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new construction homes jenks | Number One Builder

new construction homes jenks | Number One Builder

new construction homes jenks There are a number of two-story floor plans that we offer on at shaw homes for custom, homes, broken, arrow and similar to the one-story floor plans, and we’ve got a few more options as far as two story. These are going to range from around 2400 square feet to a little over 3,700 square feet on so you’re, going to see a lot of variety here in the floor plans that we can offer. That will be two story to tell you a little bit about these floor plans, the first activity addison key. So it’s going to be the two-story version of our addison. It offers three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a study as well you’re going to have a nice life, the game room upstairs as well as one of your bedrooms and bathrooms, and this is kind of a nice sweet.

new construction homes jenks If you have maybe an older child that and wants to have a little bit more privacy, you would like to have more of a guest suite upstairs the anniston key offers the most rooms and amenities in a 2400 square foot home. So that’s really going to be. The highlight is here with c, with the addison for plan annex floor plan is going to be our crescent square plan and the crescent moon floor plans 2000 square feet. It is our two-story crescent. We have a crescent in crescent. Those are both going to be two stories. They both offer for bedrooms. The crescent offers to see offers three bathrooms on the crescent. P is going to be 2946 square feet. That’s going to be the biggest difference between those two floor plans. The crescent simply offers a room upstairs she has a game room, a bedroom and a bathroom. So, like I said, you are going to still have the main difference here is you’re going to be having the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms here on this on this floor plan the next time, so the recipe is going to have 2946 square feet. So you almost have 3000 square feet in that home for sale at 2593. For the man the next two-story floor plan is going to be. Our greenville now are greenville. We actually do six ways as a two-story. This is going to be the greenville one or the greenville to for custom homes broken arrow. There are two ways we can do. Our greenville ii way has two private rooms off of your master suite.

They can only be entered from that master suite, and that’s really going to be the highlight here on that greenville to the greenville to we do three different ways. We do annie new construction homes jenks and h&l. We do the same thing for the greenville one in h&l. So really what you’re going to see with cte you are going to have to be upstairs with a room at the greenville 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and then finally, with the greenville, you are going to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs I’m. So that’s going to be the weather in the h in the nfl are going to be laid out and they’re going to be laid out. The same way for the greenville one and the greenville to sew on bedrooms in the l has 6 bedrooms are the greenville. One has 2987 square feet, the greenville 1h has 3164 square feet and the greenville 1 l has 3413 square feet. Are the greenville 2286 square feet? The greenville to h has 3463 square feet and the greenville to al has 3712 square feet is going to be our largest home and it’s going to have the largest amount of square footage, because you are going to have those two additional rooms that you can access off of that master bedroom and then you’re going to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs you’re going to have your master suite and two bedrooms downstairs with a master bath and a second bathroom downstairs as well. I’m you’re also getting a formal, dining room with what does lay out as well. So you’ve got a lot of space in this greenville to el I’m. Just something to keep in mind is going to be the plan.

new construction homes jenks We do the most ways and so obviously seen as a two-story for custom homes broken arrow is really going to give you all the different options here. So there are 12 different ways to do that. Monroe is a two-story. We have three different versions from monroe to monroe 2 and the monroe 3 on the biggest difference here is going to be the monroe one offers that formal, living or formal dining room and study. While the monroe 2 & 3 only offer the formal dining room on that can be used as a study as well. The monroe to also changes the location of the laundry room and mia bathroom and then roast three changes. The placement of that third bedroom, so that it’s just off from the garage and so in all these different ways, and we do an e h, I n a p on the monroe 1, 2 and 3. So the e is going to give you four bedrooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Upstairs the h is going to give you five bedrooms. new construction homes jenks Two of those bedrooms are upstairs with a bathroom upstairs as well. The eye is going to give you the the eye is going to give you the the eye is going to give. You has 2 bedrooms the bathroom, a bonus room and a game room upstairs as well, and if he is going to give you one bedroom one bath and a game room, so there’s are going to be your three different options that dhi in the p so that he has 4 bedrooms 3 baths, the h have 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, the has 5 bedrooms 3 baths, as well with an additional bonus room upstairs in the key has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.

new construction homes jenks Can we do those three different ways? The monroe monroe to in the monroe? 301 e has 3074 square feet. The monroe 1h has 3279 square feet of the monroe. One eye has 3671 square feet and he has 2820 square feet. The men are two e has 2952 square feet. The monroe to h has 3177 square feet, is 3513 square feet is 700 square feet on these are all going to be built for custom homes broken an admin row 3 has 2912 square feet is 3117 square feet, rei has 3379 square feet and finally, the monroe 3p has 2658 square feet. What is there going to be all the different square footage and all the different layouts that we can do for the monroe as a two-story? This is definitely our most versatile floor plan and there are a ton of Options:i’m, one building with custom homes, broken arrow, all of the different ways that you can build monroe and all of the different ways that you can get a different square footage with a similar floor plan from this new construction homes jenks three different versions.

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