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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Neighborhoods in Jenks | Home Sweet Home

Neighborhoods in Jenks | Home Sweet Home

Doesn’t make sense to me at all i, don’t even understand it really trying to figure out why you would not give the leader of the whole business or the whole custom home broken arrow business, the time of day to show you why they are the leader i, don’t really understand that, Neighborhoods in Jenks and so it kind of doesn’t make sense to me at all, and so it wasn’t that I was offended or upset. I just did for my business decision. I! Don’t get that at all and I was wondering why or how that at that happened in so I was I asked him. I asked the guy I said you know we you do realize we are the number one builder in the tulsa area. That’s when I say that I’m not saying that, because I personally believe it, which I do personally believe we are the number one builder specialties and I’m one custom homes, broken, arrow builder i, say that because of building reports back that up by revenue, if you pull building permits for tulsa greater metropolitan area, we are the number one builder. So it’s Neighborhoods in Jenks not just my opinion. Buyers, who built homes in this area, so when I say where the number one builder, that’s why and so? Factually speaking, why would you not give the number one custom, homes broken arrow builder the opportunity to show you why they are the number one. So you know I like that, just ate everybody listening. We asked you to research and make sure that we’re telling the truth. When we talk to you, we ask you to do that because we want you to do the research.

We’re super excited about what we’ve done the product we put out what we’ve done in this this area for the last 30 years. Super excited really really Neighborhoods in Jenks excited we’re getting better every day, but we know there’s not another builder that can compare with us on that kind of level. So getting back to a little bit more about the custom ability side, we were just talking about the model home tour, custom, homes, broken, arrow, builder, model home tour and we were discussing the number of items options in the show homes market, just insane amounts of options. So within you have to understand and I was talking about pricing, chart about what determines price square footage cost of land and what you put in the home as far as additional options versus included feature setup. All of those things are really appointments. Sometimes I will merge home Neighborhoods in Jenks side and model home tour together so that I can save a little time. Because what happens is you stupidly? The model gets people really excited because they’re really pretty homes, so they generally want to start to walk that. You know he emotionally or vision visually building their home.

So getting back to that, we talked about. We don’t talk about price car buyers at otis and someone else or buying used it. That model home tour was the single most helpful thing they did their in their home shopping search. Why is that? Because there are so many things that, if you’re not in the building seen you know physically present there seeing all the new stuff to coming Neighborhoods in Jenks out with all the time, then you are way behind on what they’re doing now, with some of the new technique, some of the new flows of homes, you’re, not understanding, so without doing a model home tour, even seeing all the different flows, then you’re kind of out of touch, which is fine, because most people aren’t in the real estate market, especially even the new construction work. So we highly highly highly suggest you come out and construction field, and generally must people love to do anyway. So parade of homes coming up I’ve already had teachers at my son’s school asked me:when is it so cuz? They want to come out, so we suggested model home tour. My number is 918-518-1266. My name is nigel arnold, focusing on on on them really putting a lot of effort into them, and so that we are utilizing all of our time well and giving buyers the best chance of building exactly what Neighborhoods in Jenks they want. So come on home, the practicality of it is kind of like this weed visit, broken, arrow, jenks and bixby. We have models and all areas you guys will just follow me in your car by the way you’re free to leave at any time.

I’m guessing emergency comes on and we will hit several homes and I’ll bet you typically on a model home tour I can visit before they get into the home that they like the best, and the reason that is is because you know when you take him at home. Safe start to see, there starts to be like a vision, come up in their mind. What they really like and enjoy, and I asked my buyers to tell me what they like and dislike i. Neighborhoods in Jenks Don’t just want to know what they like. Sometimes I use. I. Tell my buyers, tell me what you like, so that we can both understand what you’re looking for and when they are open and honest with me, generally I know which home they have, because we have a bunch of different styles with a bunch of different forms. Functions and I usually have one to two to three homes of people really really like, and so we really talked about that. A lot anyways. You guys were following me getting back to the practicality, you follow me and your own car so that you can discuss the whole time and you should have booked those towards like to take more than two three families at a time. There’s generally there’s a lot Neighborhoods in Jenks of questions that come up and so I want to make sure that I’m present with everybody and that everybody has a chance, ask questions, and you know phil open and available to talk I’m.

So we we didn’t. We love doing that so two or three families at a time-and you said all those doors home, broken, arrow, builder I’m. We we take those towards three times a week saturday morning at 9 a.M. That usually booked sundays at 5 p.M. That’s, usually booked and mondays at 6 p.M. And that’s usually, booked I usually have two families on each sometimes I have one sometimes I won’t have it or anything you need at all on that day, but the market in tulsa is Neighborhoods in Jenks really hot right. Now. And, we really love doing the chores so and it’s very, very helpful things. So, generally speaking, because it’s kind of a casual fun, environment, people very very comfortable doing my name is no. My number is 918-518-1266. If you listening to this or reading this-and you want to do it, give me a shout, you can text call and I and i, don’t know if you I’ll get back with you if I can’t get your phone call, so really that kind of covers to tour in full, custom, homes, broken, arrow, builder tour in full. Neighborhoods in Jenks That’s really i, think I’m, trying to think I think I got all of that there and sorry about the second step of the process.

So we started off talking a little bit about process because to build a good house, you have to have a good processor to make it a nightmare for people. You have to have a good process, so that’s out for a little bit of art. That’s our first step of the process in between once, first step in second step. The second step is our:we call Neighborhoods in Jenks our fan, favorite and I swear. We get back to the homes or the home from the tour that the buyer felt they like the most or saw themselves living in the most we get back in there and we start to design that home in between the model for and the price out over the fan-favorite meaning. We really generally like to have a couple of other questions. Answer which is:are you pre-approved yet? And it’s even better, if you’re pre-approved before the model home for because it’s hard for me to understand what you can look at? If you don’t i, Neighborhoods in Jenks don’t have a budget from you. So if you’re telling me I’m not sure if my budget, then I don’t know because we have homes all the way start from 152 millions towards me to know what to show you

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