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house plans Tulsa | Upgrades and More

house plans Tulsa | Upgrades and More

So if you’ve never been, you want to come and check us out. We would suggest, and some fun and informative and you’re able to see what’s out there today compared to everywhere else. house plans Tulsa When you come in at shaw homes model. You know we keep 13 furnace model, so I don’t know of any other builder in the hole broken arrow area. That has that many furnished models that they keep we’ll have floor plans, but they’ll have like one or two homes and the one of the things that we brought herself anna’s. We have 13 furnish model, so you’re going to be able to walk through it, see it feel it touch it and know which one is going to function, the best for your family and your lifestyle, one of the things that we love to, as we have a 10-year structural warranty, 2-year on plumbing and electric and lifetime on the roof, so you’re able to sit down and really customize it. The way house plans Tulsa that you want one of the things that I live. If you’re looking for broken arrow custom homes is, if you’re going on a model home tour. That’s really our first step of our process and the second step is just to take that favorite plan that you loved and go and walk through it and price it out, because not everybody does the same things in their house plans Tulsa homes as other people. We realize that we love to be able to do once. We price it out is choose some of those features.

Some people I’m really anywhere, even specially used one like. Maybe they want an extra 10 feet on the back of the third car patty or the 3rd car garage. Maybe they a four-car garage and they need to be 30 feet wide. So all of those house plans Tulsa things are going to be stuff that you’re going to be able to incorporate house. If your building, you know some of the things I mean someone may not want to, but they say you know, we’ve always wanted a three-car garage and we would love to have our three car garage be 25 foot deep cuz. Maybe they want to do a 4 x, 6, safe room in the back, or maybe that has been has his own little workshop area that he wants to incorporate in the plan. So all of those things you would be able to do if you do new home construction, but house plans Tulsa honestly it would be impossible to do it on an existing home because you’d have to have permits and you’d pay a lot more than $40 a square foot to make those changes. So one of the things that we pride ourself in is just being able to take the plan that you love and incorporate the things that you would want to change your due to that plan to make it yours to customize it.

The way you desire to have it really just to make it your plan, so I’ve taken people on taurus just to sean what we have to offer, because, usually, when you walk into another builders plan, you have to have it just like it is and they’ll say all of its included, but house plans Tulsa they won’t. Let you take some things out or change some things kind of like to keep it simple, so they in our show him side. We do the opposite. We give you an a really good base price. It’s competitive that no one can really touch really don’t have competition, and then we give you everything that most people are expecting today and then we always offer an incentive. So now we have a $15,000 and that you’re going to be able to use it where you want it so for $15,000, you can use it on upgrades. You could you know your house plans Tulsa hardwood flooring. You could do all your upgraded kitchen, you desire, you might not want to fiberglass shower and your guest bathroom, so you could do a tile shower and stay. Maybe your desire is always have a really large outdoor area. Will you can use at 15000 anyway? Is an outdoor fireplace I mean? Maybe someone want an outdoor fireplace we do.

Those hardscapes is who does all of our fireplaces but you’re able to pick it out and design it right there in our design house plans Tulsa center in one spot, so for people that want a broken arrow, custom homes and they just haven’t picked their builder. Yet I would really encourage you just to come in and give us a visit. Let us know why people choose us over the others, and we would just love to meet you and show you what we have on the ground. That’s move-in, ready and I would just absolutely love to show you why we are the builder of choice and why people choose shaw over the others. I mean last year alone we built 280 houses and we did that for families that did the tour in chose a shawl home to build because they would like that would be reliable and something that they could love for years to come. If you’re interested, we house plans Tulsa really don’t want to build, but we can tell you really want new construction have about 30 on the ground that are moving ready, so you’re going to be able to get just about everything that you would want in a new home and even want are moving our two designers, the one to choose all of the things that go in those homes and we would really like all the colors that are in style today. Absolutely love and shaw homes is just going to be able to help you get to where you need to be in a new home. We just really even showing people around and just showing them what they can do in a shaw home. So if you’re house plans Tulsa looking for a broken arrow custom home-and you haven’t looked at your house-or here too-and you just are still in the market, but you really couldn’t remember what you saying.

We probably have brand new models that you’ve never laid your eyes on and we were prefer you to come in and look at those so that you can see what we offer today and what we have on the ground. That’s moving ready today. There are just so many choices house plans Tulsa that you will have in a new in new home construction and i. Just would just say, come and check us out give us the chance. Let us do a model home tour with you and let you see what you can really do in a shaw home, so shaw homes for the builder of choice. You can go on shaw, homes.Com and sign up for one of our model home tours or, if you’re really house plans Tulsa looking for broken arrow, custom homes, and you just want to see what we have out there. I would just suggest you come into one of our models. Just walk in will sign you up on at or just come, and let it show you why people choose us over. The others were the builder of choice and we would just love to show you around there’s just so many great options today. If you were building or today, if you want to-and you just want move in ready, we would love to show you those items so shaw homes. We are the builder of choice. You house plans Tulsa will get a 10-year structural warranty with a home. So if it’s a broken arrow custom, home or anywhere, we build you’ll get the 10-year structural warranty you’ll get two years on the plumbing and electric, and then you also get lifetime on the roof. So there’s nothing we’re not going to be able to do for you. In a shell custom home, so broken arrow, custom, homes come and see shaw homes. We would love to show you around and show you how easy are processes, and we have 26 neighborhood statues from over 79 layouts of plans and over 13 furnished models to tour. So we would love to show you around and show you what today’s buyer looks like so come and check us out. My name is shannon cut. Singer house plans Tulsa I’d be more than happy to help. You and I show you everything that we have a new home construction I would love to be able to show you around. I’ve worked for shaw homes for 11 years and I love. What I do you can reach me at 918-740-6944 and come and check out what shaw homes has to offer? And just let us show you what we have and there’s just so house plans Tulsa many great things that are incorporated in a new home and we would love to show you why people choose us over other builders so come and check us out. Shaw homes.Com. We are the builder of choice, so come check us out today check us out on shaw, homes.Com or just walk in one of her models or give give us a call. So my name is shannon cutsinger and I’ll talk a little bit more about our process. Next house plans Tulsa

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