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Jenks Home Builder | Starting with a Model Home Tour

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hello, and welcome to the Shaw Holmes podcast. The one and only Jenks home builder show, where I break down just how easy it is to build your dream home with Shar homes. I’m your host, Colton cruise, the timber Creek community manager in Jenks Oklahoma. Now on today’s podcast, we’re going to be talking about the price out. It’s probably one of the most nerve wracking things that people see on the path to their new HSA home. Would that being said, price out has nothing to do with signing a line or putting anything in writing or even making any kind of agreement at all. All we’re doing at that point is spending about an hour and a half to two hours, deciding what it is that you want in your new Shaw home. So we’re going to be meeting at your favorite model, um, that way that whenever you’re going through the slide show that we have, you can go inside the home and that will help you make decisions on what you want in your home.

Speaker 1: (01:09)
It can be anywhere from an hour and a half to two, even three hours. If you want to take that long, of course, that is not recommended, but in some cases it’s needed, uh, don’t let that bother you though. Uh, we’ll, we’ll try to get through it as quick as we possibly can. Um, and it’s really just dependent on the decisions that you make, how quickly we can make those decisions. The great thing about our price out here at Shaw homes, which we consider ourselves the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma is that it’s itemized pricing. Meaning that if you want 42 inch cabinets or 52 inch cabinets, you know, the price difference between the two, you’ll see it on your paperwork. You’ll know exactly how much you’re going to be paying. And, um, there’s no surprises that way. So you’ll know what the cost difference is between wood floors, tile, floors, carpet, floors, whatever it is you decide.

Speaker 1: (02:17)
You’re going to know all of those things. Now this is its own separate appointment, meaning that you’re not expected to sign anything after this is done. You get to go home and you get to think about it. You get to decide, do I want this, or do I not want this? And you can take it off. No problem at all. You’ll have all of your questions answered during this time as well. So what we like to say here at Shaw homes, the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma is that w four, for the price out, we price the way you want, not the way that we want. So all of our competitors give you the base price of the home with all features that they want. What we allow you to do is we give you the base price of the home, and then you get to decide what you add to your home.

Speaker 1: (03:09)
And that’s what your purchase agreement is for, um, which will be a different appointment altogether. So down to the very dollar, all of your selections that you’ve picked at the price out, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying, not only for the total price, but also monthly cost. And this makes us the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. Transparency is so important to us, and that’s why we have our price out before the purchase agreement. Most companies make you sign the purchase agreement for the base base price of the home, and then you get to go to the price out. And then you start seeing that you’re going to be spending a lot more money than what you’ve actually agreed upon. Not at Shaw homes, the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma, after the price out, after we’ve gone through all of the, the things in your home, you’re going to get a total price out on the spot.

Speaker 1: (04:25)
So you’re going to get a printout of exactly the amount that you’re going to be spending. You’re going to get a list of everything that you’ve chosen. And if you and your spouse, if it’s you and your spouse, you’ll get two lists. And what we’d like to do is we will send you home with some homework. So you’ll take these two lists and you will individually go through each line and you’ll decide of the things that you want and the things that you don’t want, if both parties. So both you and your spouse choose that you don’t want something. Then there’s, there’s no argument. Go ahead and take it off. But if maybe your spouse decides that they don’t want something and you’ve decided I do want that, then that’s where a discussion happens. And you guys can decide whether to take that off or not.

Speaker 1: (05:25)
And of course, anything that is structural, um, can be spoken and talked about there at the price out. Um, and we’ll make sure that we get that in the purchase agreement for a later date, but anything that you choose in the price out, that’s not structural, be it your floors. Maybe you want to add a wall somewhere or add a closet somewhere, or change some things on the inside of the home. Maybe you’ve decided that you don’t want your kitchen cabinets to have glass in them. Well, none of those things are final. Um, and so even after the purchase agreement, you can change those things up to the design studio, which I’ll talk about in another podcast.

Speaker 1: (06:18)
So what we like to brag about is that we have tons of options that you’ll get to choose from and your price out. Um, whether it is, like I said, the cabinets, the type of cabinets, the, the thickness of your granite, the type of sink that you would like, the type of bathtub or the shower that you’d like, the type of floors, um, lighting options. If you want a, an electrical outlet in your pantry, which is a popular thing to do, we can do that right there. We can also wait and do that in the design studio. So the price out is a great time for you to get an idea of what things cost and what your price will be. And then the design studio will take all of those costs and the price that you’ve decided on. And you’ll get to pick the colors and the finishes and things like that.

Speaker 1: (07:18)
And maybe you’ve picked a level one finish for your heartfelt hardwood floors. And once you get to the design studio, you decide, you know what? I like the level two, um, of the hardwood floors instead of the level one I’m going to go with that. You have that option. You can do that. You could even go from a level two back down to a level one. That’s the same thing with the exterior of your home. Um, we will talk about in our price out, we will talk about brick stone, painted brick stucco. We’ll talk about those things. We won’t get into like the colors and the finishes and everything like that. That’s where the design studios, that’s what the design studios for. And we think that that’s what makes us the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma, without a doubt. So something that our customers constantly talk about is how transparency is so vitally important.

Speaker 1: (08:14)
Um, not just for a company, but as individuals we’re working together as individuals. And so for me to be completely open and transparent and honest with you, that will take people miles and miles to where they want to actually do business with us. So transparency is important here at Shaw homes, we have a very knowledgeable staff and we are very proud of the type of training that it takes to actually become a sale manager here in Shaw homes, no other home builder in Oklahoma, no other Jenks homebuilder in Oklahoma is as transparent as we are.

Speaker 1: (09:05)
So I’ve just covered our price out and something to remember that if your children need to come with us on the price out, that’s absolutely fine, or no problem with that at all. And that makes us the Jenks home builder in Oklahoma, the best jinx home builder in Oklahoma. I appreciate you taking time to listen to this podcast. I hope I’ve expanded your mind on how we go through the price out. Um, everybody sees the word price in the word price out, and it makes people nervous. And so I hope you guys know that it’s not anything to be nervous about, but it’s actually a very fun time where you get to look at, get a little glimpse of what your home will look like in the future. So I will see you next time on the show home podcast.

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