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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
What’s up everyone. This is Colton crews with Shaw homes, and I want to welcome you ladies and gentlemen, to the one and only Shaw homes podcast. Listen, there are no other builders doing podcasts, and that’s what this one is all about. We’re here to tell you the ins and outs of building your own home, your dream home with Shaw homes, the one and only best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. What is up? You beautiful people out there in the Shaw homes universe. Hey, I am pleased to announce that this podcast is going to be a winner today. This one is going to be, uh, probably the greatest podcast of all time. Why could I possibly be saying that? Well, I’ll have to tell you that, uh, today’s podcast is going to be about our model home tour. So, uh, this is, this is step one of your process.

Speaker 1: (01:03)
Step one of your path of the path, your path to your new Shaw home. Now on the model home tour, you are it’s it’s it’s unlike anything. Any other builder can offer. Why you might ask, why do other builders not offer this experience? This model home tour will, first of all, Shaw homes has more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. So what that means is that instead of just giving you a piece of paper with some floor plans on it, telling you to make a decision, we’re actually able to take you to these models and take you to see what that home feels like, just being inside of it. Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever I am looking at that piece of paper with all the black lines on it, I can’t tell anything about that floor plan.

Speaker 1: (02:08)
I can’t tell what it, what it feels like. I can’t tell what it looks like. I don’t know the ceiling height. Um, I don’t even know how if, if that room, if that room is 10 foot by 11 foot or 11 foot by 12 foot, is that small? Does that feel small? You can’t tell just by looking at a little bitty piece of paper. So that’s why we offer our model home to her. And we truly know that this is what makes us the best Jenks home builder in the United States of America. Okay. Amen for that. Because we take a lot of pride in what we do here at Shaw homes. And by giving you the most transparent process of our path, you’re able to see exactly what comes next. Even whether it’s the model home tour, past the model home tour. So without further ado, I’m going to break down exactly what it means to go on a model home tour and see our homes.

Speaker 1: (03:11)
So first things first, you probably just walked in. You walked into my model home and I’m greeting you. I’m there telling you about how great Shaw homes is. Well, I can tell you all that. I can fill your ear with the amazing things that are included in Shaw homes, place, price, the warranty. I could tell you about all the great things we do as far as keeping your home efficient, but none of that means anything unless you can see it for yourself. So the first thing I always do is I always talk about the model home tour. So what that means is that we’re not going on a model home tour, right? Then that means that we’re going to schedule a model home tour, uh, within the next 12 24, 48 hours to get to give you guys the best experience that you can while, and just really give you all the information.

Speaker 1: (04:07)
I believe that you cannot make a good sound decision unless you have all of the information. And that’s what we strive to do here at Shaw homes. That means that we are not making you sit through a, uh, uh, seminar. Basically you have to know this information and then we’re going to charge you for it. Nope. That’s not how it goes. We want to give you the information for Jenks home builder so that then you can make a sound decision because you have all the information right there in front of you. So a lot of misconceptions might be, well, we don’t, we don’t want to get drawn into something where just looking where, you know, we don’t want to go on a model home tour because we just were just super busy, sorry. But the thing is you came into my model for a reason, and you cannot deny that reason that that maybe may you are interested in looking, maybe you are looking to build your own home.

Speaker 1: (05:09)
Maybe you’re not even looking to build. You’re just looking at homes. That’s okay, too. That’s what our model home tours for is. Maybe you find out that, Hey, we are the best Jenks home builder, Oklahoma has seen. Um, or maybe you decide, Hey, you know what? We don’t want to build. We don’t, we don’t want to wait for that process. We just want to maybe buy a spec home that you already have available, or we want to just take our separate ways. And, and maybe you’re you found a home that is used and sometimes abused. And that’s the home that you want to move into. That’s that’s fine. We just want to help narrow you narrow that decision down and help you make that decision. So say we schedule you on a model home tour. It’s tomorrow at five, at

Speaker 2: (05:57)
5:00 PM. Um, you show up, I’m going to take you through a quick tour through my model home, which is currently the Monterrey that is just a refresher show you what, what this home offers. And then we’re gonna, uh, take a, a small little ride. You’re gonna be following me in my vehicle. So if, if there are ever any emergencies or whatever the case may be, um, you don’t have to worry about being stuck. You can just leave whenever you need to. Um, so with that being said, you’re going to follow me to the next model. We’re going to do the exact same thing to that model, as we did to the, to the model that you first walked in, um, that is going to be, you know, whether it’s scrutiny or, or you’re know, you’re talking about all the things that you love. It’s just as important to talk about the things that you don’t love, the things that you don’t like about that specific model home.

Speaker 2: (06:51)
And what I like to do is once you’re giving me information, I am then, uh, customizing and personalizing that model home tour to ma to fit your needs, um, rather than just wasting your time and showing you a bunch of stuff that you don’t need, I’m going to make sure that you have a good experience and that you’re, you see all the homes that are going to be right for your family. Um, and so with that being said, we are looking at what you need in your home. Maybe that’s a, maybe that’s a four bedroom. So let’s say it’s a four bedroom I’m going to, I want to talk to you about, Hey, do you need, do you need an office, uh, or can another bedroom be the office, maybe a dining room? Are you interested in a dining room? Um, and if you are not, let’s make sure that our nook is big enough to accommodate the people of your family, things like that.

Speaker 2: (07:44)
Uh, and we’re gonna go and, and, and check those model homes to make sure and see what you see, what you think of it, see what, how it feels being inside. And like I said, they are going to be fully furnished and decorated. So you’re not just going to see a big blank room. You’re going to see a home that looks like someone’s living there. I mean, it’s, it’s gonna, there’s going to be couches and chairs and pillows and blankets and all this stuff. And it’s, it’s just practical. So we’re going to go through all of these homes that kind of fit your needs as a customer. And then at the very end, I’m going to pull you into an office and I’m going to say, Hey, you know, what’s, uh, what was your favorite that you did? Did you have a favorite? What’s your, what are your thoughts process now that you’ve seen those homes?

Speaker 2: (08:31)
What, uh, what, what, where are you, where are you, your thoughts? What are you feeling? Um, and nine times out of 10, um, I, we have someone who is interested in a specific floor plan, which was which a specific model that we saw and, uh, and they’re wanting the base price. Well, here’s how our base prices go. We, we don’t just have one base price for that home. It is going to be different every single neighborhood, just simply because there are different prices for land. Uh, Jenks home builder s going to be much more expensive than broken arrow, or I know, um, I, especially I Noah. And so depending on where you want to be, I’ll give you the base prices for a couple of communities. And then we’re going to give you some monthly payments as well. So you’re not just hearing this big number that really might not mean much to any, not might, might not mean a lot to some people.

Speaker 2: (09:30)
Um, and so, uh, if you have a number that’s more practical, what you’re actually going to be living in and living by and living with month to month, what your payment’s going to look like. We can certainly give you those. So that’s at the end of the tour. And then of course at the end, we want to schedule a price out. So I’m not just giving you a base price, but I’m also able to give you a, a, a down to the dollar amount for exactly what your dream home is going to cost. And after that, we’re not going to charge you anything past that, unless you want to, to increase that, that number. If you want to add things to the home, that that number might grow. If you want to take things out of that home, it might come down. So you’re not paying any extra fees. You’re not paying anything that’s hidden. We’re giving you complete honest, truthful numbers right at the front. And that’s what makes us the best Jenks home builder in the United States of America. This has been Colton cruise with the shock homes podcast. I hope you enjoyed it. Uh, and I’ll see you next time.

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