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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Fox Lair Estates in Edmond | Numerous Lots Available

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hi, my name is Megan Mullin with Shaw homes in Oklahoma city. And today I’m going to be talking about some of our neighborhoods and some of our different floor plans. Right now, we currently have three communities in east Edmond. They are the preserve at Koval Woodland park and Ridge Creek. We also have neighborhoods in Piedmont and in the Mustang Yukon area, but today our featured neighborhood is going to be Fox Lair Estates in Edmond. This is a neighborhood that is off of Waterloo in Pennsylvania on the north west corner. And it is based just in Logan county, which is a nice feature because you’re going to get the lower taxes.

Speaker 1: (01:04)
One of the nice things about Fox Lair Estates in Edmond is it is on larger home sides. These homestyle. So home sites start at 3, 4, 7 acre and go all the way up to about an acre and a half. It is a beautiful community, Fox layer Edmond. It has wooded lots homes that backup two ponds, and it’s gives you the country feel without being too far from all the things you need to get to Fox layer states and Edmond is going to be going to deer Creek schools. The elementary school that it will be going to is Prairie Vale, which is one of my favorite schools, Fox layer, and Edmond. The home prices are going to start about 400,000 and go up to about four, up to about five 50. You can do anywhere from about 2300 square feet, all the way up to about 3,500 square feet. Fox layer states in Edmond is going to be a beautiful location to raise your family, gives them lots of area to run on the larger, over oversized lots. One of the floor plans that I was wanting to talk about today is a new floor plan that Shaw homes has added to our lineup called the Cypress. The Cypress is one of my favorite floor plans. If you are in love with the cathedral ceilings, the Cyprus will be the

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Home and Fox Lair Estates in Edmond . It ranges in size, depending on what you’re wanting. You can do it as a one story home, which would be three beds, two and a half bath with a study. You can also do it with just a bonus room and a bathroom upstairs, which is called our Cypress oh floor plan. The Cypress, so comes in about 3027 square feet, which is three beds, three and a half bath with a nice bonus room upstairs. When you do it as a single story, you have the cathedral ceilings, the great room nook and kitchen are all connected and you have one of the largest pantries that I have ever seen. It is definitely a Pinterest worthy pantry. One thing that is nice about this four plan when you do it as a single story is it has a lot of space.

Speaker 2: (04:15)
It is 2,566 square feet. When you’re on an oversize a lot, you have the option of doing a large single story, four plan Fox Lair Estates in Edmond has allowed us to do some larger single story floor plans because the home sites are so large. The Cypress P is another floor plan floor plan that we can do. It is 3,266 square feet. It is four beds, three and a half bath. So I’ll tell you a little bit about the main floor in this four plan. So when you come in, it has a nice long entry hallway oversize. It is super wide. Um, when you come in, you have the study on the right. Um, the model that we have in Fox layer states, admin is going to have the beautiful barn doors on this study. The study also has a closet, which would be nice if you needed to use that for guest.

Speaker 2: (05:37)
On the other side of the entry hallway, you have beds two and three. All of our secondary bedrooms are really good size and there’s a bath in between that they can share. One thing that’s really nice about the Cyprus is it does have a powder. So you love to entertain. This would be a great floor plan for you at the end of this hallway is where you walk in to the great room nook in kitchen, lots of natural light to see all the beautiful things that Fox Lair Estates in Edmond has to offer. One thing that we love here at Shaw homes is we love natural light. We have lots of windows on the back of the home, which will make the home feel bigger. We have a centered fireplace that goes all the way up, which gives a grand feeling and the great room. The kitchen has lots of cabinets and has the beautiful farm house.

Speaker 2: (06:45)
Seeing that so many are so many desire. I think one of my favorite things about this floor plan is the pantry. This pantry is approximately seven feet by 11 feet. It is the most Pinterest worthy pantry I have ever seen. The master bedroom is large. In one thing we try to do here at SHA homes is we always try to connect the master bedroom to the bath, to the master closet. And then you can exit the master closet into the laundry room. We call that our snooze button. The reason we call it that is if you wake up before your spouse, you can get up, take a shower, get dressed and exit out the laundry room without having to go back and disturb. Whoever is still asleep in the master. It’s also been a nice thing for people in the medical field, dealing with COVID. As soon as you walk in from the garage, you can strip down in the laundry room, take a shower before bringing your germs into the rest of the home in Fox lar states where the Cypress model is built. Another thing I love about it is when you walk in from the garage, you walk into the mudroom, which has a nice large mud bench, a coat closet, and then a large storage underneath the stairs. Or if you do it as a single start story, and it’s just a large storage area.

Speaker 2: (08:24)
Another nice thing about this floor plan is that the laundry is separate from the mud room, which if you have laundry piled up, you close the door and don’t have to see it. When you walk in from the garage. If you decide to do this as a two story floor plan, and you come upstairs, you come into a landing, have a third bath, and you have options. You can do a fourth bedroom. You can do a game room, you can do a bonus room. It just depends on what you need here. At Shaw homes, we have many of options. Another thing that I love about Fox Lair Estates in Edmond is just how beautiful the area is. Lots of trees, lots of nature. Every time I’m out there. I see deer running in wild Turkey. There is a pond. If you want to go fishing in the lot, sizes are good for your kids to go run around on Fox Lair Estates in Edmond is located on the Northwest corner of Waterloo and pin. One thing that’s also nice in Fox layer states in Edmond is it is on a water. Well, so you don’t have to worry about paying the high prices of city of Edmond water. Again, my name is Megan Malin was Shaw homes in Oklahoma city, and I hope to help you. My phone number is (405) 249-8088. And I would love to show you Fox layer estates and that men.

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