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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Neighborhoods in Jenks | No Other Builders Necessary

Neighborhoods in Jenks | No Other Builders Necessary

This is nyjah arnold here with custom homes, broken arrow. We are talking about Neighborhoods in Jenks charles holmes this morning, the number one builder and custom homes and in broken arrow. So it is a good thing that we talked about, because, if you’re talking about custom ability-and you can look no further than child home-they are actually the most custom builder in the whole area and the reason why I know that is because I built two homes with him I’ve also been in the building business five years and I’ve currently personally work for Surei’ve seen and studied researched and looked into all the other builders in the area, especially the bigger ones, because, unfortunately, there are a lot of little pop up builders in the area there’s about 138 of them actually, but if you’re talking about the bigger ones, then you’re talking about process and process is everything specially in the building? Arena I mean you really can’t build a home without a good process. Neighborhoods in Jenks You can gc on yourself. If you never done one or don’t have a process, it’s a nightmare, but was charles holmes. We have a lot of things in place and our process is almost unmatched at this point. As a matter of fact, we have almost all our builder. All our buyers tell us, go to us, don’t go somewhere else.

The competition, so process is a huge deal, and let me share a little bit about our process this morning, wish all homes, custom, homes, broken, arrow building our process starts with a beautiful, wonderful and really fun model home tour. Now that alone sets us apart, because what happens when you go with another builder, even a custom homes, broken arrow builder, you see that they do not have models of their homes, to show you and if they do say they take you to two or three homes. Typically, it’s the same home and if it’s not the same home, it’s three homes and they’re trying to sell you know we like to only usually called spec homes, which means that it’s not really a model that personal home. It takes a lot of capital by sitting in at answer. Questions across the city, like 12, decorated models for you to walk through, so we offer a model home tour, there’s not another custom home builder in the whole area. That offers a model home tour they don’t because they don’t have the homes to offer that, and certainly don’t have them furnished and if they do have a furnished. Neighborhoods in Jenks Certainly they don’t have somebody sitting in each of them. They might have one person taking around to all.

So the level of service that you get any level are the amount of money that you spend on marketing and taxes alone for just having those that many models without even really getting to know us that well you’ll be able to understand a lot more. Then you will be out about be able to about other custom home broken arrow builders, that’s the first step in the model. Home tour traditionally generally lasts for about an hour and a half to two hours. We focus a lot on the function behind the design of the homes, floor plan on the model, home tour and the reason why we do that is because how much you, like your house, I know that sounds crazy, but it is true. Function determines how much you like your house. Aesthetics, is all it’s all window painting and it’s nice to have nice aesthetics. But when you’re out in your house, 5 years on the fifth year, you’re, not really concerned or looking at that, it said, but the function you never change. The function tells you how much you’re going to love your house and what I mean by function or function is just that function the functionality of your home. So you have your family of three you and your husband, and you have two kids. I just saw your family, a for you in the family and five. You have three kids, okay! Well, are you going to go with a 4 bedroom house with 2 kids? Are you going to go to five bedroom house so that everybody has their own room? Are you going to try to build a big one story? Try to fit everybody again, because your budget is a little tight. Are you going to do a two-story with lower square footage? Are you going to do a dining room? Are you at a family that Neighborhoods in Jenks eats together and has big dinners together and you don’t need another spot really doesn’t do it for you? Are you a family that hosts do you have relatives in town they all come over for thanksgiving and christmas and it would would you use your dining room? Have you had it. Even before have used it? That’s a functionality. Question.

Do you need two living areas? You have teenagers that want their own space. That’s the functionality question. Do you do a lot of laundry because you have a big family, so you want it to be convenient. You want it’s open to the master closet and be close to the other bedroom. So you don’t have to take laundry across the house. That’s the functionality. Question see these questions about function are very important because they will determine what you like, or how much you, like your house down the road so I’m on a model home tour talking about function is extremely important, so helps you understand how you going to live in your home. Think about this question. We saw a lot of houses, the doctors, it’s a lot of times. Doctors have stay-at-home wife or they have a working wife. Then she usually has a different schedule. These doctors are, at all times of the night and day will, Neighborhoods in Jenks wouldn’t it be cool to have a snooze, room master, meaning that you have to exit or entrance is to your master.

So you say you get up in the morning. You’re a doctor or you have to go to work late at night, 10 at night midnight you go to the bathroom and get ready for work. How much cooler would it be to be able to go out the master closet I’m going to the master closet and get dressed and leave from the master closet to the front door or through the laundry or something Neighborhoods in Jenks that way without coming back through the master bedroom and waking up your partner? That’s caught us news master, that’s functionality! So it’s really cool to talk about function and to figure out how much really can enjoy your home several years down the road, and so when will honor I will ask how you’re going to live in your home. I’ll? Ask you questions about your family dynamic or ask you questions to figure out how that how this house is going to fit you so super cool, a lot of fun and we love the model homes for 2 hours. Another factor that would you want to model home tours. We don’t talk about pricing because we don’t want you focused on pricing. We have a small, medium, large and extra-large version of all unforeseen circumstances, fit any one of our homes into your budget, so I’m not going to get caught up in the price in determining whether you like Neighborhoods in Jenks or don’t like a home I want to know why you like the whole outside of the realm of price, because usually I can make price work. There are three components to price in a new home scenario:there’s cost of land cost of the cost of square footage of the amount of square footage, and what you put in the home versus are included features and are additional options. We have about four hundred and seventy-six thousand things in our system that you can do to any one of our homes. Okay, I mean there’s about 4 million nationwide. If you’re, trying feel complete custom home that you can do to a home, but we we do capture a large portion of it. Again. When we talked to my custom ability, charles shaw, custom, Neighborhoods in Jenks homes, broken, arrow 476000 things you can do to a home. That’s a lot of custom ability in the whole area. Can you register for a model home tour? I got the email that night, probably i, think it was 8 on a sunday night monday morning, rose around it I’m in the office doing stuff about 1 p.M. I decide to give him a ring and from 8 at night to 1 p.M. Here already made up his mind with another builder. In another form, we are the largest builder in tulsa greater area, there’s not another builder that has the market share, that we have so, for instance, to not give the largest builder in the tulsa area, the time of day to show you their home and show you the reason why they’ve been successful

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