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new construction homes Jenks | Walking through the neighborhood

new construction homes Jenks | Walking through the neighborhood

All right, Andrea Arnold here again with custom home broken Arrow builders. I have been reading this book. I don’t know if you guys know, I’m sure you probably know jeff shore, and it’s called the buying experience or buying the experience actually. Sorry. And it is so good. Some of the top line and in this book from chapter to chapter, I’m going to talk a little bit about give you some pointers that I took away from the book which I thought were kind of revolutionary in some respects. It’s things that need to be said that probably haven’t been said and it’s something that I would venture to say half if not two thirds of a new home sales people don’t do this right. So it’s extremely important to talk about on especially custom home broken Arrow builders. I would guarantee, I would venture to say that the majority of the salespeople, new construction homes Jenks which are mostly just real estate agents anyway and don’t have a clue about new construction, they don’t have, they don’t have a clue and they generally do not understand how to walk people through homes. Twenty out pointing out obvious facts is both demoralizing and disturbing. I’m being Mr. Chatty Patty is also irritating.

So, uh, the proper approach to walking through people, walking people through homes. Um, they talk a little bit about that in here as well as a lot of other things that I thought was really groundbreaking for me. It’s not that I didn’t know it even per se, but it was well put and it was laid out. And so I thought, wow, that’s really good. Um, it’s the first chapter is really how we got here. It’s kind of starts off with it with a short story of a wife talking to her husband before they enter a model home. And uh, it kind of goes a little bit into, um, was a little bit into like what people think and, and then if you’ve ever sat in a model home, you understand this quite well, you understand the fact that what people say or do, um, when they immediately come into the model, home doors is not really truly who they are. Generally. There’s a quite, a bit of a, an uncomfortable feeling or an uncomfortable moment when people come through the doors, um, where they are feeling you out, but not necessarily wanting to. They want to see the house but they don’t really want to see you. And it’s always an interesting moment where you have to learn how to break the ice. new construction homes Jenks I’m a be bold and ask questions. It might be intrusive, but show that you care. And uh, so that moment, that’s always just such an interesting little they size you up and you size them up. And so many times people want to come through the door of model home that, you know, it’s so funny to me because Glenshaw, he pays the taxes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder show homes. He pays the taxes on the home that’s sitting there that you’re wanting to walk through. And therefore he wants to staff it. And it was so interesting is even in our model homes, generally there’s, you might walk through one of our models, but that model can be built seven different ways and still carry the same theme of the home. And so you might come in and see the home and see how it’s built and say, this isn’t work for me, but in actuality it really might. And so what, what the problem is, what you get is you either get a, the chatty patty salesperson, um, or be the person that doesn’t even come in at all.

They never answers a question and what’s the point for them, for them being there. new construction homes Jenks So I just think it’s that one moment in time where people come through the doors. It’s such an interesting and it really is pivotal, um, timeframe. I would venture to say from a lot of the technology that people are starting to lose, from what I can gather, some of social skills certainly are older generation, um, are, are doing good, but some of the new generation, not quite sure how to handle a conversation. Um, so, uh, I like this new movement I saw it’s called I think the dating method or was something like that where they are paying people to go out on dates because it makes you,

hone in or sharpen your skills, your social skills, your conversation skills. So it’s really, that’s really the key. Who are people who walk through the door that you make them feel comfortable, you don’t want to cover them up, but at the same time you don’t want them to act, not interested in. So it is a delicate balance and a lot of custom home broken Arrow builders don’t understand it. So back to this little book here, first chapter, new construction homes Jenks I’m, I’m sitting here, they’re talking about a story or short story, husband, wife, where before they go in the model, they’re talking about how they really don’t want that salesperson to talk to them, but at the same time they want them to answer their questions. So it’s such a funny little dynamic, kind of a catch 22. I, I highlighted this one little phrase here that really caught my eye and it says it’s talks about amy who was one of the, one of the authors, I think she might be the author, at least she’s one of the contributors to the book, Amy O’connor, and uh, she’s talking about how she came from real estate to new construction and telling about how she never learned the critical sales technique.

Um, what I talked about earlier about how to properly walk someone through a home and there’s really not very much training on that. Um, art company show homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder does it better than anybody I believe because we have actually physically walked through other homes toward other homes, got sales pitch and approaches, and uh, it’s been a disaster. And so for the most part, new construction homes Jenks I mean 90 percent of the people really struggle with that. That’s why there’s not a bunch of people knocking down these doors of these companies, even though the money’s really good, but they’re not knocking down the doors because it’s not the easiest thing to do in the world. Putting yourself out there feeling vulnerable, always dealing, not always, but dealing with rejection, fair amount.

it’s not an easy thing to do all the time. So, um, but she’s talking about the sales technique of how to walk people through homes. Um, what our company strives to do, custom homes, custom home, broken Arrow builder is to build a and it, a system so good. I’m so ironclad, so fail proof that we can take anybody from off the street, put them in my chair and they can do the job successfully, can be so written out, so detailed, new construction homes Jenks so planned out with such a proven strategy that anybody can come in off the street, like I said, and they can sit here and sell homes. We want it to be that easy, that simple. And uh, we really want it to be,

oh, you really want it to just be able to be done just easily just like that. And the ability to do that. It’s critical that you understand the first meet and greet that you have with a buyer that’s coming through a door. That’s extremely critical because first impressions, as we as we know already are very, very important and charlotte homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder, we understand that. That’s why we lay everything down and we have a script for script, for script from every type of meeting, from realtor meetings to buyer walk ins to buyer callbacks, to follow up with realtors to everything. new construction homes Jenks Somebody, the ditches, you don’t want to talk to you anymore. All of those things. And so of course the first meet and greet is already scripted out the wall through his spine tall and all those kinds of things. So it’s not an awkward deal. So I love this. She was talking about this Amy O’connor here. Um, and it’s really cool.

uh, she kind of talks about how she got no training in the new construction yet we do get pretty good training here, so homes and are extremely happy to know that she talks about some of the four painfully common pitfalls, which I’m going to talk about here in a minute after I talk a little bit more. Um, because this session right now is coming to an end, especially with the straw homes, custom homes, broken Arrow builder, um, and uh, just to give you a little bit of, um, a little bit of the, a little bit of, for taste here, I’m one of the pitfalls. The first pitfall is feature dumping. I’m sure you can probably figure that out, but we’ll talk a little bit more about it. The second pitfall was his awkward silence, um, which we’ll talk a little bit more about as well. The third pitfall as blatant negligence. And I’m the fourth and final pitfall of salespersons centric. So excited to get into those on the next podcast. I’m, this is Joel homes, custom homes, broken Arrow, a builder, and we will talk to you soon. new construction homes Jenks Thank you.

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