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Luxury Home Builder in Jenks | What Floor Plans Do You Offer

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Are you looking at Luxury Home Builder in Jenks will look no further than show homes. Hi, I’m Rebecca. And I want to introduce you to the new luxury series by Shaw here in chinks, we have featured our new Chelsea K it’s one of our most beautiful flex floor plans. It allows buyers. Do you experience that as a single story, but it can be built as a, as a two-story as well. It allows the buyers to see how much bang they get for their buck as a luxury home builder. With this new line, what we’ve done is we’ve included all of our finest finishes and features in this model, Chelsea Kay, featured in your town in Shelby and GX. If you’re looking to build aLuxury Home Builder in Jenks, then don’t look any further than sharp homes as we are the premier builder for south Tulsa and the jinx area.

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Be sure to look at all the fine trim, the headers, the included cabinets, beautiful appliances, and the nice casing on the shelves in the closet. When you come into the Chelsea cake, you will love to be able to see that all of your different types of tile and granite will be included and that you can even get your pickup cockpit or hardwood floors throughout the home. We tried to keep the costumes of this model down to a minimum as a luxury home builder and cheeks. We understand that the buyer would like to be able to know the price of the home before they get started, regardless of the custom work that may be done. But even if you do well costume work, then we will also give you a price for that because we don’t want you to be shocked by not knowing how much the cost of your home construction will be as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks.

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In jinx, we at Charlotte home took a combined feedback report from our consumers, from what was formerly known as Waterstone homes. And we created the Luxury Home Builder in Jenks I was a luxury home builder in chinks. Mr. Shaw took into great consideration what the consumers said, who had built custom homes with Waterstone. We also took into consideration which floor plans they liked the most. And we implemented those into our new luxury series. There are nine full plans. Total. The Chelsea Cain makes up four of these as it can be done, multiple various forms and fashions to whatever the buyer needs. The Chelsea K is interesting as a luxury home and cheeks because it has a formal dining room. We noticed that with many floor plans nowadays, a formal dining room is not something that many

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Buyers may need. However, with things changing, we’ve learned that family is coming together and maybe perhaps now they will learn to eat together and they will break bread together and they will learn to pray together and they will learn to have time together and they will learn to talk together. And that’s the amazing thing about what is happening right now. And that is why we have made this beautiful formal dining room, those types of family gatherings and entertaining. If you and your family would also like a game room or a bonus room than the Chelsea K has got those options for you as well. With many of our luxury floor plan series by Shaw, we have included a mother-in-law suite as well, just in case there was an elderly loved ones that lived so far away, happened to come back into town for some happening reason, and you need a place for them to stay well.

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Know that way to have wonderful care giving by the loved ones they say, as they move into the mother-in-law’s quarters. And Mr. Shaw thought of this with his floor plans, you see, they all have a mother in law suite mate, just for you and your family as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks. We also thought about prime location that one might want to leave. And in the Yorktown community, there is plenty for a multi-generational family to do there’s everything from a soccer field to a basketball court, to a two mile walking trail that you can adventure yourself on. There’s also a fishing pond that you can catch and release some nice little goodies, maybe teach your loved ones, how to fish, maybe it’s time that the Federalist fled come together and spend some time in nature. Perhaps that’s what mother nature means. People to appreciate him. Maybe there’s a great, wonderful world outdoors, and you can experience that here in New York town in shutter with also a beautiful football field, amaze swimming pool and a clubhouse, there is plenty to do in this small community to keep you very entertained. And with the yourtown area, not being far from the highway, it makes it very convenient for those runs to the store, but it’s a wonderful place to start no family as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks.

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