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house plans Tulsa | Neighborhoods That Impress

house plans Tulsa | Neighborhoods That Impress

So if you want to check out sean, holmes custom home builders, you when I go on shaw homes.Com or you can, you can contact me at 918-740-6944, i, work for shaw homes for 11 house plans Tulsa years and today, I’m out talking about all of our broken arrow communities. If you’re looking for custom homes in broken, arrow and you’re definitely going to want to check out what we have to offer here at shaw homes, our neighborhoods are amazing. We have 26 communities we build in now. One of our biggest are most. The majority of our communities are going to be located in broken arrow area in town to build in the broken. Arrow is really growing rapidly. Andone of the things that I love about custom homes, broken arrow, is, if you come to shaw homes were either going to ask two things:are you looking for move-in ready, or are you wanting to build from ground up now, if you’re wanting to build from the ground up, there’s a lot of things that we offer and we have 13 furnace models that we can take and show you on a model home tour and usually, of course, we don’t house plans Tulsa show you all 13 homes unless they’re all something that you’re open to some of our homes will be special price and they might be. You know a one bedroom in a study down and have all the restrooms up.

So it just depends on what you would like for the money, but we tried it. We typically try to do a lot of business with you to get you what you need and and find the right fit for you cuz every home functions a little different, so what we try to do is find the best fit for you and your family. So if you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow and you check us out online, show homes.Com you’re going to see a lot of different layouts a lot of different plan. However, if you just contact us directly and schedule model home tour, we try to make. We try to make house plans Tulsa it very easy for you, because we schedule a tour around your budget, the area you’re looking in and what you’re looking for as far as a home, whether it’s a one story to story of low maintenance, lot or oversized home side or half acre we’re going to meet all of those needs. Now we have neighborhoods that are going to start in the 160s I one of those neighborhoods that I’d like to talk about today. It’s one of our new neighbor has called silver leaf on 51st street, it’s located between county line road and lynn lane, and one of the things that I love about you. So that just means lower taxes, broken arrow city in broken, arrow schools and you can actually get into michelle holmes house plans Tulsa starting in the sixties.

So you can have 3 bedrooms, 2, full bath, broken, arrow schools, right next door and right down the street for the middle school and high school, our neighborhood. We are going to build a pool in a part, so you’ll have all the amenities that you need and it’s all going to be right there in broken arrow, so a really good community down vest and the lowest taxes that you’ll pay around. So, if you’re looking for a custom homes in broken arrow and definitely want to check out silverleaf-and let us show you what we can do for you in that price back bracket, just a lot of great things that were showing a lot of new things that you’re going to be able to do, and just a great community that you can have there and they starting the 160th and they top out in the 180s, show that’s house plans Tulsa one of the communities and we also have a broken arrow. Community called tucson village. Now tucson village is the same manchester product relief, except in tucson village you’re, going to be able to have homes that start from 180s and go check out. The two thirties and that’s going to give you a single-story one floor homes you can-and we also I shouldn’t, say only two-story plans available. You can do three car garages and in that price point he didn’t really get to see a lot that you can do for your money, even in that price point of someone shopping, custom homes in broken arrow, and they shot some of our competitors you’re, going to see that there’s no way in the world are going to come house plans Tulsa close to the price and how many selections at you get for that price point. So it’s a little bit different than it is somewhat limited.

Actually do the selections with your sales manager that you meet and our other neighborhoods. You got our design center you choose from thousand, but in that price point cuboidal. We have to choose from for 160200 $80,000. That’s a lot of flooring choices that you’ll get so no house plans Tulsa matter what size of custom home is it your looking for shaw homes were going to find a good fit for you as it’s more geared towards function. As far as the price were only going to show you the things that you told us that you wanted in your price point, but as far as function of each of them function differently. So that’s why we suggest you go if you’re looking for a custom, broken arrow for broken, arrow, custom cove, so you’re going to want to do chores. So you can see all of your selections for your price budget that are house plans Tulsa not affordable. We’re going to keep your budget in mind as we show you these plans that they have plenty of space and some add-ons, and we keep our incentive in mind. So custom homes, broken, arrow, show homes.Com. We strive trying to everybody and we just have every fit for you, so shaw homes, broken, arrow, custom homes.

You want to come check us out. We would love to help you and show you what we have, and we just thank you for your business and, if you’re looking for a custom homes in broken, arrow check out charles homes.Com or you can just type in a custom homes. Broken arrow it’ll pull up number one builders choice in town, and we house plans Tulsa actually have the largest warranty out of every home builder in town. We are unmatched when it comes to a warranty that we offer. We actually give you a tuner structural warranty on plumbing and electric and life I’m on the roof, which is your rafters, and then we give you a one-year home warranty on the entire home itself, so I don’t know of any other builder, that’s in so we just kind of so. You want to check out the builder of choice. Custom, homes, broken arrow letter show you what percent of the time ever the other builders when they come to shop and one of the other things that will talk about in our next podcast is how simplified our process is because without a process, it’s not simple. house plans Tulsa But when you have a process, the process that I like what I call a process is our one-stop-shop. So you come to us. We schedule a model home tour, ii appointments to price it out from ground up and then our third appointment is to do a lot reservation and then we’re moving a contract. So we try to make it easy to go to one design center you’ll have 3 meetings in the final meeting is about 20 minutes. So go over all of this things that you chose and then you sign off and then we’re breaking ground and moving forward, and we keep you involved through the entire building process so that you feel like you are part of the building process with us. Even though that part is easy part. It’s really just watching your home go up so check out. Custom homes, shaw homes, broken arrow, the builder of choice. Call me shannon, cut singer, 918-740-6944 I’d be happy to help you and show you why we love our shaw homes and why we know you will too so come check us out. Custom, home builders & shop or broken arrow custom home, show homes.Com the home of the 10-year house plans Tulsa structure warranty and we are looking forward to you coming and doing the model home tour so that we can show you why most people chew shaw but show homes.Com, custom homes in broken arrow come and see why they. We are at the builder of choice and we have 26 communities to choose from 13 furnace models, a 90-minute tour. We do every week and we would love to see your face and let us show you around charms.Com custom, home builders

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