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Neighborhoods in Jenks | Build a Custom Home

Neighborhoods in Jenks | Build a Custom Home

Nigel here with shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builders. Um, my number is nine one eight, five point eight, one, two, six, six. My email is inArnold@shawhomes.com. Super glad to be with you today. I’m excited to talk about the third pitfall a, if you don’t know. We started our first couple of series of podcasts talking about buying the experience, which is just shores latest book, um, real life lessons about the way real people buy homes. And so it’s a super good book. You have Amy O’connor and Ryan Taft who are contributors and they have a lot of good info, but the book is really about understanding the buyer, Neighborhoods in Jenks which I think is critical. I really focuses and helps you focus on the buyer, which is also critical. And I’m Eric Custom homes, broken Arrow builder, shaw homes. We are super passionate about our buyers and uh, and then more so probably than me, I really take it personally. I’m probably a in as a weakness. That’s probably one of my biggest weaknesses is taken personally when I can’t sell the buyer because I do believe in the product show homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder, but not just that I believe in the person. I can understand that I’m a part of a major decision in people’s lives. So I don’t take it lightly.

It’s very important that we stay up apt and uptodate on our information that we’re supposed to talk about. And that’s kind of what the podcast here is about learning. And I hope you’re enjoying these series of podcasts. First to, um, we were talking a little bit about the book and just quick review. Um, we were talking about the art of walking people through a home and the pitfalls that come with doing it, doing it bad and the, and the advantages that come with doing it. Good. And uh, here at show homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder, one thing that it doesn’t impress me as all of our agents are really actually pretty good at probably this step of making the buyer feel comfortable getting to know the buyer. That’s why we are, I think we’re not just, I think I know by a revenue we are the number one custom homes, Neighborhoods in Jenks broken Arrow builder in the whole area of Tulsa that’s within 200 other builders, so I’m not by, not by number of houses built actually though, um, but who wants to work harder for less money actually, but I revenue we are the number one customer Holmesburg near a builder because we are customer does take our houses a little longer than rush home in or simmons or somebody who builds a whole bunch of track homes.

So, but anyways, uh, one topic of the third pitfall we’re on, um, we’re talking about blatant neglect. Um, and uh, our first pitfall, just quick review was feature dumping. Our second pitfall was awkward silence. Now here, our third pitfall is blatant neglect. Now these all kind of go hand in hand. Neighborhoods in Jenks The opposite of feature dumping, which is you constantly talking about every feature of the home, whether it brings value or not is awkward silence where you don’t say a word and you’re controlled by the buyer. I loved, I think it was airing some. One of our guys said this and Aaron is my sales director for [inaudible] homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder, but whenever I guys said this, he said, and this is the way that I see it. He said,

when somebody walks through your door, somebody’s going to get sold. And I thought, man, that is very. That is such a good fault because think about this. You’re selling a home which you have now is valuable and that you believe in and so his builder, ABC and d and e around you, they’re all custom homes. Neighborhoods in Jenks They all claim to be custom homes, broken Arrow builders, but somebody is going to get the sale. And so when you’re like, for instance, us, our first step of the process, which we’ve covered thoroughly, um, and in much discussion is our model home tour. So for instance, for us it’s a huge advantage, competitive advantage in which we pay much a lot of money for, to have models that, that just sit there, that don’t sell, that are furnished and decorated, that buyers can walk there and have a real life.

Example of what it would be like to live in that home. That’s a huge advantage. So when we have a new buyer that walks through the door for us to be able to get them to go on a model home tour, it is critical. I mean, first they get to see our homes decorated. They get to imagine themselves and their furniture and that was homes which are two giant steps at third. You also get to see and get to know the buyer, which is completely awesome because you get to help them and Neighborhoods in Jenks understand them and all of those things. You really, um, it really is just a fun casual experience which everybody really enjoys. And then because our houses are really nice, people usually really like a lot of them. And so we loved that part of it. I’m absolutely love it. And uh,

so getting people to go in the model home tour is, is, is an important, but do you, what do you think the percentage is that people actually want to do that? Which is kind of crazy because, you know, when the people come through the door, they’re coming into CEO model home, so you would venture to say that you would think that they would want to see other model homes that are all equally as pretty and beautiful and functional and um, but because of the, the thought of that, that people come in that they’ve been trained a negative past experiences from other sales people that you’re trying to push something on them or trying to force them to do something or even that you’re gonna take them hostage or sit them down or make them buy something. So you know, getting people on a model home tours not Neighborhoods in Jenks 100 percent guaranteed.

So if you struggle at this first step or this first meet and greet or first impression, or even let’s say, some of these pitfalls of walking them through a home like feature dumping or awkward silence or our third point of blatant neglect, do you think they’re going to want to go to model Hemsworth? You spend another hour and a half with, you know they’re not. They’re absolutely not going to want to do that and I think it’s interesting that we can even imagine that we would be able to get people to do that today. For instance, I want to go into a story story time here at Shaw homes, custom homes, Neighborhoods in Jenks broken Arrow builder, um, and because I have one. And so for instance, I was walking around, had a meeting today, an appointment today to show some homes, um, met with the buyer a first thing they do when they get into this, to the my office.

We found a home already, but we really like and we’re not even sure if we wanted to go see homes. So immediately I am, I’m fighting uphill because, and I knew this, that they were going to be here Wednesday from Friday, today’s Thursday. So I scheduled my time to be Thursday morning thinking that they’d be tired Wednesday from the trip. That journey in and so Thursday morning would be great. Where they got here Tuesday. So they had all day Wednesday to go look at homes, which I did not know they were getting here early. They did not let me know and so, all of the whole time we’re talking and we hit absolutely hit it off. Neighborhoods in Jenks They have their dogs with them and they brought their relative friend from Florida and they had, um,

and we were just talking and we just had the best time. Um, I got to know them so well or they’re from the south. I’m from the style. Uh, he had moved around a lot and I had a, I had a, I was part of an air force family. And so man, they just loved me. So, so that the realtor who was from Florida, I think she’s might be moving this way, said, I’m going to bring you a lot of business. She said I’d be in your hip pocket. Just had a great time. And with all that being said, do you think I sold the house? Nope. I didn’t sell the house because they got here a day early and made their mind up on another homie. No one tell you want to know what they told me about the realtor. And there was actually a realtor that was sitting in the other home, they told me she didn’t know what closing costs were. Neighborhoods in Jenks They told me she was just horrible to work with. And so I guess it goes to show that you don’t have to be great at this to sell a home, but they wanted to buy our home. Um, and they did it because we didn’t have exactly what they wanted and they had already made their mind up. But even in defeat, that was a victory in shear at shaw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder. We won that fight. So, or I say all that to say this, it’s extremely important get to know your buyer. That’s the most important thing.

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