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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Luxury Home Builder in Jenks | Start Looking at New Homes Today

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Are you looking for a luxury Home Builder in Jenks? Well, don’t look any further than shop homes. Hi, I’m Rebecca. And we’re here to look at the new luxury serious by shaw homes. This is a new product that we’ve created. That is a hybrid between a custom building home line and our luxury series back homes. If you’re looking for aLuxury Home Builder, our model home is located in Yorktown in the Shelby section of jinx. And this luxury home model in Jakes is a 4,500 square foot series with a game room, a bonus room, five bedrooms, and four and a half bathrooms as a luxury home builder in jeans. Shaw has really considered what our buyer needs. Everything from a floor plan for multi-generational family, to even the fine interior finishes such as crown molding and cabinet trees that will come included in this new series as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks.

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We understand a lot of people like to maybe custom build their home. So with this hybrid product, we’ve kind of integrated both. We are not accustomed builder, but we are very close to it. As we can maneuver and modify and customize each one of our Explorer plans and interior designs to fit your needs as a custom home builder in jinx, we look forward to having you in our Shelby model and to look at all of these finest finishes and features that are displayed in the Chelsea. K the Chelsea K is one of our multiflex designed floor plans, meaning it can be built as a single story, 3000 square foot luxury home in Jenks, or it can be built as the two-story 4,500 square foot version. You can see as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks Shelby, the, your town model, Chelsea K is open each day between 11 and five, except for Wednesday and Thursdays on Sunday, it is open from one to five.

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These are the hours of which you can come in and gladly look around all the new interior finishes and features that are now going to be included in the luxury series as a luxury home builder. We’ve included everything from all of the granite and tile selections that you may see in our design studio. They will all be included in the luxury series. You can also have your pick of hardwood, floors, carpet, selections, and much more. As our design studio becomes your interior, 80 interior decorating studio as well. We have amazing interior decorators like John and Shelly that are really great about helping you pick out a luxury home decor for your luxury home. That you’re building

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Jean as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks. Our decorators really stay up to today in regards to interior trends and designs that may be in style or may kind of fade. We are constantly changing our design selections in the studio, and every six months we tend to rotate them out so that you can constantly have a new selection to pick from when building your Luxury Home Builder in Jenks. We also know that you don’t want something custom or cookie cutter. So we try to give you lots of selections that you can pick from this creates a unique and one of a kind home for you and your family. Without going into the budget of a custom builder build as a luxury home builder in jeans, we like to make sure you have your price upfront. We don’t like surprises like the custom builder might present where you have a as extra expense for 15%, just to have him go pick out the tile for your range tile meeting with us.

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It’s a lot easier. You just go to the design studio, you get to see everything we have. You get to take your pick. There’s even a private room of selections that not the other buyers, which I’ll get to see. This is where we have our custom selections and import cuts of granite tile or Calcutta, maybe as a custom luxury home builder in Jenks. We also took the time to really think about the multi-generational family needs. Those we have incorporated and our new eight floor plans that we are releasing outside of the Chelsea K, that you can also see when you come to the Shelby in your time in jeans, we are excited to be your new best luxury home builder in Jenks. Shaw homes is excited to present their luxury homes and jeans as a luxury home builder. And in jinx, we know that this is a perfect market for somebody who wants a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks, because we are in jeans and we are a luxury home ourselves call today to take a tour of our luxury homes  at 9 1 8 2 5 8 6 1 6 1. Thank you and have a great day.

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