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How to hire sales people | Best Way

How to hire sales people | Best Way

High and this is Dave Dumont I’m with builders training academy and we’re here this morning with the founder Aaron Anstiss to discuss salespeople and their thoughts on life and what they have to offer to this position.
Yeah quite honestly we’re here to talk about how to hire sales people that soc or maybe sales people that don’t suck. How to hire sales people
One of the most common questions interviewers ask salespeople during an interview is how much money do you want to make this year or what does your five year goal when you ask this question do you find it most salespeople answer with a very high number.
Yeah typically the response I get is something along the lines of Well if I could just stay in the cardboard box that I have behind the department store with me and my four kids then you know I’d be ok with that. I mean it’s surprising how much you know leftover food gets thrown away in restaurant dumpsters.
I mean you really can live pretty minimally.
And you know there’s public transportation in the city. So I don’t really need a car or anything.
It’s it’s actually pretty hysterical because you get answers that are just ridiculous.
It’s like they’re apologizing for wanting to make a living above just barely getting along. So I hear some some pretty outlandish answers to this question where that’s not really what I’m hoping for in the salesperson.
So what does that answer tell you about them as a person as somebody that’s wanting to come to work for you or work for somebody in this in this industry.
Well it tells me that they’re going to be a sales slug which is not what we won.
That tells me that they’re going to be a very high producer in the drinking of coffee but not a very high producer in the actual sales arena which is what we hired them for. They may meet their quota for whining every week but they’re probably not going to meet their quota for sales. So I try to skip past those people who are you know just pretty much the interviews done at the point at which they say like Dimi just barely get along money.
That would be all right with you. Mysterians is.
So I just skip those people and move on. How to hire sales people
So you’re saying it kind of sounds like you’re saying that the sales managers out there that builders hire probably the key thing the builders looking for strong legs because those sales managers are going to have to carry the sales people through their job. Exactly. That is exactly right. That does sound like it. What type of answer do you like to hear from the salesperson you’re interviewing when you ask them how much money they want to make this year. I want them to tell me an absurdly high number.
Yeah I absolutely want them to tell me an absurdly high number I want them to go for the gusto. I want them to throw out a number that’s just embarrassing. And that honestly would make baby seals cry because it’s just too high of a number. I want a number. That sounds like the president of the company on day one. Because that kind of a sales person. I mean that kind of mentality tells me that they’re going to shoot for the stars. They might not reach. They might. You know they might fall short of that but I want somebody who just is going for everything they’re going for broke. They’re going to be all in. That’s the kind of person you’re looking for. You went hungry. I wasn’t hungry. I want hangry. Well not really. Not angry but you do want somebody who is just there they’ve got an appetite to just go after it.
You know I’ve got a chip on my shoulder and I want everyone to know that I have to make it. Exactly. Exactly what type of answer do you like to hear from the salesperson you’re interviewing when you ask them what their five year goals are.
Yeah that’s a great job. That’s a great question. They what I want them to answer here is I want them to literally say look me right in the eyes and say quite honestly I’d like to get you fired because I want to be so amazing that they’re like What are we doing with you as the manager we just need to can you and get me. So if they tell me they want my job I love that. Now the reason I love that is because I’m not intimidated by that because I know I’m darn good at what I do. If you have a sales manager right now in your company who is intimidated by that type of a response that tells you a lot about that sales manager. So you know if a salesperson comes in though and they say you know my goal in the next five years is literally to work my way into your job. I look in their eyes and I see the eye of the tiger and that is what I’m looking for.
You know you found somebody that’s that’s got goals they have aspirations. Exactly. If sales people really like money then why don’t they follow their training and develop disciplined habits.
You know here’s the thing sales people really. Most sales people really don’t like money that much. I mean generally thinking sales people are just thinking about themselves here’s the thing. If they give you the answer that we mentioned about just getting by money or they give you an answer like five years from now I like to be promoted to a junior associate like five years down the road if they give you that Qaeda kind of an answer. It’s because the type of money they’re thinking about is just get by money. And it’s also just me and my four and no more money. It’s like enough money to just take care of themselves. They’re not thinking about the big picture. They’re selfish really. And if they were not selfish and they would really apply themselves so that they can make enough money they would be able to help others. I mean what kind of person only thinks about themselves and only thinks about how much they can make for them. It’s selfish. How to hire sales people
It is yeah because you can tell right from the start. They don’t have the perspective that they’re while they’re being employed and they’re serving themselves to make money. Their reason for employment is to serve the person they’re being employed by. That’s very true. You can only eat. I’m sorry is this my question you can eat something sir you can only eat so many steak dinner so what do you do if you make more money than you can possibly spend. How to hire sales people
That is a great question. I’m going to quote the great J Paul Getty who was one of the wealthiest men in America. He said I will never truly be wealthy until I learn how to make money while I’m sleeping. Now when you have more money than you need for yourself I mean when you can make money while you’re sleeping. That is an insane amount of money. I mean that means I get home. How to hire sales people
I’m tired at the end of the day. I lay my head down to rest. I wake up the next morning and I check my bank account and more money was deposited and then I work that day and I get home and I go to sleep and I check my bank account before I go to sleep. Go to sleep. I wake up the next morning and there’s more money in there. I mean that is when you’re starting to get into real money. That’s when you’re starting to make the kind of money where you can have an influence. I’ll give you an example.
I think that money is like an amplifier on a stereo system. For example an amplifier. All it does is whatever is being played through the system an amplifier makes it so that more people can hear it. It has an impact on more people if you just have a tiny little speaker that has no power running through it than the person standing close to closest to it can hear it. But people who are far away can’t hear anything. Well that’s what money is. It’s an amplifier of the person who has it. If they’re a good person who likes to help other people then when you give them money. Their mission in life and their purpose in life gets amplified and gets spread to all kinds of people. It has a further reaching impact and I think that’s the reason to go make absurd amounts of money. Now if you’re a total piece of crap human being then please don’t be great at sales and don’t make a lot of money because I don’t want you to be amplified. How to hire sales people
It almost seems that what I hear you saying is it also goes towards a builder so if you have a builder that’s out there looking for good quality sales people and they provide all the tools all the training all the systems kind of what you’re talking about. Builders training academy then the type of salesperson you’re looking for somebody that says not only do they have high goals but they also seize on everything that builder has to offer as tools. Absolutely they recognize it’s all opportunity.
Yeah. And when they embrace those tools and they set the right goals and they’ve got big goals they’re going to have a big impact not only on the homebuilding company but also on the community in which the homebuilder is involved. They’re going to start impacting people in the neighborhoods you build in they’re going to start impacting people in the surrounding areas. And that’s a great thing to strive for. How to hire sales people
It’s funny you say that because you don’t really realize a lot of people don’t think of the fact that a new home sales person does have those effects. It’s not just about like you said it’s not selfishness. It’s about the faster they sell those homes the better the value of all those homes in that community. The quicker that neighborhood sells the better the entire area does. It’s it’s far impacting. Absolutely. That’s correct. Are there any. Well thank you for coming out today and giving us a listen again. I’m Dave Dumont with billers training academy and we were here with Aaron Anstiss the founder of the company and have a good day sir.
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