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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Jenks Home Builder | Your Path to a New Home

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hello and welcome to the Shaw Holmes podcast. The one and only Jenks home builder show where I break down just how easy it is to build your dream home with Shaw homes. I’m your host, Colton cruise, the timber Creek community manager in Jenks Oklahoma. All right, now in this podcast, I’m going to, I’m going to be going over the sixth step on our path to your new Shaw home poster. Um, this is the design studio and it is the sixth step to owning your new Shaw home. We truly see this path as what makes us the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma.

Speaker 1: (00:48)
Now in the design studio, you’ll have three super easy meetings. The first one you go over the interior, all of the finishes, the colors, the designs, or the things that you’re getting in your home inside your home will be at this meeting. This meeting can last up to two hours. Um, and sometimes it’s even gone over depending on how detailed you want to be on all of the little things in your home. You’re going to talk about the floor. Do you want floor for you? Want hardwood? Do you want tile? Do you want carpet? If you have chosen those already in the price out, you can still change those and change your mind, um, and go a different route. But once you choose that route, then you get to decide what color of carpet, tile, or wood that you want. The, the, the actual wood itself, which ones are you choosing for your home?

Speaker 1: (01:55)
Will they be clean, finished, or will they be distressed? Um, what color stain you’re choosing same thing with tile. You get to choose the type of tile, the size, the shape, the color, and also the color of the grout. You’re going to be able to choose the color of your cabinets. Do you want paint or stain if you want either, or you’re going to, you’re going to get to pick those colors. You’re going to get, get to pick the colors of your walls. You’re going to get to pick the colors of your ceilings, your trim. Um, also, uh, you’ll all, you’ll be able to decide the countertops, and you’ll also be picking your backsplash for your countertops, the thickness of your granite, the tile for your showers. Um, you’ll get to decide all of those things at this appointment. All for the interior. The next appointment

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Is for the exterior. You’re going to get to pick what color of brick you want, what you’re, what you’re looking for for as the siding. If you’re not going with brick, maybe it’s stone, or maybe it’s stucco. Maybe you’re choosing to go with R B elevation and that’s going to have wood siding. You’re going to get to color, pick the colors of the siding and the trim along the roof of the home. You’re going to be able to choose the landscaping and guttering and anything and all things that are exterior at this second appointment. Now that second appointment is going to last about two hours, but it can take longer depending on how detailed you want to be. So with that being said, the third meeting is the shortest of all three. It’s going to take about 45 minutes, and they’re basically going to go over all of your decisions with you, and you will sign signatures on every selection that you’ve made.

Speaker 2: (04:11)
It’s important to remember that at this appointment and all, and the two before it, there are no structural changes to your home. That was all up decided on at the price out and purchase agreement. So the structural changes cannot be made change at this point without sling a fee on top of it. So we basically don’t want any changes to have to happen because it’s going to be costly to change the things at this point. It can happen, but we do not prefer that it does. Um, you will be working with our award winning designers. So if you’ve been through one of our model homes, you’ll see that they are decorated very, very well. And that the Decker, the decorators that have decorated for our homes, win awards for how well they design and decorate our homes. And those are the same designers that you’ll be working with for your home.

Speaker 2: (05:19)
We have the largest design studio out of all of our competitors in Oklahoma, and that makes us the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma. We have tons of options that are offered in this series of homes, which is the heritage series. You have so many options that you’re going to find what you want. You’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for in our design studio. That’s all in house. It’s a simple process. If we’re going to go through with you, our designers will go through every little detail with you and make it really simple. It’s super easy. And you’re going to enjoy working with the ladies in the design studio. You must remember that there are no children allowed in the design studio. This will be a long appointment, and there’s not anything for the children to do at that appointment. There’s not toys there.

Speaker 2: (06:27)
There’s nothing to keep them occupied. And most of the time when you’re working with one designer, there are three top designers in total that are going to be working with other clients at the same time. So your child might not be a disruption for you, but it may disrupt the other clients in the design studio. And so we want to try to avoid that as much as possible. If you do arrive with your child, you will be asked to re schedule the appointment just because it’s that, it’s that big of a problem we’ve had before in the past, um, in all of the other meetings that we’ve had before the design studio, you are more than welcome to bring your children, though they may want to help with Jenks home builder designs. We have things that they can do in each model home. We have toys, we have coloring books and crayons and scavenger hunts that will help them kind of stay occupied on F all of the five steps before you get to the design studio.

Speaker 2: (07:35)
So we just ask that in the design studio, you do not bring your children now in the next podcast, I’m going to be talking about the plan review, which is step number seven. And well, I guess you’ll hear more about that in the next podcast until then I would love it. If you would leave me an objective Google review on how I’m doing. If you’ve been through this model home, let, uh, let everybody know what this model home looks like on Google. All you gotta do is look up Jenks home builder, Shaw homes, and my model, the Monterey will show up in timber Creek and you can leave me an objective Google review, just kind of let me know how I’m doing, and it’s gonna really help me out. Um, as far as my, within my company, and I will see you on the next podcast of the Shaw homes podcast, this has been Colin Cruz, and we are without a doubt, the best Jenks home builder in Oklahoma.

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