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Luxury Home Builder in Jenks | Saving Money on Your Home

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Are you looking for a luxury home builder with an in-laws suite look no further than Shaw homes. Hi, I’m Rebecca. And I’m here to tell you about our new luxury series by Shaw, that you can build in jeans or south Tulsa with an in law suite as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks , south Tulsa, within Los suites, we at Shaw home took into account all kinds of floor plans that a buyer might need for certain times where someone may be downsizing from two households into one. We as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks since I’ll Tulsa took into account our in-laws suites and the sizes of the rooms, we also took into account. The design of the floor plan said that the in-laws suite is unique and designed perfectly for you as a luxury home builder in Jameson, south Tulsa.

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So we designed two floor plans where the mother-in-law or the in-laws suite can be either close to the master bedroom or further and separate from it as a luxury home builder  with an in-law suite, we had shot took into account that you, um, you and your family may have a loved one with special care needs. And this is in our floor plans reflected by the proximity of the in-laws suite to the masters bedroom. For example, in our Wayfield model or floor plan with an in-laws suite as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks , we can build this floor plan where the in-laws suite is literally really close to the master bedroom sharing only the laundry space area. And this way, if you need to take care of a loved one or a certain, um, caregiver needs to be in that room, then there’s easy accessibility from that bedroom into the master suite.

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However, there’s still a privacy with the large ness of the laundry room to create the separation that you need as a master in your bedroom, flowing through the laundry room, into the closet, into the, into the bathroom before they finally ended up in your master bedroom. So there’s still a little bit of distance, but the person is close enough if they are need this floor plan also works. If you’re wanting that perhaps a new nursery there, and you want the baby to be very close to you, then this floor plan it’s a Whitfield is designed perfectly for that need as well with the floor plan, like the Whitfield, the mother-in-law suite has the wonderful luxury finishes that you might want building in jinx or south Tulsa. So things like crown molding and tile, all the way to the ceiling in the bathrooms, and even your in-laws suite will have soft touch closes and a head knocker over the toilet, which is nice. The toilets and our luxury series come a long gated, which is also nice for maybe it an

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Elderly loved one or someone with special needs. As I having a long gated toilet, it just adds a little extra, um, speciality for that individual that may be downsizing from their home into yours as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks , since I’ll TOSA, we at Shaw homes also took into account, maybe wanting a mother in law quarter that is not close to your master bedroom, in which case the Belhaven might be the perfect plan for you and your family in the Belle Haven. The mother-in-law suite is on the complete opposite side of the home as the master. However, in both floor plans as a luxury home builder, since all Tulsa, we took into account that our in law suites might want their own private entry. So both the Belhaven and the Whitfield have this wonderful feature in the design of them where the person in the in-laws suite would actually have their own private garage to enter in from, in which case they would have a drop station with a copy and maybe a little mud room and as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks , since I’ll Tulsa with an in-laws, we, we thought about all of this ahead of time for you in the Belhaven.

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Then last suite is on one side of the home and the master suite is on the other. You see the two car garage is on one side of the home and the single loader for the in-laws is on the other. So this way you guys have the separation that you may need, if your loved one is wanting their own space, and then you are wanting your space as well in the Belhaven, there’s also a side, little covered area of the master suites, about eight foot by 11 feet wide. It’s an, a wonderful addition to the master suite. In the event, you want your own little sit room or perhaps an at-home gym or something like that as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks I’ll Tulsa. So we at Shaw and took into account all of your in-law suite needs, and we designed them appropriately to fit this pandemic. So don’t worry. We have a four plan for your need. Come check us out. As the luxury series  said, south Tulsa within Los weeds is no more than shop homes.

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