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Luxury Home Builder in Jenks | How Many Bedrooms Do You Need

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Are you looking for a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks look no further than Shaw homes. Hi, I’m Rebecca pay Ravi and we have just launched the new luxury series as a luxury home builder in Jenks here at Shaw homes, we have integrated what was formerly known as water stone, custom homes, and made a new luxury series for luxury series home builders like yourselves in jeans. This is a hybrid product of a custom brand and our spec homes. We’ve included some of the nicest finishes and features in our new luxury series featured here in jeans. The model Chelsea K is located in your town in jeans as a luxury home builder in Jenks. We use this model as our best pick for families because it is a multiflex plan, meaning that there are many different variations of this plan. There is the Chelsea one, which is a single story for a fine, and it is three bedrooms and two and a half bathroom.

Speaker 1: (01:14)
It also has a downstairs formal dining room and the study, the Chelsea one is a wonderful floor plan for people who may be empty-nesters perhaps you just need one bathroom for your company to share whenever they come. Then the Chelsea one is a great floor plan for you. And we also have the Chelsea. The Chelsea is a version of the Chelsea one, but upstairs that is also a game room and a bathroom and a bedroom in the Chelsea E a buyer has the option of having the second story and only having one bedroom up there. So that maybe if you have a guest that wants to come and stay, or maybe an older kid that wants their own areas space, then they’re a little bit separated from the rest of the group. The Chelsea K is the version that is in your town and it’s five bedrooms and four and a half bath. It’s a very big version of the Chelsea one and the Chelsea E and then there’s the Chelsea J and then there’s the Chelsea K the difference between the Chelsea J and the Chelsea K, is that the Chelsea K has got a bonus room and a game room and two bedrooms upstairs. The Chelsea J has got also two bedrooms upstairs, and it also has a game room, but it doesn’t have a bonus room.

Speaker 1: (02:56)
And that is the flex flexible news of the Chelsea floor plan. It is a multi flex plan that we have here at show homes and in the master, there is also a snooze button feature, and that is an architectural design layout of how there is space and doors between the master’s bedroom and the space where they get ready. So you don’t wake each other up also in the luxury series home model, that’s here in your town. We have a lot of other beautiful finishes and features that would be considered interior decorative choices. They’re not necessarily included in the product, but they are decorative features, things like shiplap, B board and stained beams. I’m more, these are all just a slight, um, preview of what we can do for you in the custom world. We tried to keep the costumes to a minimal though, because we wanted the buyers to really see how much bang they get for their buck as a luxury home builder.

Speaker 1: (04:17)
We really wanted things makes me, um, as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks , we really try to include the finest finishes and features. So the appliances that you’ll see here in the model, K, are also standard included, which are really nice. And they’re really vague. So you should have more than enough room for all of your food. Like you should have more than enough room for all your food though, for sure, because there’s also this hidden pantry that’s behind the kitchen and behind the oven range card. And like that also, that’s all storage for your food too. So you shoved plenty of storage, free food. And if you build the Chelsea one, you still get a big pantry like that too. So it’s not like, I mean, they, it’s good. If you have five bedrooms and you have a pantry that size, but it’s also really nice.

Speaker 1: (05:16)
If you only have three bedrooms and you still have a pantry that size, because they didn’t discriminate how much food you should be able to hold in your house, just because you don’t have as many bedrooms. I liked to hold a lot of food. I’m like a squirrel. I like a lot of nuts. And I like to have food, just kind of stuff, stashed away. And as a luxury home builder in Jenks, they thought about how, how many nuts and things I would like to stash away maybe one day, because especially, especially if that Corona virus thing, wait, I’m going to be stocked up on nuts. And now I know that I don’t need a whole lot of those to live off of because I’ve given myself a food allergy with nuts. So I would not recommend that people eat as many nuts as me, but as a luxury home builder, I’ve definitely got enough pantry space to horde me some nuts if I wanted to, and I could just eat all those nuts.

Speaker 1: (06:08)
And it wouldn’t take all of them nuts for me to live off of because they’ve got a whole lot of calories and that got a lot of fat too. And so you could go for a long time off of just a handful of nuts. You know, you didn’t need a whole lot. So if that grown a virus hits, you’d be fine. You could just stay inside. You could just eat your nuts. You could just stay in the pantry. You wouldn’t even have to leave. It would be awesome. But they thought about that. And all of that is here in the Chelsea K, and as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks , they thought about all of these things. So you guys should come check it out. It’s a really nice model. And just the pen she alone is bound to make you want to build one of these, have a great day.

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