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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond new Homes | Your biggest purchase

Edmond new Homes | Your biggest purchase

Hi, this is Brooklyn clues again with Sha homes and today I would like to talk to you a little bit about what shaw homes has to offer. Um, we have so many different floor plans that we offer for our customers and today I would just like to tell you a little bit about what sets us apart as a Edmond new Homes homebuilder and what truly makes our floor plans the best floor plans that you can find in the Tulsa area. We offer several different options for a multitude of families. Um, we, we build homes for,

for anyone that is, you know, just married or starting a family or those that have a growing family and those that have five kids or those that are sending their kids off to college and possibly looking to downsize their home. So in our, um, in our homes that we offer in the [inaudible] as a bixby homebuilder in the big ski area, we build anywhere from 1800 square foot all the way up to over 3,700 square feet. So as a big speed homebuilder, Edmond new Homes we truly have a multitude of options. These are going to be the most options you’re going to find in a builder. Now in different neighborhoods. You may find that some of the, the cabinets require a square footage minimum. Um, and as a big homebuilder here at Shaw, we like to have as many options so that if you do have that requirement for square footage or you have a certain price point you’d like to stand, are we like to offer as many floor plans as possible within that range to truly give you the opportunity to build your dream home.

We know that when you are building a home, it’s probably going to be your, your biggest purchase, your largest expense. Um, and we want to make sure that not only is that process fun and smooth and that everyone is having a good time while doing it, but we want to make sure that in the end when you have the keys and you’re all moved into your home, that you are beyond satisfied. That the process was, was easy. The process was fun for you. Edmond new Homes now that you have the product that, that you helped us to build and helped your dream come to life through us, that,

that this home one that will last forever. Obviously there, there are some people that know going into their home that you know, they plan on only being there for five years or 10 years and we want you to know that because the quality here at shaw homes as a bixby homebuilder that the quality we offer is going to be a home that can either last a lifetime or get you that great competitive price should you choose to turn it around as a bixby homebuilder. Like I said before, Edmond new Homes we offer a multitude of floor plans. So I am talking about 12 different floor plans with a million different ways to move them around. So everything from changing a two story to a one story or changing a three bedroom, two a six bedroom, we can do so many things to offer your family exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

If you are looking for, um, a, a home with lots of square footage and, and lots of space to go around, but you also want the kids to have their own area upstairs. We completely understand that and that is something that we have been working towards and we know that we have the most options that are going to offer you that additional game room area upstairs for the kids so that they have their own space to, Edmond new Homes, you know, to, to get dirty or to have fun and have their friends over and entertain and have a good time while you’re still able to do your own thing. I’m on the first floor, um, and keep that a little bit more organized, most likely.

But as a big speed homebuilder, we do offer the most floor plans, um, in, in all ranges. And that’s going to be an all price ranges and in all square footage. So we’re going to give you the most options to do what you want to do to build what you want to build so that you are really building your dream home so that when you come home at the end of the day, um, you have exactly what it is that you were looking for, something that, that makes sense for your family. Edmond new Homes, we really focus on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan, and we really think that as the bixby homebuilder that’s truly what sets us apart, um, that is what makes us

so competitive in our market, um, is that we are able to offer such a variety of floor plans and not only such a variety but a variety that makes so much sense because when it comes down to it, um, you know, aesthetics are what everyone loves in a home. Uh, you love to decorate it, you love for it to be, you know, the top trends and to look like everything else that is, that is hot right now that is on the market. But the reality is the aesthetics in a home are going to fade over time and sure you can keep up with the trends and keep redecorating, um, but what really lasts in the home and what you’re really, really going to notice after the aesthetics fade. Edmond new Homes It’s going to be the function behind the helm. If a home’s layout doesn’t work for you and your family, it’s going to be tough.

You know, you’re going to spend a lot more time running around. I’m going to different areas of the house where, you know, let’s say if that laundry room we’re a little bit closer to your closet or let’s say that pantry was a little bit closer to the door from the garage that maybe you wouldn’t, you know, find yourself frustrated, are spending so much time running around, back and forth. We think that it’s really important to find the right function for a family and moving into a home, Edmond new Homes which is why we know that, um, model home tour is so important. We like to show all of our customers every option that we have so that we can find what really makes sense for them because the reality is everyone is different. Um, and we know as a bixby homebuilder it is really important to our customers to really find that function so that they can spend time doing what they love and doing what they need to do because no one likes wasted time running around, whether it’s in the morning or at night or if you’re a stay at home parent.

Um, it’s just no fun running around your own house, feeling like you feeling like you weren’t the one in charge. You want to make sure that the layout of the home and the function of the home makes sense for you and for your family. And we really like to focus on that. And we really think that that’s important and satisfaction of your home. And you know, if it really is your largest purchase and you have spend so much time and energy and in the process of building a home. Edmond new Homes I’m spent so many nights thinking about, oh, what paint color will we use or what stain will we use on the cabinet? Um, the reality is that that’s really not going to be the most important thing in the home. And although we take all of our time working with you on those things and we lend the time of our top designers so that they can assist you with those things as well.

Truly, I feel like the most important step in building your home is making sure that you really have those, those layouts. I’m understood front and back, um, so you know, what makes sense for you and your family so that when you do finally decide on a floor plan, you know, truly that that’s what makes sense for you and your family. Um, that’s one that the function of the home just ties in to how your, um, your daily routine goes. Um, are you someone that spends most of your time in the kitchen? Do you need that extra long island for, um, for food prep or, you know, to help with homework or homeschooling? We want to make sure that that the home that you choose to build is one that’s perfect for you. One that makes complete sense and you know, should that be adjusting a few things or, or making some, you know, bringing some new ideas to life and doing some custom options. Edmond new Homes That’s also something that we are happy to do when we build your home. And so it was a big speed homebuilder we hope that you’ll consider shaw homes and going with on one of our model home tours so that we can truly build you the custom home of your dreams.

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