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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Jenks Home Builder | from Top to Bottom

Speaker 1: (00:00)
What’s up everyone. This is Colton crews with Shaw homes, and I want to welcome you ladies and gentlemen, to the one and only Shah Holmes podcast. Listen, there are no other builders doing podcasts, and that’s what this one is all about. We’re here to tell you the ins and outs of building your own home, your dream home with Shaw homes, the one and only best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. All right, now, today, we’re going to be going over some things that you may not know about the homes, about the homes that you’re living in, the things that are going to be very detrimental for you to know. Uh, and if you don’t, that’s why I’m giving you this podcast here right now. You’ve heard it first on the shop homes podcast right here right now. Now my name is Colton cruise as the intro set, and I am here to give you some great information for your Jenks home builder.

Speaker 1: (00:58)
Now, this information is going to be covering things like our floor plans and square footage, as well as the number of bedrooms and what you can do with each of those floor plans. Now, if you are looking for a one story home, guess what? You might have looked through all of our plans and seen only a few single stories. Well, here’s the great news is that 95% of our floor plans can actually be built as a single story or a two story. So if you’ve gone to some of our model homes and you’re thinking, well, these are all two stories. Guess what? I don’t know who you went on a model home tour with. They didn’t tell you that you can build these things as a single story home as well. 95% of our plans can. Um, so with that being said, we have the most versatile floor plans than any other builder.

Speaker 1: (01:46)
And that’s what makes us the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. Now, let me tell you something. If you come into my model today and you, and you’re looking at the Monterey, which is where I’m at, you’ll see that it’s a four bedroom. Well, guess what? Not everybody needs a four bedroom. Maybe you need a five bedroom. Maybe you need a three bedroom. We can do it. So we’ve got floor plans that can be built as a, as a single story, three bedroom, all the way up to a two-story three bedroom. We can always build it as a five bedroom as well. Now that’s not going to be available in the single story floor plan, but that’s okay because you can still build the five bedroom Monterey, um, with the two story upstairs. And then you get, you get the game room as well. So we’re able to pack anything and everything you can imagine in this home, we’re able to, we’re able to do it. So, um, another, another great floor plan that we have is the Redford. That is the number one selling floor plan that we have right now, currently available. It’s everybody’s favorite. So that one can be built as well as a single story or a two story,

Speaker 2: (02:59)
A three bedroom all the way up to five bedrooms. So if you are in that, in that range where you’re like, you know what? I don’t want to have to climb stairs anymore. Maybe you’re empty nesters. Maybe you don’t have kids anymore. They’ve moved on. You don’t have to worry about cleaning upstairs. You don’t have to worry about all that. We can build you a single story. If you are looking for a two-story though with the game room, that’s the big plus to being able to do a two story is that you get that game room on top. So if you’re needing some extra entertaining space or you’ve got kids and you got a play room, you, we can even build a floor plan that only has a game room up top, not, um, not any bedrooms or anything. So it’s basically like you’re living in a single story home except upstairs is just a big game room.

Speaker 2: (03:50)
So that is a great ability to do that. If you, if that’s what you’re needing. So we have hundreds and hundreds of customers that we’re building for right now and not one of their homes is like the other one of these is not like none of them are like the other. Okay. So what that means is that all of our customers have different needs. We might have a, a couple come in who is, who’s just been married and they don’t have any kids, but guess what they want room to grow. We can give them what they need. If you’re an elderly couple, maybe you don’t need a lot of bedrooms. You don’t need a lot of square footage. We’re able to give you a single story bedroom or a single story home in a very nice, uh, community. And guess what? You’re going to get what you need out of our floor plans.

Speaker 2: (04:41)
The versatility is just incredible. So with that being said, let’s talk a little bit about square footage. People have a misconception about square footage and what that means. If you have a 300 or 3000 square foot home or a 25 square foot home, how should it feel? What should it feel like when you’re inside? Should you be able to walk in the front door and guess what that square footage is? Absolutely not people aren’t, especially whenever they are having guests over people. Aren’t sitting here guessing your square footage or anything like that. You need to get. What if, what feels right for you and your family? A lot of people come into my model home and they say cold. I don’t want anything except for 300 or 3000 square feet and above nothing less, never no way. Don’t even, don’t even show me models or floor plans that is less than 3000 square foot.

Speaker 2: (05:37)
I don’t care if it is 2,999, I’m not interested well to their, uh, to their surprise. Whenever they actually go into a floor plan of ours that is less than 300, 3000 square feet. They can’t guess they have no idea. They can’t tell that it’s less than 3000 square feet. The way a home should feel when you’re inside of it is it should always feel bigger than what it actually is. Now. There’s some things in the Monterrey that make it feel much bigger. And it’s because it is bigger. You’ve got much more hallway space that you don’t have in a lot of our other floor plans. And so these things create privacy. And so I sometimes have couples who come in and they say, listen, Colton, I don’t want anything above 3000 square feet or 2,500 square feet. I don’t want anything above it. I don’t care.

Speaker 2: (06:39)
Don’t show it to me. I, and in fact, so many times they say golden, I’m not even interested in looking at two-story plans. I only want a single story. I I’m not even open to two, a two story. We’re getting older. We don’t want to climb up and down the stairs. And wouldn’t, you know, it, the very home that we ended up building them is a two-story. They start thinking about things in a practical sense, thinking that, Hey, you know what? We may be empty nesters now. But one day our kids are going to have, we’re going to have grandkids and we’re going to want a space, a playroom and area for them to come and play whenever they’re at our house, rather than being cooped up in this tiny home. So often more often than not a buyer comes in with their mindset. This is what we have to have.

Speaker 2: (07:29)
This is what we want to have. This is what we need, and we’re not going to waiver. And then I would say nine times out of 10, when whenever a buyer comes in and they, we build their home nine times out of 10, that home, that we’re building for them is something that they were a not interested in or B didn’t want to see in the first place. And so try to open your mind. And it’s not that we sway them or push them into a certain direction. It’s just that there’s a lot of things in our floor plans. That just make sense. And just because you might think that your family is needs this or needs that there’s always many, many options available. And that’s what makes us the best Jenks home builder in the entire state of Oklahoma. Let me tell you people, if you build with Shaw homes, you will not be disappointed.

Speaker 2: (08:20)
If you build with Colton crews, you will not be disappointed. I’m going to give it to you straight. I’m going to be as transparent as possible. Shaw homes is the most without a doubt, the most transparent Jenks home builderAmerica. Okay? Now with that being said, come down here and see me. I’m out here at the Monterey timber Creek in jinx, Oklahoma. I’d love to take care of you. Listen, one last thing, before I jump off this podcast, I want you to know about our incentive. Our incentive. This month is 15,000. You heard that right. 15,000, not 1500, $15,000 off the total price of your home. That means that if you come see me, I give you some base, some base, uh, base prices for the floor plans that you like. We go on a model home tour, we do a Homesite reservation. We do a price out at purchase agreement at purchase agreement where we’re sitting down, we’re signing papers.

Speaker 2: (09:23)
I’m giving you right then. And there bam, $15,000 off the total price of your home. No other builders doing anything like that. And certainly no other builder in Tulsa. Certainly no other builder in Oklahoma. Uh, Shaw homes is the best Jenks home builder that you’re going to get. Now with that being said, I appreciate you listening to me, rant and ramble because I’m really passionate about this. I love doing this. I love my job. I love helping people out. I love helping people find their dream home. Come see me. Uh, give me a call. My number is 9 1 8 2 3 0 2 3 4 0. I’ll take care of you.

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