, they really want me to eat dinner there tonight. You can substitute your drink on a combo for, with a shake. That’s pretty good fries and salt with the sweet. So anyway, well I’m in Guthrie, Oklahoma, the, uh, of that gum, what they used to call it, the old capital of the west territory or something anyway, make sure you buy yet. And  new homes.

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