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Edmond new Homes | Your Laundry Needs

Edmond new Homes | Laundry Rooms

Hi, this is Brooklyn again with shaw homes and I would like to continue talking to you today about some of the options that we include in our homes here as that topics be homebuilder here at shaw homes. So to continue on, we have, we’ve talked about what we offer, Edmond new Homes, on our exterior as well as in our kitchens and master suite as well as what we include mechanically. Uh, now I’d like to talk to you about what we offer, um, in our laundry room. It’s where a lot of us spend a good amount of our time, although I know we might not all love to, um, so we feel like it’s really important as a builder, especially at Bixby homebuilder here at Shaw to, um, to make that laundry room a luxurious laundry room. And we do that by including a lot of features to make that laundry room as luxurious as possible.

Uh, so what we’re going to include, it’s going to be custom made solid stain grade alder or paint grade 30 inch upper cabinets as well as ron and shelf for hanging, not laundry. Um, that’s just really important, uh, to be able to have somewhere to store all of your laundry needs and soaps and sprays and things like that as well as hanging laundry because you don’t want to be hanging laundry all over a different door hinges all over the house. Um, we’re also gonna offer a lower cabinet as well, and that’s gonna come included with a two centimeter granted countertop. Um, you will have your choice again of Shaker Double Shaker farmhouse or raised panel door styles, Edmond new Homes, that will also come like all of our cabinets with hidden hinges and crown molding as well. And then all the cabinets are going to be as per plan.

So that will just be something depending on what plan you go with something that you’ll just choose to discuss with your sales associate or with your designer down the road. And the design studio we offer going to also going to include an in wall washer box that’s with hot and cold water supply and a drain line. You will also have your choice of gas or to 20 volt connection for a dryer, Edmond new Homes, as well as that dryer vent connection as well to keep that laundry room clean. A few other things that we like to offer in the interiors are going to be ceramic tile flooring throughout all the wet areas now that’s going to be in your foyer, your kitchen, your book, all your bathrooms, and your utility room. A large selection of included colors and patterns as well, um, in all other areas is going to be carpet.

So you’ll have your choice of color as well. And a six pound carpet cat pad comes included to make sure that, that a carpeted areas going to be nice and soft. We also always include the 36 inch superior builder vent free firebox with the builder gas logs. So this starter, a brick raised her and surround with decorative stained or painted wood mantle and your choice of classic or beam style. Um, I personally love the builder gas logs and I know that a lot of big speed homebuilders, Edmond new Homes, the, you know, they have their different way of doing things. And I liked the builder gas logs at the starter because you can really just have a fire in your home, just the flick of a switch, which is really helpful and it really keeps you warm on those winter nights. We also include the custom made solid stain grade alder or paint grade cabinets in the hall, bath and the utility room.

And again, that’s going to be per plan. Um, so that’s just something that you will go over once you choose the floor plan that you’d like to build. That’s going to be your choice of Shaker, double Shaker farm house or raised panel door styles that will come with hidden hinges and crown molding and your choice of one paint or stain color. Throughout the home. We’re also going to include the bulldozed, archways and corners and all entry living, dining study, kitchen and hallway entries. Now again, that’s something that can be changed, but what we will include is going to be those bull nosed archways, which are really beautiful. We’re also going to include the three and a quarter inch Oji base trim and two and a quarter casing throughout the homes interior first floor, second floor if you have one, and the garage as well. Edmond new Homes, so a really nice base trim to surround your home. We will also are going to include the Mason night doors and that’s going to be with painted trim. So you’ll have your choice of Cheyenne, Roman arch, riverside to panel square or six panel colonial style. Uh, so those are going to be the mason night brand doors and they’re going to be with painted trim the doors and the interior of the home.

We are also going to include the quick sec, quick set brand. They’re going to be the cove door knobs and hinges and your choice of finish. So that’s going to be an oil rubbed bronze brushed nickel or chrome. Another incredible, um, feature that we offer that will come include it as a feature in the interior of your home is going to be a cable and phone Combo Jack. And that’s going to be in the great room, the study, if that’s in your plan as well as master bedroom game room, if that’s in your study. And the bonus room, Edmond new Homes, again, if, if those items are in your study, we will include a cable and phone Combo, Jack, um, that will come as an included feature in the home. As far as paint goes, we will offer a paint. So you’re going to have one color for walls and ceilings throughout the home and garage.

And then you’ll have one color for doors and trim and there’s several, several options to choose from. And you’re also going to have an accent color for your study or your dining room. So that’s going to be one main color throughout the home. And that’s for, that’s for the walls and the ceiling. And then an accent color as well. And then at a paint color for doors and trim. Um, so three, three colors total there. We also are going to include on all non master full baths. Those are going to come with a cultured marble vanity top and back splash, a white fiberglass shower tub combo. Edmond new Homes again, the commode will be white and the faucets or your, your selection of a Delta plumbing fixtures in a variety of styles and your choice of Venetian bronze brushed nickel or chrome finish and all of the two story homes will include oak hand railing with Oak Newell and Painted Square ballisters at the bottom of the stairs.

So the links are going to vary depending on the plan, but they will all include that Oak Newell and the Painted Square ballisters for the bottom of the stairs, the included lighting budget. Um, it’s going to be a little different than depending on one story into story. Um, so we’ll actually send you out to Andrews lighting to pick out all of your different lighting fixtures because they really are. I’m so knowledgeable and so helpful, um, with helping so many of our clients and I know that not all bixby homebuilders and have that. So we really feel like that’s an asset here at shaw homes. And so your lighting allowance, Edmond new Homes, it’s going to be $1,500 for a one story home and at $2,000 for a two story home. So again, this isn’t something you’ll find with all bixby homebuilders, but you will find that at Shaw and earlier I talked about some of the premier communities and what we offer in those premier communities. So what we offer, um, just to go over some of the added features that are going to be included in those premier communities. So not only are we going to include anything that is within those covenants, so should that be a sprinkler system or should that be additional allowance for, um,

additional allowance for a landscaping, let’s say, or a sprinkler system or, um, you know, anything like that, any kind of guttering, uh, we are going to include what is required as far as the covenants in this premier communities. Um, but something else that we wanted to offer our customers in this premier communities, um, that you won’t find with other bixby homebuilders. Um, it’s going to be, we will include three centimeter granite countertops. So that will be in the kitchen. Edmond new Homes, we will include a ceramic tile shower in the master bathroom and we will also include the knotty alder front door. So that’s going to be a six foot eight inch, so it’s nearly seven feet, which is going to be a really grand front door so you can really have a grand entrance and that premier community. So let me tell you what our premier communities include.

Um, so that’s going to be Chisholm ranch. A Chisholm ranch is, um, it’s actually located in bixby and so a lot of bixby homebuilders you find aren’t going to be offering those things that we’re going to include and Chisholm ranch edgewood estates and that’s going to be in chunks. Elwood Park Jinx, as well as states that the river that will be in big and other bixby, homebuilder millicent pond, which is actually the union school district, Quail Creek, which is big C as well as seven lakes and somerset. Those both are also big spring, Spring Creek, Timber Creek village at southern trails. Well, stone and Yorktown. Edmond new Homes finally, Yorktown is the last big ski. Um, it’s actually bixby schools, but it is city of jenks. Um, thank you so much for listening today.

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