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Luxury Home Builder in Jenks | Live Comfortably

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I use looking to build Luxury Home Builder in Jenks. Tulsa will look no further than Shaw homes. Hi, I’m Rebecca. And today we’re going to be talking about luxury homes with in-laws suites included in jinx or south Tulsa. If you were looking to build a luxury home in jinx or south Tulsa, with the mother-in-law suite included in the luxury series in shaw homes, we might interest you when you’re looking at our floor plans. You’ll notice that all of the fine finishes and features are going to come standard included with our new luxury series.. Also within law suites included, we have included all of the finest finishes sessions, soft touch closes throughout the home marble quartz or granite countertops, whichever one you want. They’re all standard included in the luxury series , since I’ve told some within most leads included, we also have a beautiful floor plan called the Belhaven, which is what I want to go over with you today.

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The Belle Haven is a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks in south Tulsa with the mother-in-law suite included. If you would like to build the Belhaven in jinx or south Tulsa, that has a mother-in-law suite included, you’ll find it very appealing because it has four bedrooms each with their own private bathroom suite included. And in the mother-in-law’s suite, she has a separate space from the master’s bedroom as a luxury series  or south Tulsa. We at Shaw homes understand that a mother-in-law suite included is something that you might need right now. We took into precaution all of the needs of perhaps the growing demographic of the baby boomers and as aLuxury Home Builder in Jenks in south Tulsa that has in Los suites included, we thought about the dynamics of the home and how you might use it. We included in the master bedroom and for Belle Haven and extra sit space for the masters to have that is actually a live infighting feat.

Speaker 1: (02:26)
It’s a very significant place to have across from the master’s bedroom that you can do with however you choose as a luxury home builder, south Tulsa with an InMail suite included, we at Shaw homes also thought about how much space you might need in the refrigerator and the pantry. So we made those extra big 3m puppet style as aLuxury Home Builder in Jenks, most weeks included, we show Shaw homes also thought about in the Belhaven, what you might need upstairs for the kids. So we gave you a game room and an extra powder bath gates. Abella Haven runs a little under 4,200 square feet. It might be the perfect transitional home for you as aLuxury Home Builder in Jenks in south Tulsa, we actual homes knew just what to do when we included our in law suite. We thought about it ahead of time. We provisioned for the pandemic that is now holding

Speaker 2: (03:43)
Whether we knew it or not

Speaker 1: (03:46)
As a luxury home builder in jinx, in south Tulsa, within Los suites included. We also thought about everybody’s tile in the bathroom, and the fact that each member of your family might want a different kind. So we gave you your choices of all of our tiles and the design studio so that everyone can have their own style as a luxury home builder in Kingston, south Tulsa, within most suites included. We also thought about a mudroom, which is a great provision to have seeing is how

Speaker 2: (04:17)
We might get used to doing things with an extra mud room. Whoever comes in off the second garage, the one that has the in-laws suite, it’s kind of a special little place as it attaches on the side of the home, on the left of the home, and then away from the two limiting garage facing on the right both have a mudroom. So you can both exercise with precaution as you’ve gone cleanly into the home, keeping everything nice and sanitary. However you like as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks, within Los suites included, we at Shaw homes thought of all of this, and then we thought about it twice. And we thought what a great idea to let everybody have their own cleaning section before they come into the home. That way the home stay sanitized. Everyone can take off their shoes and employers will stay really nice as a luxury home goods ranges.

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It’s in south Tulsa with a low suites, look to show homes to build your transitional

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Speaker 1: (05:35)
We would love to help you have a fresh start for you and your

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Family. I am Rebecca with the luxury series, the bot.

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