Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond Oklahoma New Homes | Why Is Quality Our Priority?


So if you ever heard of Shaw Homes and you’ve ever considered by built by Shaw Homes, and you may be currently looking at Edmond Oklahoma New Homes. And that’s the case then you may be want to support and what we do we do. Will first of all Shaw Homes to make qualities. The first is that we want to provide you with the highest and most beautiful homes or custom-built homes while the same time making sure we establish relationships with our homebuyers. So in a word quality, customer service. It goes beyond customer service because when you buy shop your part of the family and to make lasting relationship with you.

So is reflection of our deeply held belief the quality home, you’ll see that everyone the shop builds very beautiful and high quality and and look great the same time. So if you’re looking at Edmond Oklahoma New Homes, make sure that Shaw Homes about building your home see can receive these excellent quality attributes for your home. The highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder in the state consistently good work and that is reflected in our reviews and we’ve also been building houses since 1985 in the last three decades we’ve got pretty good at it. This is also reflected in the fact that we had been a widow 37 Shaw Homes communities across the Tulsa Metro area and Oklahoma City. People of our home see it reflected in the reviews, there to and are success.

Also you’ll see that not only are we based on providing you with high quality homes that we also must relationships with the people the buyer homes even Edmond Oklahoma New Homes. It all starts when you come to us for the first time interested in buying a home. To start out with providing you with a Shaw Homes model we’re going to gladly set up to one of our home specialist guide you through several of our model collection a fully furnished and decorated model homes free to look at. We will start setting the tone for what we do the quality of our work and how we want our relationship with full to the very beginning.

And as such you can also see that we reflect this in the incentives and the customer service that we offer by sending us to the quality of our work with 31 come with every home, the fact that we provide you with the sentence new house such as paying $50,000 towards the closing price.

If you’re interested in Shaw Homes you want to learn more and you want to get touch the anytime 918-688-5660 really does go to our website at any time at your leisure to find more information for yourself at shawhomes.com. On our website is a list of available homes abide that are ready to move into, and you can also find all of our floor plans as well as customer testimonials and photo galleries of I lot of the fantastic homes that we build the past.

Edmond Oklahoma New Homes | Why Is Quality Our Priority?

If you come in Shaw Homes for the first time in your considering Edmond Oklahoma New Homes, then you may have several questions. You may or may not know that our company is based on the basic principles of providing you with high quality customer service and also developing long-lasting relationships with our homebuyers. This is reflected in the fact that we have become the state of concise custom home building company and that we have established 37 communities all across the Tulsa Metro area and Oklahoma City. We been able to do this in the last 35 years because we had taken a successful approach to make sure that we build quality homes first and foremost.

The reason we make quality our priority for people that are looking for Edmond Oklahoma New Homes is because that we know that someone’s home is basically the most important thing with the most important place in your life and because it is a part of you and your family fabric. We make sure that we backup the sentiments with three great warranties in every house that we sell. If you buy houses Shaw Homes you’re going to get three warranties on your home that include a tenure structure warranty to your mechanical warranty and when you’re everything warranty. This just is way to tell you that we are very confident in the fact that we are building quality homes for you and that we are here to make sure that if anything does go wrong with our quality craftsmanship that we are going to fix it for you at no cost.

We also want to make sure that only are homes quality but our customer services quality to so if you are out looking for Edmond Oklahoma New Homes, we’re here to make the process easier for you. One of the ways in which we do this is providing you with fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other homebuilder in Oklahoma. We build these models some of our most popular four plants of the can see these four plans as an actual house built for you to look at get a sense of what the finished product is really going to be like instead of trying to imagine it by looking at a two dimensional piece of paper. This is going to help you figure out exactly what you want and maybe even what you don’t want.

Also we value the quality of our customer service and that is why we make sure that we offer you more floor plans and everybody else and we also provide you with custom builds and provide you with exactly what you want as far as a home is concerned and we also make sure that we make our homes available off-site. If you do not want to build your home with and one of our existing communities and you want to build off-site on a lot that you own elsewhere, then we can do that to provide that is within our building radius in Tulsa and Oakland city.

So if you’re interested in Shaw Homes and you want to take us up on our high quality offers for customer ship and customer service to get touch with us at 918-688-5660 or just visit our website for tons more information at shawhomes.com.

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