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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond Oklahoma New Homes | Answering Some Of Your Questions.


When it comes to Edmond Oklahoma New Homes, many people wonder if Shaw Homes is available outside of Oklahoma City in Tulsa. When it comes to a home which are beautiful high quality homes then there’s a really simple answer that. Since we are the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder in the city of Oklahoma, for the reason we have been able to maintain such high quality control all we do is because we don’t get crazy with building all over the state. We keep a tight focus and therefore right now Shaw Homes only builds in the greater Tulsa area and in some parts of Oklahoma City. While we do bill off-site outside of our existing communities, they still to be within our building radius that is Aarti been established in Tulsa and oh, city. The general thumb is no more than 15minutes away from any existing community.

So now that we’ve answer the question of where you can do, is get the specifics of how to build your home. So if you want anything ranging from a custom-built home in Tulsa to Edmond Oklahoma New Homes, then we can get you going on that. I’ve you do is start up again us a call. When she give us a call at 918-688-5660 we can fix you up the next whether it is the model home tours he can start looking at four plans, or whether you need to get in contact with a lender, you prefer lenders that we can city to that are going to help you get your financing in order. These lenders can help you get your credit score up, they can help you find the right mortgage the need and so on. Whatever it is we start generally and either those areas. If your financing are is in order then we can start looking at designs.

That’s where our largest collection of fully furnished and model homes comes in really handy. So if you’re looking at say Edmond Oklahoma New Homes, then we continue to model home tours so you can look at some of our most popular floor plans as actual homes. You sit there and stared at two dimensional piece of paper to figure out what is going to look like in the end, we’ve actually Aarti builds up for you as an example see connection walk through it with furniture and see what it is likely going to look like as a finished product.

Also whenever you build a custom home in Tulsa or in Oklahoma City, we also have some really great incentives for you. We can build you a Heritage series home and give you 15,000 towards the closing price or if you want a Manchester series home then we can also give you a master bath shower upgrade for free and them also to the closing costs in the entire home.

If you’re interested to see what Shaw Homes can do for you, then going get touch with us by calling us a number during our normal business hours at website at any time to find out more about us and if you have any questions after looking to the website just shoot them to us through the website which we receive as an email and we get back to you soon as possible. Be sure to check out our been ready homes list for sale, our photo gallery in our customer testimonials while you’re in the website.

Edmond Oklahoma New Homes | Answering Some Of Your Questions.

When it comes to the kind of people that are interested in Edmond Oklahoma New Homes, they tend to gravitate toward Shaw Homes because shop is the best homebuilder in Oklahoma. Objectively we have become the highest and most reviewed custom home building company in the state. But when people come to us they often have a few of the same questions that we hear over and over. First of all they want to know if we offer warranties on our home. Then many of them want to know how many four plans we have what kind of four plans we have and was the best way to look through those. Then people also want to know about the incentives that we may offer on our homes and if we have any.

We are proud to say for those people looking for Edmond Oklahoma New Homes or any other home in Tulsa Oklahoma City from Shaw Homes that the answer to your question of if we offer warranties or homes then the answer is absolutely yes. Not only do we offer you one warranty, not only do we even offer you two warranties, but we offer you three warranties on every single Shaw Homes that we sell. If you buy a home, you can feel confident that only are you getting high quality home to begin with, but you’re also getting three warranties that consists of a tenure structural warranty at to your mechanical warranty and a one-year everything warranty that is backed it up and you can sleep at night knowing that pretty much everything they can happen your home within the first years were to be covered and then some.

The second question that people often have when looking at Edmond Oklahoma New Homes is they wonder if we have a wide variety of four plans to choose from. They do that again is a very hard yes. We have more four plans to choose from than anyone else in Oklahoma. And on top of that we also have more fully furnished and decorated homes free to look at that are based on our floor plans. We’ve taken some of our most popular four plans and built them as a model or as an example see you can tour those and see what these four plans actually look like as a finished product. Additionally, you can find every single one of the four plans that we have on our websites you can look at them any time to get an idea of where you are start.

Finally people also know if we offer incentives on any of our houses. In the answer to that again is a resounding yes. First of all if you buy a Manchester home, then we will provide you with a master bath shower upgrade for free and that is like it’s not then take our because we all so pale the closing costs on those as well. When it comes to a Heritage home, we put $50,000 toward the closing price of those homes. So we have some incredible incentives for sure.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Shaw Homes or moving forward Shaw Homes the give us call a number we can always visit our website a website and look at everything we had offer their and be sure to check out our customer testimonials. Look through our photo gallery of some of our beautiful homes we built in the past check out our list of been ready homes that are for sale. Also don’t forget to check out the full selection of four plans that we have posted on the website also.

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