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Fox Lair Estates in Edmond | Find the Perfect Home

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hi, my name is Megan Malin with Shaw homes in Oklahoma city. I’m a sales manager based out of Woodland park in east Edmond, but today our featured neighborhood is going to be Fox Lair Estates in Edmond. And Edmond is on the Northwest corner of pin in Waterloo and Logan county, even though it’s based in Logan county, it is an Edmond zip code and goes to deer Creek schools. The elementary that Fox layer states and admin will attend is Prairie Vale, which is just a mile or so south of the neighborhood Fox lair states and Edmond has home sites that range from 3 47 acre all the way up to about an acre and a half. Most of these logs are wooded and are very beautiful. There’s also lots that are perfect that have no trees. If you’re wanting the outdoor living with a beautiful swimming pool.

Speaker 1: (01:18)
One of the nice things about Fox Lair Estates in Edmond is when you have a larger home site, you can also do a larger floor plan. One of the floor plans that I’m going to talk about today is new to Shaw homes because we have Fox layer states in Edmond. When you have a larger home site, you get to put a larger single story home. And that’s exactly what the Sequoia four plan is. It’s a larger home. That is single story that also has a game room. So today I’m going to talk to you about Shaw homes, Sequoia floor plan.

Speaker 1: (02:04)
We do have this floor plan available to build and Fox Lair Estates in Edmond . When you first look at the home, it has beautiful exposed Cedar wood with a front porch, perfect. To put your rocking chair and enjoy the beautiful views of Fox lair states and Edmond. When you walk in, you’re going to have the study on your right. One thing I love about this study is that it has the two story lights, which will make the study feels so grand. The entryway is beautiful. As soon as you walk in, there’s a vault all the way through the great room out to the covered patio. If you love outdoor living Fox lair states, Edmond is going to be great for you. One thing that I really enjoy about the Sequoia floor plan is that every bedroom has access to a bathroom. So it’s attached to the bedroom bedroom two and three and four are all on one side of the home where the master bedroom is on the opposite side bedroom, two and three share a bathroom and each have a walk-in closet.

Speaker 1: (03:29)
Bedroom four would be perfect for a mother-in-law because it has its own private bathroom with a walk-in closet attached. It also has a linen hall, a linen closet in the hallway where all bedrooms are. The great room is beautiful with a centered fireplace that has the volt extending all the way from the great room out to the covered patio. The covered patio is oversized, which is 18 feet by 11 feet, and is perfect for the beautiful views of Fox Lair Estates in Edmond . In Edmond, the kitchen opens up to the great room and has a nice size pantry. The nook is also oversized because then you can have a large formal dining room table, and you can use that for every day and you can also use it for your formal occasions. So you’re not wasting square footage on a room. You only use a couple of times a year.

Speaker 1: (04:37)
Then one thing that you do not get often is a game room that is on the first floor. You have a nice sized game room that is 13 feet, three inches by 15 feet, seven inches. One thing we love to do at Shaw homes here in Oklahoma city is we love natural light. We love to put as many windows on the back of the home as we possibly can. You have a private hallway attached to the master bedroom that then attaches to the master bath, the master closet, and then to the laundry room, here’s Shaw homes. We call that our snooze button option.

Speaker 1: (05:21)
Why is it called that if one of you, you or your spouse wakes up early, you can go from the master bedroom to the master bath, get dressed in the closet and exit out the laundry room without going back into the master and disturbing whoever is still asleep. The other thing that I love about the Sequoia and Fox lair states Edmond is that you, when you walk into the home from the garage, you are walking into the mud room, you have your mud bench and just room to kind of drop everything. But the laundry room is separate. If you have clothes that haven’t been taking care of, you can close that door and not have to see it. I think that’s every mother’s dream. This particular floor plan has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms game room study all as a single story option in Fox layer states, we have many, many floor plans to choose from. We have some that start around 2300 square feet and go up to about 3,500 square feet and everything in between Fox layer states and Edmond has a little bit of options for everyone. Some of our lots are flat and we’d be perfect for anyone wanting to put a pool in. We also have lots with a bunch of trees. If you’re wanting a little bit more privacy, Fox layer states is selling quickly, but we’ll be the perfect place for your new home.

Speaker 1: (07:08)
In Fox layer states, we are also getting to build the St Jude dream home. That is something we are very proud about here at SHA homes in Oklahoma city, Fox Lair Estates in Edmond is going to be a one phase neighborhood. You’re not going to have to worry about construction. After this phase. It is a one and done neighborhood. Another nice thing about Fox layer of states are there multiple cul-de-sacs who doesn’t love to be in a col-de-sac when you have young kids. One thing that’s nice about Shaw homes is we’re always looking out for our buyer and our customer fun fact in Oklahoma, you do not have to have a license to be a home builder. We carry a license through the state of Oklahoma in Logan county. We’re Fox layer of states. Edmond is located. You do not have to have any type of inspections.

Speaker 1: (08:19)
Shaw homes has hired a third party to come in and inspect all of our homes to meet the high standards we have here at Shaw homes. Fox layer states in Edmond is in Logan county. But one nice thing is you’re going to get to pay lower taxes. You’re in Edmond city, but you’re going to be going to deer Creek public schools. Another nice thing about Fox layer estates in admin is you are not on the city of Edmond water. You will have a water. Well, which is nice. So you don’t have to pay that high water prices. Fox Lair Estates in Edmond has homesites and lots for all of all sizes, you can have lots of anywhere from 3 47 acre all the way up to about an acre and a half. If you’re interested in looking at Fox layer states and Edmond, please call Megan Mullin at (405) 249-8088. Shaw homes loves building and Fox Lair Estates in Edmond . However, the lots are selling quickly. If you’re interested in looking at one of these homes, please again, call Megan Mallin at (405) 249-8088. SHA homes has the best warranty in Oklahoma. It’s 10 structural to your mechanical and one-year craftsmanship. We’re also the proud builder of the 2021 St. Jude dream home in Oklahoma city and in Tulsa.

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