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Neighborhoods In Jenks | Golf Communities

Neighborhoods In Jenks | Golf Communities

Todd shaw homes, custom homes, Neighborhoods In Jenks boken arrow. We have a community at at force. Where is caldwell stone community you can build shaw homes in that community also are luxury homes, custom homes reference, because it is a golf communities. There’s going to be a lot of different perks that you will get to that community there’s a lot of different amenities. You got your standard swimming pool and tennis courts at the great thing about this community. You will also get special promotional prices for being a resident for theirgolfing membership, also special promotion prices for pretty much anything. That’s going to cost money at the clubhouse. You will get a promotional price for being a resident. Tell all night custom homes broken arrow for wellstone on our luxury side is definitely something that completely just unique skin. Gorgeous you’re going to be able to come up with your own design, pretty much we can Neighborhoods In Jenks draw something up for you and scratched or if you have an idea get in the best thing to do is to get with a shawl sales manager and put your first appointment with her luxury home builder david and get your first appointment.

Neighborhoods In Jenks We also have other communities so on the shaw home side. If you are wanting to do some custom features, what custom options you would like some options are letting me sing extravagant. So, for instance, it may be something minor like getting a wooded bench installed in the neck or wainscotting done inside of the fittest. Another attractive option that we currently have in our monroe model that is located at 121st and asked in our community called the reserve at spring creek wish that would fall in the custom homes broken arrow. It’s broken arrow schools, but the great ram. We do have a what I like to call a tic-tac-toe ceiling, and so that would be something that would be a a custom option. So not all custom options or anything extravagant, and definitely you know more than likely doable. It just depends on what it is. I am currently building a home at at somerset for a buyer was to actually bumped out a front bedroom for fee, so that is the custom option that we are able to do for buyers. The best thing to do is to get with a sales manager at shaw homes, schedule your model home tour, go and take a look at all of our beautifully furnished, beautifully decorated and furnished model homes, which model home and the layout works best for you and your family. Once you do the model home tour. Typically, the model home tour is anywhere from approximately 90 to 180 minutes long. It just depends on how many homes you see and what all questions you may have during that process. Once you do the model home tour, then the second appointment is going to be the wishlist appointment.

Neighborhoods In Jenks This is where we’re going to price out your favorite floor plan with all of the options. It is that you’re looking for pending on what incentives may be going on for that matter. Currently, right now, our incentive is, if you use one of our preferred lenders $2,000 to use towards any upgrade. You can split that up between you know the price of the home or closing, so you may only use 10,000 for upgrade and you can use the 5,000 for help with closing cost or to lower the price of the home, and so that $15,000 can be used. However, way you want it. If you choose not to do additional upgrades and what we can do is take $10,000 off the price of your so custom homes broken arrow is a great thing about those customers based off of what it is that you want, and how much your your words you could use your incentive towards those custom featured custom, homes, broken arrow. Once you price out your home, you will know to the dollar how much it’s going to cost to build your home, whatever community that you like, and whether or not a particular home site may have a premium or a credit. That’s the great thing about shaw homes is that we’ve got absolutely nothing to hide and you will get an itemized list of how much everything cost $0, how much everything is going to cost to build your house. So another good thing about that, especially when it comes to the custom homes broken arrow, is that you are the one that I actually have control the price of the home. You select the items that you would like to put into your home. What we do is we gave you the incentive for using our preferred line.

Neighborhoods In Jenks You allocate. Money, wherever you would like in that house, and you choose what options you would like to go ahead and afraid now that you know you’re not too worried about right now to keep your house price at a lower point, some of those upgrades later on down the road patterson new construction versus existing homes, existing homes. You know you’re, not putting in all of these upgrades into the price of the home. You get the price of the home and you upgrade that on your own money, credit card, whatever down the road difference between existing homes. In new construction, new construction you’re going to get everything brand new from the get-go and built the way that you want it, del sol, custom, homes, broken arrow, and then you can decide whether you have a home site that you absolutely love. You want to go ahead and reserve that, as soon as possible, the thing about home sizes week to duplicate floor plan, as often as we like I can build you. The exact broken arrow jenks for tulsa. However I cannot duplicate home site. So if you do fall in love with a particular homesite, go ahead and reserve it right away.

Neighborhoods In Jenks That reservation requires $1,000 check made out to shaw. The great thing about that check is that we actually do not deposit that check. However, tell mr. Shaw that we do have a serious buyer. That’s just undecided right now, when we have a serious buyer and block every other sales manager and their customers from that particular home start for 7 days. That’s another thing to is that we never know what anyone is looking at who’s all working with who and what communities reservation is going to be extremely important, especially if there is one that you fall in love with. You may fall in love with it, because it’s facing of reticular direct or because of this it might be a green or on a particular spot on the golf course could have a pond view. It is for that particular home side from having access to it, and so that is why that home site reservation is so important.

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