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new construction homes Jenks | Build it Right

new construction homes Jenks | Build it Right

For custom homes broken arrow, we like to offer a variety of sizes with our floor plans. We also one story and two-story often there are 15 different varieties of one-story floor plans. We offer at shaw and for all new construction homes Jenks custom homes, broken, arrow and nose are going to be our addison for planet. In the addison floor plan is aone story, floor plan with 1857 square feet. This floor plan offers three bedrooms:two bathrooms and a three-car garage with a study as well. The second floor plan. That’s going to be a one-story is going to be your crescent one. The crescent one is also going to offer the three bedrooms with two bathrooms and a three-car garage. This floor plan also offers a study as well as a dining room, and that is 2095 square feet. Another option for one-story floor plans is, are finley and the simile comes in at 1802 square feet. It is actually the smallest square footage home that we offer that is 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 car garage, and this offers a study as well misses a great floor plan for those that are needing a three bedroom. With a study on, but want to do it in a smaller square footage on, so it’s just a really great floor plan to have with custom homes, broken arrow. Another option is going to be our greenville one floor plan.

new construction homes Jenks Our greenville bill 1/4 plan offers three bedrooms two bath and an open, dining room. The greenville one has 2257 square feet:it’s a very open floor plan with a very large great room and nook in kitchen as well. There’s a second greenville option or greenville to the greenville to is 2556 square feet, you’re gaining 300 square feet in this home because there are going to be two smaller rooms. Just off of me master bedroom. You only can access these two rooms from the master bedroom and they can be used as a starting, an exercise room, a craft room, extra closet on a storage space and media room. Whatever you want to use this for their just going to be two additional rooms off of your master bedroom that are private to that master bedroom as well. Another one story:floor plan for custom homes, broken arrow is our monroe. We have a monroe one I’m in row 2 and a mineral 3.

new construction homes Jenks These are all going to be one story:floor plan, the monroe to has 2274 square feet, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a three-car garage. This floor plan offers a study and a dining room. I’m in is the largest of the monroe one stories, because it does offer that formal dining room that that form a study as well. The monroe to is going to be our second monroe plan. That is a one-story. It has 2172 square feet. It also offers a dining room, but not a study. If you would like to change those and and has use that room as a study. Instead, that’s that’s up to you. You won’t have the utility room off of the garage and the second hallway bathroom off that utility room. Your laundry will actually fit just off of great room and also the hallway to the two bedrooms, and you can walk through the laundry into the master, closet and walk in the master closet into the master bathroom set. Apart from the monroe 3 is going to be the placement of that hallway bath and the laundry so in the monroe’s 3. You actually have the third bedroom that is going to be just office, that from that laundry room and the hallway bath is going to be right off of the utility from the garage. But just on the opposite side, I’m in the monroe’s 3 is going to be 2112 square feet is going to be our monroe 3. Another option for a one-story home is going to be our monterey. We have to monterey options that are going to be one story. The first monterey single story comes in at 2446 square feet and it is a great floor plan that offers a formal, dining and a study. You do have a true split floor plan. The two bedrooms on the other side of the great room in the master bedroom is on the opposite side of the house. The monroe to is the second one story floor plan. Again, it’s going to be a split floor plan with a formal, dining and a study. What’s really going to make this a different them in a row, 1 versus the monroe 2 is going to be where the the biggest difference you’re going to see here is going to be the width of the home. So the size of the great room on the monterey to offer is 821 foot 7 inch by 24, ft and 5 in where’s. new construction homes Jenks The monroe one is a 17 foot 7 inch by 24 foot 5 in your getting a little bit more space in your in your great room. In that second floor plan on the monroe to is 2654 square feet. Annie’s are both really great floor plans I’m as a one-story i. The next one story home is going to be our prescott or prescott. Single stories are really beautiful, home with 2404 square feet. It is a3 bedroom, 2 bath with a study and a formal, dining room. The formal dining room is open to the great room and off of the n train on the other unique feature here is going to be where the the bedrooms are located. Just down a hallway, the master bedroom is going to be on the other side of the great room and your laundry is going to be located adjacent from that. So all the way of jason to the other end of the house, you get a lot of space in this floor plan new construction homes Jenks

It’s a very open layout and it’s very spread out for 2404 square feet. This is a really beautiful day out of there. One story:the next one story floor plan that we offer here with custom homes. Broken arrow is going to be our or redford. We offer a redford one and a redford 3 as a one-story I’m. The biggest difference here is going to be the front porch with the redford. You are going to have three bedrooms:two bath and a studying you’re going to have our largest oversized nook and the most cabinet space in the kitchen. So you’re really going to have an open floor plan here with a lot of space in the kitchen as well, but, like i, said the biggest difference between the redford one in the redford. 3 is going to be the size of that front. Porch. new construction homes Jenks

We push the garage out just slightly, so it widens that front porch and it gives you the option to have a really wide front. Porch there, the redford 3, it’s still the same amount of square footage, because we’re just pushing out the garage so they’re, both 2349 square feet on the redford one of our most popular plans, and it is becoming one of the most popular one-story floor plans as well, and that’s both ways are the last two floor plans that we have that are going to be are one story. Floor plans are wyndham plans. We have a wyndham one in the wyndham to the wyndham one story. Floor plan offers three bedrooms two bath and a formal dining room that formal dining room has as opening off the entry, and it also has a walk through through butler’s pantry right into your kitchen I’m. new construction homes Jenks On the other side of the kitchen, you did do have a good size, breakfast nook for a breakfast table utility. My room is going to be right off your garage and just across the hall, is going to be your laundry room that feeds into your master closet. The wyndham one in the wyndham two are just slightly different from one another, the wyndham to what you’re going to see with the wyndham to we just push the garage out slightly so that you do have a another window there right off of that bedroom, that the front of the home new construction homes Jenks

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