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    Neighborhoods In Jenks | Community Centered

    Neighborhoods In Jenks | Community Centered

    Show homes, custom, homes, broken arrow, Neighborhoods In Jenks one great community to think about building is a community called forest ridge. Now they are revamping their development and remodeling their clubhouse, a tennis courts. Restaurant swimming pool they’re offering a lot in their communities. So this is definitely a community that I would recommend when you are considering a custom homes. Broken arrowthey have a gated community called wellstone particular community, golf, course um corner lot and it looks like we have some that are golf, course, view and ponds you we have some home site as well. That’s left in wellstone communities. You will have a monthly because you are responsible for the gates in the streets inside of wellstone.

    Let me actually pull this up on our site. We have other parts Neighborhoods In Jenks that is not gated as well, but it’s a custom homes, broken arrow. If you’re wanting to actually do a custom home wellstone is going to be the location that you’re going to want to take a look at for broken arrow. You have is a master plan community. It also the community spans more than a thousand acres and that’s going to include about 13 different neighborhood. We have one community call the highlands. The minimum square footage is going to be approximately 1600 square feet. It is going to be a minimum of 20 to square feet. There’s also a brand new community. That’s going to come open, probably going to be very similar to the highlands I’m custom homes broken arrow you’re, literally from horse ridge. Your minutes away from gas stations dry, cleaner, the groceries, banks restaurant and there is also a restaurant located inside forest ridge and that is going to be Neighborhoods In Jenks remodeled. You’ve got retail locations all within 10 are major shopping. Mall is going to be approximately 20 minutes away.

    You’ve got medical patients that are 5 to 10 minutes away elementary schools. That’s located right behind the highland. So if you live in the highland, it’s actually going to be walking distance nsu the broken arrow campus is only 8 minutes away. The airport is 22 minutes away. Neighborhoods In Jenks Downtown tulsa is 20 minutes away church in broken arrow. This is only 12 minutes away. Association is very affordable. You’re going to have multiple walking trails, country, club parks and paul swimming ponds, custom, helmet, broken, arrow, forest ridge has a lot to offer their residents. You will also get special special promotions when it comes to memberships. The golf club open 7 days a week from 7 a.M. Until dark. They are closed on christmas day and new year’s day only they have a driving range chipping, green and putting green beverage. Cart have to go and cafe savannah’s, which will actually be raining shortly. The golf digest rankings for forest ridge golf course, is going to be four and a half stars. The course information is going to be 7083 for yardage their 71 pars. The course rating is 75.5, the slope rating is 147, signature hole is number 15 and Neighborhoods In Jenks tournament tees. The resident annual golf membership is going to be $2,300 a year for individual and family.

    This is going to include green fees, cards with gps, unlimited use of practice, range golf handicap service and discounts on golf, sponsored events, charging privileges and golf sharp golf shop and restaurant you’re going to get a lot in forest ridge. Another great thing about custom, homes, broken arrow, is that they have a lot of different special promotions that they will offer their resident, such as I’m, not quite sure if this is just a spring and summer thing on when you and your spouse Neighborhoods In Jenks will have a nice dinner and then you go to go play 9. The also have different events for like fourth of july this weekend, they’re having a huge special easter egg hunt for the easter egg hunt, just a lot of little things like that., a lot of communities don’t offer their residence the player’s grill. This includes 5 big screen, tvs all systems to keep beer cold, it’s a great place to relax and unwind the glass veranda.

    So this is going to be a popular spot for banquets and special events. These rims and can also be reserved for private parties, wedding receptions or business meeting. Neighborhoods In Jenks You could hold different events, looking back looking down at the forest ridge golf course, and you know once again, like i, said, there’s going to be special privileges for forest ridge, which is another reason why this is going to be a great spot for custom homes broken you get private parks. Each park is equipped with playground, equipment, Neighborhoods In Jenks there’s also picnic areas and plenty of space just to roam around there’s a trail system that extends throughout the name for head alongside slaves in wooded area is walker bike around the community. There’s access to catch and release fishing lakes stocked with a variety of a resident club card to the award-winning public golf course benefits include discounted fees up to 3 gas per visit, merchandise residents, only golf programs and discounts on annual membership resident and resident rates for the golf, so the forest ridge homeowners association requires each resident pay to support the maintenance of common areas. Nature trails, parks and other amenities in the homeowners do not contribute Neighborhoods In Jenks to the ridge club. So the great thing about the annual dues you’re going to have 360 for the annual dues for ho a when you are in welsh gate, because it is a gated community community

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