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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Luxury Home Builder in Jenks | What We’ve Included

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I hear looking to Luxury Home Builder in Jenks look no further than sharp homes. Hi, I’m Rebecca paid Robbie and there’s a luxury home builder in jeans. We shall homes had thought about everything, a customer like you might want lecturing home building. And Jenks is not a simple task as every client and buyer. When something more specific we’ve hybrid this line from what was formerly known as Waterstone custom homes into what is now the luxury home builder of Gene’s show homes, I luxury series. And then I new luxury series. We’ve included some of the nicest finishes and features from our previous lines and more as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks. We’ve also picked out the perfect location here in your town to feature this new line, knowing that most luxury home builders and chinks like yourself would want this area. Your town is located off of 130 first and L N G X. It’s a wonderful community community with lots of amenities, things like two and a half miles of walking, a splash pad, basketball court, football field, and much more baseball, diamond soccer field, much more there’s fishing ponds. And so many things for your kids and family to enjoy here in your town as a luxury home builder and cheats. We showed her what I was. I understood that it’s not just everywhere. You’re going to want to put a luxury home. So we picked out some of the best home sites and communities to build your luxury energies.

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Some of the features and included finishes in our Luxury Home Builder in Jenks are things like crown molding appliances, soft touch closes, elongated toilets, and much more all of the tile and granite and quartz selections that you will see in this model foam will be included. And the Chelsea K, which is the model in located in Yorktown and jinx, it is a flex plan. It’s a plan that we can build either as a single story with 3000 square feet, three bedrooms, two and a half bath, a steady and a formal dining room, or you can build it as a five bedroom, four and a half bath version that you see here in York town with a bonus room and a game room in the blue date as a luxury home builder in jeans, we at Shaw hones have also thought about what kind of warranty our customers would want. So we’ve included some of the best warranty packages that the industry has seen with a 16 series energy sufficiency rating on all of our homes. You can bet that your utility bills will be cut down to which as a luxury home builder in jinx is an extra feature knowing that not

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Everybody is going to want the same interior design, we’ve allowed our luxury home builders to pick whatever selections they choose from our design studio, which is the biggest design studio in Oklahoma. This allows our customers to really customize their homes so that they don’t all look the same. We’ve noticed that as a Luxury Home Builder in Jenks, people spending on a higher dollar, we’d like to have their own picks of selections of things. And we intend to give them that with the Luxury Home Builder in Jenks, we also took into account that a buyer with a more luxury, his life is going to need extra closet space. So things like a seasonal pull down closet are standard included as well as a built-in he’s in her dresser, in the closet and a dressing mirror, which is also a nice benefit.

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Not all the master closings. We also took into account a nice wood trim all throughout the main entertaining areas, which make it great for not having to do it up curtains and linens and things. I mean, you could, if you want to, but you don’t have to, you know, um, but as a luxury home builder and Jenks, we thought about those things and we really considered what the Luxury Home Builder in Jenks would want you so call today and come check us out as the new luxury home builder in jinx, as debuted in your town, the luxury series by Shaw, come check out the Chelsea K it’s 4,500 square feet. I know you’re going to love it. We can customize anything that you would like, but we find that our floor plans pretty much include them most beneficial things to all of our buyers that don’t really need customizing, which is a great feature to have in our floor plans as well. But come by today and check out the Luxury Home Builder in Jenks.

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