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Neighborhoods in Jenks | Amazing Homes

Neighborhoods in Jenks | Amazing Homes

Shaw homes, custom homes, custom, homes, broken, arrow room we’ve Neighborhoods in Jenks got about 64 different floor plans to look at and there’s a lot of different options and features that you can add in your home. So if you are looking for something that is more on the custom side is that we can add to the floor plan. So the great thing about custom, homes, broken arrow, is that what the first actually do is you will go on a model home tour with one of the sales manager based off of what it is that you are currently looking for in your homewe’re, going to show you the home that we currently have that are models.

The great thing about the models is that they are fully furnished and decorated and located Neighborhoods in Jenks in multiple communities:custom homes, broken, arrow, typically west side, you’re, going to take a look at each of the floor plan. The great thing about that as well as that we do decorate every single one of our floor plans completely different, will also help you get different ideas of what it is that you’re currently looking for or wanting to post into your future. So when you do have your design studio appointment already have an idea, the things that you do like and don’t like during the model home for process. We highly encourage you to take as many pictures of the different styles or cabinetry paint color whatever it is that you like. So that way, you can show the interior designer when Neighborhoods in Jenks you start picking out items for your future home. So one of the floor plans in particular, is I currently set in a community called estates at the river located.

ven though we have custom homes broken arrow, we also have custom homes that we can do for bixby. I know what the greater tulsa area floor plan that I currently sit in is called. The monroe is the most versatile floor plan that we have. We do have 15 different versions of this floor plan. The one thing to Neighborhoods in Jenks keep in mind you know before we do consider thinking about doing anything on the customs, where you don’t have to really change anything until that’s why the model home tour port and if such great value cuz out of 64 different floor plan. Typically, we do have something for everybody now as a custom piece in the custom homes broken arrow in the net, which we currently do have that displayed in our old monterey model that is currently for sale out in broken arrow in a community called village of southern tryout custom options that you can put inside of your home is going to be maybe wainscott in the office or her and sent on one of my clients and I am currently building a house for out Neighborhoods in Jenks here in bixby. We are adding stairs in the garage leading to the attic with a door on top something like that is a custom feature that can be done. Another custom option that we can do for custom homes broken arrow is, for instance, there, maybe a front bedroom that you would like bumps out and sarah green based off of whatever it is that you are wanting just get with your sales manager, and we can look and see if that is something that is available in that we can do so.

Once again. In the monroe floor plan, like i, said, we do have 15 different versions of this floor plan. This floor plan on sizes vary from the low 2100 square feet as a one-story, three-bedroom two-bath 3 car garage to our 3671 square feet. That’s got five bedrooms, a formal, dining and an office bathrooms at game room and a bonus room, and so that’s Neighborhoods in Jenks one of the main reasons why that this particular floor plan is also are number one floor plan, because we do have so many different variations that we can do all of this floor plan to me pretty much anyone’s me in the broken arrow community. We have a variety of community, that’s available for you. That’s a little over a hundred and seventy thousand to our custom side, which are custom, homes, broken, arrow, wellstone, forest ridge, which is a gated community. We actually have some custom floor plans out there on our custom side that is called waterstone townhomes with a water stone homes. They are pretty much completely custom from the ground at green and we do have some models that we already Neighborhoods in Jenks have up and you can take a look at him on the water suicide on the included. Teachers is going to be quite different from the shaw home side. Come in with an idea and we’re going to make it happen for you, you can get the custom builder david that you’re looking for what would you like in your house, and he can draw something out for you now on the custom side, the minimum pending on the price of the land as well or whether or not you’re, building on your own private property on the captain size for waterstone homes, Neighborhoods in Jenks included features will also be a bit different from the shaw home side. Now it’s a gated community and part of forest ridge forest ridge has completely revamp the whole entire country club. They remodel the swimming pool.

They added two more tennis court I believe that they’re also adding their changing out savannah’s cafe to possibly like a higher and steakhouse there’s tons of walking trails, catch and release fishing pond over 10 miles when it comes to the walking Neighborhoods in Jenks and jogging trails, you’re, also extremely close to the creek turnpike, just right off of 71st and midway. So right, west of 71st in midway, is going to be the gated community called on the west side of wells town there going to be a new community. That’s going in right now in the name of that, community will be spring.

The price point out at springhill will probably be your choosing versus wellstone you’re, looking at high threes and-and you also have home. Atwell sound-that’s three quarters of a million dollars, if not more and so springhill will be located right next to wealth down, Neighborhoods in Jenks and we should be pre-selling for spring hill in the next couple of months. The plat should be on for stretch their website. So that way, you can see what available home sites are there a location of a whether or not it’s going to be a golf course lot. Some of them will be on that premiere

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