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Jenks Home Builder | Popular Floor Plans

Speaker 1: (00:00)
What’s up everyone. This is the Colton crews with Shaw homes and you were listening to the one, the only Shaw Holmes podcast. Listen, there are no other builders doing anything like this. And that’s why we’re doing that is because we’re trying to bring you, inform you with information so that you can build your home, your dream home with no other than Shaw homes, the best Jenks home builder in the world. Thanks for tuning in. And I’m excited to get started. All right. Now, last time on the podcast, I went through all of the floor plans and our heritage series. Uh, I went through them very quickly and I didn’t do any emphasis on each plan individually. So that’s what I’m going to be doing today. Now the first floor plan on our list is the Addison P. Now you might be asking, what is the P what does that mean?

Speaker 1: (01:08)
As far as the, the initial or the letter that follows the name of the floor plan? So all of our floor plans will coordinate with a letter and or a number. So, uh, the Addison P uh, the, the, the letter will be associated with the upstairs and the number. If there is a number we’ll be associated with the downstairs. So, um, whenever you’re looking at the Addison P you’ll see that the downstairs has four bedrooms or a, uh, three bedrooms and a study. Now that study has a closet. So it certainly could be a bedroom if you needed it to be. Now, of course, the P like I said, it coordinates with the upstairs. Uh, the P means that we have the game room. We have one bedroom and one bathroom, so it kind of creates a, uh, an apartment upstairs. And we do believe that this, uh, floor plan makes us the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. Now, like I said, if you’re looking at the downstairs and you’re walking in, the first thing that you’ll see on your right is going to be a linen closet or a coat closet. So, um, it’s is something that some of our floor plans don’t have the ability to have like a closet downstairs that is like right there in the entry way that allows your guests or yourself to put, uh, maybe boots or, uh, coats, things like that in a closet. They’ll also see right next to that closet. There are the stairs that are immediately

Speaker 2: (02:59)
There in the entryway. Some people don’t mind that some people do mind it and don’t want the stairs to be that close to the entryway just let your Jenks home builder know. Um, we have plenty of floor plans that don’t have that staircase right there in the entryway. Now, the first thing that you might notice about the great room is that it is longer than it is wide. So you have this long 21 foot, 21 and a half foot, uh, great room with three windows in the back, and you have a corner fireplace right there to the left of those windows, not through the windows. You can see the covered patio, which is a four foot by six and a half foot. And then, uh, as you’re walking into the great room, you’ll be able to, you’ll see the kitchen kind of opens up there towards the right side. You have the island, which is not one of our largest islands, but it’s still a really good size island with an overhang.

Speaker 2: (03:58)
So you can have a bar. You can have bar store stools there and whatnot. Now it’s not our one of our largest, uh, PA, uh, it’s not one of our largest pantries. It’s actually one of our smaller pantries. Um, but it still works well and is still very practical for people who maybe not don’t have a pantry right now. So they don’t even know what it’s like to have that, uh, larger pantry. Now, the nook is nine foot three by 13 foot, even, and you have two windows in that nook. Now, what I love about these plans is that we offer a nice little L-shaped hallway that will separate the nook or the kitchen from the master bedroom. So you don’t have a bedroom that’s just right there off of the, the nook or the kitchen where people can see into it. So it kind of gives create some angles that, that creates more privacy. If you have questions, contact your Jenks home builder.

Speaker 2: (05:06)
Now in the master bedroom, this is a squared master bedroom. It’s L it’s more of a rectangle, but it still doesn’t have a nook like some of our other floor plans do, but you do get vaulted ceilings in there. Now, as we walk, we’re walking through the master bedroom, into the master bath, this has a split vanity. So one of the vanities is much larger than the other, and, but they are, they are completely split and separated. So they’re not going to be next to each other. His and her spaces will be separate. So that’s a great floor plan. If you’re looking to kind of separate the, his and her side, you’ll also get a tub and a 42 inch by 48 inch shower, as well as a water closet. Now, as you’re going through the bathroom and into the closet, you’ll notice that you can leave the master closet, um, either through the master bathroom or the hallway.

Speaker 2: (06:06)
Uh, so you can have what’s called the snooze button feature. So you’re able to move through the bedroom, into the bathroom and out into the closet. And then out of the closet, uh, via the, uh, hallway that, that kind of connects to the laundry room. This is called our snooze button feature. And this is something that a lot of our floor plans do have, and it’s a very, very popular for a design now immediately to your left, whenever you’re coming out of the master closet, you’ll actually see the study or what could be a bedroom. But, um, if it’s a study it’s kind of a private study, it makes it cool because, uh, it’s there on the same side as the master bedroom. So it’s a, it’s a private, a private study if you will. Um, it does have a closet. And then as you’re walking down the hallway back towards the great room, you’re going to, you’re going to go past the laundry room, which is also the utility room in this floor plan, which will go out to the garage.

Speaker 2: (07:07)
Now, if we’re back at the entry point of the home, uh, we had talked about going up straightforward into the great room and more to the right now, we’re going to turn left. And there’s two bedrooms that share bathroom. Number two, on that side of the home. So this is bedroom. Number one was the master bedroom bedroom. Number two is at the front bedroom. Number three is at the back. And like I said, if you wanted to make that study into a bathroom, I’m sorry. If you wanted to make that study into a bedroom, you certainly could. Now we’re going to turn and go up the stairs and the stairs is going to open up directly into the game room. Now, something that makes the P different from what you might recognize as the E as an egg, is that the, the EAs also have a game room, a bathroom, and a bedroom.

Speaker 2: (08:05)
The difference is, is that an E game room will be directly over top of the great room. The P or the QS game room will not be over top of the great room, which makes it nice because you can vault the ceiling in your great room. You could also, um, if kids are running around upstairs, you’re not going to be hearing them right over top of the great room, the game room and the bathroom, and the bedroom are going to be over top of the study, the master closet and the master bathroom. So you’re getting some from your Jenks home builder, some help with the quietness of just by the function of the home. So, like I said, you’re going to walk directly up the stairs and you’ll be in the game room. And it almost looks like a loft or a it’s own apartment complex apart, not complex apartment room.

Speaker 2: (09:00)
Um, and, uh, you could easily turn that game room into an upstairs living area. It has a full bath, which would be bathroom, number three, uh, and then the bedroom, which is a really good size bedroom. It’s an 11 by an 11 half foot room has this closet and everything like that. So you’re getting a really nice look, as far as the, the bedroom and the bathroom together, um, with the game room, if you wanted to, uh, you know, do all of your living downstairs and then even rent out that upper area, it’d be easily easy to do so even, even by adding a door to the top of the stairs. So that is the Addison P thank you for sticking out with me on this one. And, uh, next week, we’re going to be going over the Crescent, which is a single story floor plan. Um, some notes about the Addison P is it is a 2,421 square foot home. So it’s a five bedroom if you choose for it to be a five bedroom in 24, 21 square feet. Uh, so that’s, uh, a lot of space in a little package, and that’s the way we like to build them here at Shaw homes, the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma, the United States, the world, the galaxy, the universe, uh, I’m your host, Colton cruise. And I will see you next time.

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