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Jenks Home Builder | Built from the Ground Up

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Hello, and welcome to the show homes podcast. The one and only Jenks home builder show where I break down just how easy it is to build your dream home with Shaw homes. I’m your host, Colton cruise, the timber Creek community manager in Jenks, Oklahoma. Now in today’s podcast, I’m going to be going over the history of Shar homes, the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. Now, before we talk about Shaw homes, I need to tell you about our founder, Mr. Glen Shaw, Mr. Shaw grew up on the east coast in Greenville, South Carolina. He spent a number of years on construction science being mentored by his father and his uncle. But at the age of 18, he moved to Tulsa and got his MBA at oral Roberts university. After that he married and started raising his family and Tulsa quickly became home. And then he started his own company known as Shaw homes, the same company that you know, today and 35 years later, Mr.

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Shaw has just as much to do with the company and is still very involved with every aspect of it. Since the establishment of the best Jenks home builders, SHA homes, Mr. Shaw has held every elected position of the Tulsa Metro home builders association. And he’s currently on the board of directors. He’s also a member of the greater Tulsa realtors association, as well as the broken arrow planning commission. The Tulsa world has an article actually about him that says Mr. Shaw’s integrity and knowledge of residential construction has proven him to be one of the most respected home builders in the Southwest. And that’s not just in Oklahoma, that’s the Southwest meaning the, the United States. So that says something. Now I’ve told you a little bit about Mr. Shaw himself. Now I want to break down what Shaw homes is all about, what we do and how well we do it, as well as our reputation and how proud we are to be considered.

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Oklahoma’s most transparent home builders. Now, from the moment you walk into a SHA homes model home, you’ll notice that there’s a difference between our model homes and all the other company’s model homes that are out there. We have more fully furnished and decorated homes that are models than any other builder in Oklahoma. Each of the staff members who sit in the model home are very knowledgeable and go through weeks of training before they’re even allowed to sit in a home by themselves to answer your questions. We can’t promise that we’ll know every answer to your questions, but we can promise that we will find out that answer and we can do it pretty quickly earlier. I touched base on our transparency and that’s something that we’re very, very proud of here at Shaw homes. And I think that makes us the best Jenks home builder, that there is anywhere from our fully

Speaker 2: (02:58)
Furnished and decorated homes to the path which you see, as soon as you walk in, um, and the, the process and the steps. It’s just so simple. We lay everything out in front of you. You’ll see exactly what is the next step and you’ll know exactly where we’re going. Once you’ve come into our model home, that’s when we want to schedule you for a model home tour, you’ll be able to see all of our model homes that we have available. We’re not able to go to every floor plan that we have. We have so many, but you are able to see a very large amount of floor plans that we do have. And I will be able to tell you all of the different varieties of that floor plan that we offer. Once you decide what floor plan you like, then it’s time to make a Homesite reservation.

Speaker 2: (03:54)
And Homesite reservation is simple. All of that home site reservation is doing is taking that home site off the market. So none of my colleagues or their customers is able to take that from you. Um, and that just holds it for seven days. And usually within that time, we’re able to move on to what’s called the price out. Now the price out is our what’s called a purple cow, um, in businesses. It’s something that sets us apart from all the other home builders that there are, makes us the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. What’s so great about this is that we will sit through a slideshow with you that, um, can take about an hour to two hours to go through the details of your home, what it is you want, what it is you don’t want. Now these are line items that have the exact price down to the very dollar to tell you how much you’re going to be signing for on, in the purchase agreement.

Speaker 2: (04:58)
So once we’re done with the price out, you’ll see every thing that you’ve chosen on this document, you’ll get two of them actually. And in this document, you’ll be able to go back and take things off. If you decide to nothing is set in stone, next we move on to the purchase agreement. And at that point, the only thing that is set in stone is the structural options for the home. If you’re looking to do anything structural type of custom options, that would then become set in stone, um, at the purchase agreement, you can’t change it after, after that, that you can, but there’s a fee that is tied to that. And it’s just because we do want you to keep moving forward in that. Um, we don’t want to hold anybody up. We don’t want to hold you up. The other thing that becomes set in stone at purchase agreement is your home site selection.

Speaker 2: (05:55)
So, um, that is, that cannot be changed once we have pushed past the PR the purchase agreement, um, just because that’s where we’re getting all of the permits from the city to get approved and things like that, those things have to happen for that specific property and doing so changing that home site would cause a lot of hiccups throughout the process. So there would be a fee if you absolutely had to change your home site. Now, after the purchase agreement, we move on to the design studio. Now in the design studio, you’re going to be covering some of the same things that we covered in the price out, but in more detail. So you, if you had chosen that you want wood floors now in the, in the design studio, you’ll be able to pick the finishes, the colors, the paints, whatever it is that you’re deciding for all those things that we selected in the price out, we are very, very transparent about our pricing in both the price out the purchase agreement and the design studio.

Speaker 2: (07:01)
So you will be very well aware of exactly how much you’re going to be spending for your home. So after you spend about a month in the design studio, it’s broken up into three appointments. So, um, the ladies in the design studio will set up appointments, one for exterior, one for interior, and then one for final finishes. Those three appointments. We cannot have children in those appointments. There’s going to be other people who are doing or who are in the design studio and moving through that process, just like you are. And though it may not be a distraction for you. It may be a distraction for the other people working in that office. So we just ask that you find a babysitter for that specific appointment, all the other appointments that we’ve gone to up at this point, kids can, are more than welcome to come.

Speaker 2: (07:54)
And, and most of the model homes that we have, including mine, we have, um, toys and coloring books and scavenger hunts and things that are just fun for the kids to enjoy themselves. They’re not just sitting there bored. So after you move out of the design studio, then it’s time to break ground. We will not break ground until those final, um, options are set and we’re ready to move forward. At this point, your design studio options, our final moving forward, we have to order a bunch of the products in. So going back and changing your mind would be difficult and costly for everyone involved. So we will try to not, um, allow that, but if it’s absolutely needed, then we’re able to do that. But it’s a, there will be a fee that would be passed on to you for that. Now during the construction stage, I will no longer be your point of contact.

Speaker 2: (09:05)
Your construction manager would be, of course, if you have any questions or things that I might be able to answer, I’d be happy to answer them. I’m always here in the model. And if you are in timber Creek, which is where I am at, then we’re going to be seeing each other a lot. And so I can give you updates about your home and, uh, you know, take pictures and things for you. So, um, I’ll still be here, but your construction manager will be your main point of contact at that point, just like in the design studio, the ladies who you’d be working with will be your main point of contact layer too. Now the building process takes usually about six to seven months but verify with your Jenks home builder. Um, there’s some factors that come into play, but whenever it comes to weather, nothing really slows us down. Um, except for when we’re doing the final grade and when we broke broken ground.

Speaker 2: (09:59)
So when we’re, we’re not weathered in and we don’t have any walls up yet, that kind of slows us down a little bit, but it’s not too bad. We should be able to get you into your home around the time that we originally said we could. So that gives you a little bit of insight about us and the process of working with us. And of course, I’m going to do some more podcasts on the path and get more into detailed over what I just went over. I’m also going to go into breakdowns of all the floor plans that we have, and I’m looking forward to those podcasts with Jenks home builder. So I will see you next time on the Shaw homes podcast. Thanks for sticking with me.

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