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New Construction Homes In Edmond Oklahoma | How’s Our Construction?

Speaker 1 Shore homes put their community first one building in the Edmond, Oklahoma, area, one of the things we do is we work with St. Jude every year to build a New Construction Homes In Edmond Oklahoma in the area that we build in already. We build one of our beautiful floor plans. And then at the end of the year, whenever we close on the house, we sell it. We auction it off to everyone in the community and whoever has the highest bid gets move into the St. Jude house that is, you know, loaded with upgrades. It’s absolutely beautiful. And every penny they can say all every penny that was, you know, put towards this house was given to St. Jude, which is absolutely amazing. This year we’re building and fox layer for our St. Jude house. It is framing right now, and it should be done probably here in the next six to seven, eight months around there. It’s amazing what we can do in our community. With just one house being donated to St. Jude and all the kids that deserve really good treatment, they get that with the money we raise with our homes.

This year, St. Jude House is going to be our Valencia. It’s beautiful. Let me get a floorplan to tell you what’s in it. I we’ll be going there in a day or two to see the New Construction Homes In Edmond Oklahoma. So our Valencia is gorgeous. You walk in, it’s the entryway. Know a little front porch and you’re walking straight to the kitchen, then headed through the kitchen. You’ll go into the great room and on either side you will have a game room and you will have a master bedroom from the entryway. You have a hallway that leads to your three bedrooms and a full bath. And on the other side of the house, you’ll have your game room, a giant walk in kitchen pantry, a powder room and then your laundry and utility. What’s really nice about this house? It is twenty seven thousand nine, or I’m sorry, two thousand seven hundred and ninety one square feet. It only has one elevation that is going to be our farmhouse esthetic look super white and it’s got, you know, black roof and beautiful brick. And then it’ll have that pops of wood color, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. One thing I love is putting the optional coffee bar in the Nook.

You can use it as a coffee bar or a place to put, you know, your fine China or anything like that. Sometimes people use it as a bar, and it’s super nice. I also love in the Valencia, the game room, the game room is super big, and it has a great big window that connects to the covered patio in the Valencia. It actually has a very big covered patio. It’s 16 feet by 10 feet, almost 11 feet. And then the master bathroom has, you know, its tile shower. It’s freestanding tub. It’s two vanity dual sinks and then it’s huge master closet, which is amazing. I love also that it keeps the kids rooms or the guest rooms and the master kind of separate by putting the master bathroom in the master closet in between. So the walls that connect to the the kids bedrooms are the guest bedrooms are the master bathroom in the closet. But we do work with St. Jude. We do that, but if you wanted to put your own special touch on the Valencia or any other layout, we do New Construction Homes In Edmond Oklahoma. You can actually build in Foxfire Estates or the neighborhood right down the street from Rush Creek. They are all built on a half acre, two three four acre lot. Some of them are bigger than that and they can go up to, you know, one acre lots. But we will build whatever floor plan you want. We have 70 floor plans. And it’s super easy and affordable to do. We have five different steps. The first step is just to pick that floor plan, so you’ll tell your sales representative what things you like, what things you don’t like, what things you need and what things you want in a house. And then they will try their best to come up with something that can fit all those needs and wants and to one floor plan. Once you say yes to the floor plan, we’ll move on to payment. We’ll price you out. We’ll try and figure out an estimated price, and then we will talk to a lender and talk to the bank, get everything situated so you know you’re on the right track to buy this house.

After we get pre-approved, you can move on to the home side reservation, and the homesite reservation is super easy. If you live close to us, you’ll be able to go out there to the community itself. Step on the ground that you want to build on and choose the home side of your dreams to reserve those homes. You’ll put a home site reservation on which is just a check that will not be cashed whatsoever in our name. And then if you decide that you want to go forward with the home site, then we will or you don’t want to go forward with the home side, we will rip it up and never use it again. Give it back to you, whatever you prefer. But whenever you reserve your home site reservation, it is reserved for seven days and seven days only when we move on to finishes. You will pick out all of the options and colors and every detail that goes into your house. Once you do this, we will go to contractors, so we will get a finalized price, we will finalize all options and finishes and finish off the home side after signing contracts, you will not be able to change anything. So we will make sure and get everything to you that you need to finish off on your decision. It’s super easy to do. It’s a great fun New Construction Homes In Edmond Oklahoma process.

My favorite process is picking out all the designs and all of the colors going to the design studio and working with someone in that field. Super fun for me and my clients to do. I love building out Manchester homes because I get to work with them to pick out their carpets and their hardwood, all their colors and all their things, and lay them out on their on the table so they can see everything and take pictures so they can go home and remember what they chose and I get to price them out. It’s super fun. So if you’re ever in the home market, choose shore homes will build New Construction Homes In Edmond Oklahoma anywhere. But right now we have a bunch of communities in Edmond, Oklahoma area. We have one community in Mustang Oklahoma, one in Piedmont, Oklahoma, and then two in Edmond area. But Deer Creek School District. So come in today to book with us and let’s get your new construction home built.

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