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Jenks Home Builder | Placing a Down Payment

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hello, and welcome to the Shaw Holmes podcast. The one and only Jenks home builder show where I break down just how easy it is to build your dream home with Shaw homes. I’m your host, Colton cruise, the timber Creek community manager in Jenks, Oklahoma. All right, so we are going to be moving on through your path, your new Shaw home and where at step three, which is the home site reservation. Now I covered this a little bit in the, I touched a little bit on this when I was talking about the path as a whole. Um, but now I’m going to get into a little bit more detail about what exactly is a Homesite reservation, why you want to get into a Homesite reservation as quickly as possible and what the benefits are of that. So, um, we’re going to start with, after the financing, uh, after you’ve been on your model home, you, you probably have some idea of where you want to be as far as your location, your, uh, community and the city that you’re wanting to be in.

Speaker 1: (01:06)
There’s lots of benefits to, um, different communities around Tulsa or Oklahoma city. And so those things should all be taken in consideration when you’re choosing your home site. Maybe you’re happy with the schools in one area over the other. Um, and so one thing that we want you to completely understand is that we can replicate floor plans all day long. What we cannot replicate is that specific home site that you might like. Uh, so that is the biggest reason why we have the Homesite reservation as a step on the path to your new Shaw home, the Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. Now, uh, it requires a $1,000 deposit which will go towards your earnest money, which I’ll talk about in a couple other podcasts from now, but it will go towards your earnest money and also towards your closing costs there at the end. So it’s not like your money is just getting spent and getting, um, you know, lost somewhere that you don’t know where it’s going. That money will go towards your closing costs or your down payment or whatever it might be. So that’s the thousand dollars deposit and it is refundable for seven days. For seven days, you’re able to change your mind. You can either change your home sites or you can completely change your mind and receive your thousand dollars back. So for those seven days that money stays or that check rather stays in my desk, locked away where no one can reach it or it,

Speaker 2: (02:59)
And, um, until the seven days are up and then we move forward with, uh, taking that check and depositing it towards your Jenks home builder. So, um, we do this, so you don’t have any rushed decisions. Um, now seven days may not seem like a lot of time, but what that does is it completely blocks anybody who may be competing customers or, um, my coworkers customers from getting your home site, the one that you really, really like. So we’re allowing seven days to sit on it and make a decision. Maybe you’re trying to choose between one home site or the other one location or the other, and this allows you to do that. So it’s a really, really great thing. Um, now there is a, an additional seven day extension. Once you come to the end of the seven days, if you still can not make up your mind, you’re still trying to decide.

Speaker 2: (03:58)
The only thing that changes is that at that point, the thousand dollars becomes non-refundable. It will still go towards your down payment, your earnest money. Um, but it’s just, non-refundable at that point, we just want you to kind of move forward. That’s the only reason for that. Now, like I said, during this time, switching home sites is completely allowed. We want you to take your time and we want you to be completely happy with the decision you’re making. You’ll get all of your questions answered. And we pride ourselves in being the most transparent Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. We do not catch the check again. It sits in my desk, in my office and no one is able to get it. So if you ever decide to change your mind, it is available and you can receive that check immediately. Um, and then, like I said, the competing customers are blocked from the site.

Speaker 2: (04:55)
You won’t have to worry about anybody coming and taking that home side away from you. And like I said, at the very beginning, those home sites are something that we cannot replicate. We cannot create something that is one of a kind, and those home sites are one of a kind. You may have a home site that you found that you really, really like that might have a Creek on it, or it might be at the top of the hill, or it has a really gorgeous view, whatever it might be. You have to understand that there are no possibilities to recreate those. Um, and so as you are looking at your options, make sure you remember that I am working with anywhere from 15 to 20 clients. And I have about 15 coworkers who are working with the same amount of clients. So that’s a lot of people who have the ability to reserve that home site at any time.

Speaker 2: (06:00)
And I wouldn’t know unless I’m at my computer and getting those emails. So something to remember that those home homesites are one of a kind, and you’re only going to find those one of a kind home sites at Shaw homes, um, and building with Colton crews. And that makes us the most transparent and the best Jenks home builder and Oklahoma. And we’re proud of that. Um, for the Homesite reservation, it’s something that can happen at financing. It can happen at the model home tour. It can happen at the price out, it’s all up to you, but to make sure what I want to do, what I always like to do is let’s go out and walk the home site. Let’s find a couple that you like that you can’t choose between. And then we will go out and walk on those home sites and we will get a good feel, a good idea of what is being gone.

Speaker 2: (06:57)
What’s going to happen on that home site, where your home will sit all of those things. And it’s just really, really important to do that. So I cannot stress that enough, that that Homesite reservation is what really brings everything together and makes it so that your home site that you like is untouchable for those seven days, maybe 14 days, depending on if you do the extension. Most of the home builders around Oklahoma will not have this opportunity to wait for seven days. And that’s what makes us the best jenks home builder in Oklahoma. So build with Colton crews and Shaw homes, and we’ll take good care of you.

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