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Luxury Home Builder in Jenks | What Are You Looking for in a Home

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hi, are you looking for a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks? Look no further than Shaw homes as a luxury home builder in jinx, we, as Shaw homes know exactly what it is that you’re looking for and free things from included tile, granite courts, whatever counter tops you choose and tile selections for the bathroom, it’s all yours. You can have your pick of anything in our design studio in so far as finishes are concerned. They’re open to you and completely included in this all-inclusive product. In the new luxury series. As a luxury series home builder, we in GX are featuring the Chelsea Cain. Hi, I’m Rebecca with Shaw homes and in the Chelsea K we have 4,500 square feet and roughly five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. The Chelsea K is a beautiful home with a formal dining room and a study in the back, which is very quiet.

Speaker 1: (01:09)
And quite for those who like to craft, maybe you don’t like to crack. Maybe you like to write, maybe you’re a writer maybe you like to sing and maybe the sound of cars driving by all the time would absolutely mess up your recording. And so you would really need a study in the back, maybe where it’s quiet. If you don’t have neighbors with kids, they yell a whole lot when they’re outside and they’re playing. And then you could just put your recording stuff out in the study in the back of the house, and you wouldn’t disturb anybody who may be napping in the front.

Speaker 1: (01:43)
The Chelsea cake might be a great floor plan for that maybe, or just the Chelsea, even because the Chelsea one, you could do that too, even as a, as a single story. And you would still have the formal dining room. So maybe you could put, maybe you could put the piano in there, you know, maybe you could, and then the front bedroom, you know, but you still need an extra bathroom maybe because it’s only got two and a half bathrooms downstairs. The Chelsea one does, and then it’s got two bed, two bath upstairs, if you want the Chelsea cave version. But the Chelsea one is a single story and it’s three bed and two and a half bath. And it’s a beautiful home too. You can come into this model, home in your town as a luxury home builder in Jenks. We have thisLuxury Home Builder in Jenks and we’re Luxury Home Builder in oklahoma. And we like building luxury homes and jinks. And that’s what we do as a luxury home builder in jinx, but the Yorktown and the Chelsea K and the luxury homes in jinx, um, is a really nice house. The other good thing about the

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Chelsea is that it has a multiflex plan, meaning that you can build it as a single story, or you can build it as a two-story two, um, as aLuxury Home Builder in Jenks, we really thought about things that you might want and maybe wanting flexibility in how big your floor plan is, is something that you might want. Then that would be a great aspect for you to have here at show homes as aLuxury Home Builder. We also thought about other included features that you might want things like soft touch closes, building cabinets. It’s got a beautiful modern here with lots of drawers, lots of cubbies. I mean, there’s lots of places for you to put your stuff. It’s easy to be organized here too, because you can have so many built-in shelves and so many built-in drawers, which is really nice because then you don’t really have to buy a dresser and you don’t really have to buy a side table if you didn’t want to.

Speaker 2: (03:58)
I mean, you probably would want to put a side table though, maybe because you would want to put a lamp before you go to sleep. Cause you probably would want to have a lamp, you know, because that’s nice to have whenever they use read at night time and you would want that light. And so maybe you would want a lab. Maybe you would want to keep that right. But the drawer and the dressers, like you don’t need that because it’s all built in, in the closet. Like there’s plenty of storage for stuff like that. And so they really thought about that as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks, they really did here at Shaw homes in the York town, in the Shelby section. That’s that’s where it’s located is in the Shelby section of your town. So if you’re familiar waste your town, it’s in not section it’s in the Shelby section of your town as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks we built it in the shelving section of your town as a luxury home builder and teams.

Speaker 2: (04:54)
We built it in the Shelby section of your town. So that, that way it’s easy to find because this is the nice part of the neighbor trend. This is the part of the neighborhood that’s generally 450,000 and up. So this is a nice series. That’s going to start there, you know, and then it’ll just kind of go up depending on how much square foot you want or whatever toss stems you might want, because we can kind of do whatever you want so far as costumes are concerned too, but we don’t really advertise that because we don’t really want you to do costumes because customs make it harder for you to resell later on. I mean, if you think about it, it’s really cheap to build here in Oklahoma. I mean, it’s only like $500,000 and you can build your dream home. And so could I, so why would I want to build your custom home when I can build my own for the same price?

Speaker 2: (05:48)
You know, it just doesn’t really make sense. So we don’t really suggest that you do cost them, buddy, if you really want to, then we can do it. I mean, we tried not to showcase it a lot in this model home and we tried to keep it to a minimum because we know that you can go all day doing customs and upgrading stuff, right. I mean, but we wanted the buyer to really see how much bang they give for their box, you know, um, for the legendary series, because we are a lLuxury Home Builder in Jenks. So come check us out shall homes, Rebecca. Thanks.

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