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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Home Builders In Edmond | Start Your Next Chapter Right Now

We surely do know how important it is to find the best investment whenever you’re trying to find a Home Builders In Edmond. We want you to see that here at Shawhomes we are going to do everything we can to make that investment worthwhile. You will love the experience that you get with us because we truly do go above and beyond for you. We do not hesitate to ask you any questions and we do not hesitate to try to dig into what it is if you’re really looking for so that we can truly help you out. We don’t want to just have a surface level relationship with you. We would really like to build a rapport with you that gets you the home of your dreams.

We love our customers and we love working with them. We want to build you a home that you’re truly looking for. If you’re looking for a 5000 square-foot home, we have multiple different luxury floorplans for you to choose from. We have a Chelsea plan that can be built multiple different ways. You can build it as a Chelsea one story and you can build it with a Chelsea J which is going to give you the upstairs as well with A game room two bedrooms and a bathroom. Or you can build a Chelsea K which is going to give you a upstairs with a bedroom another bedroom, a bathroom, one bedroom has an en suite bathroom, and a game room and then also a movie theater room.

If you’re looking at building the Chelsea one story it will have the same downstairs as the other Chelsea plans except you will not get an upstairs. The Home Builders In Edmond one story is going to have two bedrooms and a bathroom upfront and then you will also have a a dining room. You will then have the main great room that is open concept with the kitchen. You have a walk-in pantry that is actually hidden and it becomes a safe room if you need it to be. We also will have a study downstairs as well and the master suite. The master will have the entire Side of the home for the bedroom, the bathroom with double sinks a soaker tub separate and a large shower in water closet.

In the master suite at the Chelsea you will also be able to see the master closet which is in itself an extra bedroom by the sides of it. You will also have an island in the middle of that closet chandeliers natural lighting from smaller windows up top and seasonal pull down rocks. This is a pull down rocks are hydraulic pull downs that you can actually store your different clothing at different season so that they are not in the middle of the clothes that you wear that season you’re not having to sort through as many different clothing items. Or you can simply hang things that you wouldn’t normally use but still need to have.

So don’t hesitate to call today so that you can see the Home Builders In Edmond. We had one in person but we ended up selling it so we will actually just show your virtual tour of it until we have another one being built that we can show you. You can call 918-258-6161 or you can visit www.Shawhomes.com and when you visit us there you will see what we have to offer you online and then give us a call.

Home Builders In Edmond | We Are The Most Well Known Builders

Call today if you would like to see one of our Home Builders In Edmond floorplans grade we can give you so many different options and we let you know that we are truly going to give you a luxurious Home to live in. We want you and your family to be able to pick and choose everything that you want for your home in a matter what kind of square footage you want we are going to have a kid we have homes is the size of about 1400 ft.² and all the way up and to the 5000 square-foot range. We truly do have a large multitude of options and we can build you a home for a small is 260 something thousand dollars or as large as $800,000.

You really do have all the options when you work with us. Not only are you getting the best of all the different low points but you’re actually getting a company that cares. We truly do you have the most integrity and very best moral ground to stand on. We do everything we can to be just and fair and we try to make sure that our customers are chilly taken care of. If you are going to come out to one of our motorhome today you can come out to Highland Creek and visit some of our premier homes. We have two model homes out here and one is about 1900 ft.² and the other one is a little over 2000 ft.². Either way you’ll be able to see an amazing option for you and you’re feeling you’ll be able to see exactly what we can do for you.

You can also go out to Home Builders In Edmond Pines at the preserve and see you to other from your homes. We have a two-story option out there for you that you can walk through as well as we have the option for you to see a one story. We know that we can do amazing job for you and want you to see what we have to offer you and your family. You’ll be able to see all the Payton is set up so that you have two rooms upstairs in the bathroom also see that we have the downstairs with a study that you could also turn into a fourth bedroom and the whole master has an entire side to self.

If you want to go out to Seven Oaks South you can also see the Kincaid model. This is gonna be a four bedroom home that is about 2100 ft.² and you can turn one of the bedrooms into study if you would like but you can also keep another 47. Either way you will have those four rooms plus you have an oversized dining nook and three bathrooms. You also have a three car garage is built into the plant so you don’t have to add it on. We have so many different options for you and let you know that we really do care about you and want you have an amazing experience.

That’s why you need to call Home Builders In Edmond today at 918-258-6161 so that we can be the most also find it online and look at a different floorplans for yourself before you call us. Either way we won’t be able to take you on a model home tour so that you can see everything we have to offer. You can go to www.shawhomes.com for more details.

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