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new construction in Jenks school district | Best in Class

new construction in Jenks school district | Best in Class

Alright nigel arnold back again with shaw homes. new construction in Jenks school district My number is 918-518-1266. We just basically jumped into purpose, which is super super super important when you’re talking about new home builds and we’re kind of discussing, custom, home, broken, arrow, builders right now and so again process. Is everything what, if that’s kind of? Why we’re here discussing process and i? We want you to make the best decision possible. So the reason why that’s such an important thing is process drives process drives the building market and the reason why were so adamant about it is without a good process. You have a bad deal with a bad build. You fat now made a bad investment, multiple bad investments and you’re out of the game. new construction in Jenks school district So we don’t want you to do that. Everything is an investment. Certainly, so we discussed a little bit about earlier. We discussed a little bit about shaw homes, custom, home broken, arrow builder, and we were talking to someone about our process which-and we discussed briefly the first step we didn’t get too far into us at branched off into some other rabbit hole about custom, home, broken, arrow builders, but now jump back on the the meat meat grinder right now and say that the model home tours the first step of the process and the reason why it is so important is because, because everything is determined on how good your process is so the model home tour, custom, home, broken, arrow builder is a hour and a half to work. Sometimes it goes to if we have a talkative talkative lively crowd, but it can go 2 hours, no two and a half even, but it is a really cool tour, because we focusing on the the function behind the homes design and when I talk about function. Cuz, that’s a junior, that’s kind of a confusing word for some people is function. Is how your how the home fits.

Do you, as far as the build building envelope or the the architectural statement, and what I mean by that is how many rooms does it have? Does it have a steady or does it have a dining? Does it have a game room? Is it a one story or two? Does it have an enlarged note, because you don’t use your dining room a lot. Does it have two ways out of the master or two entrances into the master, because you and your wife have different work schedules? Are you stay home mom there for does the mass does the utility room open to the master closet for easy, putting way of clothes after the closure? None are you a stay-at-home mom? Does the garage is closed to the pantry, because you do a lot of shopping? Are you empty nesters? So you want a bigger one story, not a two-story! new construction in Jenks school district You don’t want stairs. Do you do a lot of work in your garage? So did you deep in your garage or make it bigger? So those are all functionality, questions and it that’s why it’s so important to talk about function, it’s very important which is really really a big statement. So what you don’t get from a lot of other builders is talking about function. Everything is aesthetics, so if it’s all about aesthetics what happens in 5 years, when you want to change all your aesthetics, so you just paid for a house $350,000 for a house, because you love the design so much what happens when there’s a sign those design, styles or out of there out of style those design choices that designer made robinson. They’re all loud sound. You change everything. What happens when you chose and house based on an emotional attachment on design, but it has nothing like you need functionality wise. So you really needed a two story, but you love this one story. So much chose it now, you’re stuck with a one-story 5 years down the road you don’t like. That is not anymore.

You don’t like your house anymore, with custom home broken arrow builders. new construction in Jenks school district How can you make a good decision? If you don’t see the house and talk about function? You can’t make a good decision, that’s the answer, and so making emotional decisions off design is a very dangerous concept, not allowing the lion’s share custom home broken, arrow builder show homes to show you some of their functional functional homes, and we also went awards consoling and design I’m, not pushing function. I’m just saying functions very important, so you won’t. You can’t really make a good decision without understanding function and talkin to custom home, broken, arrow, builder shaw and having that discussion. As a matter of fact, we have 12 models at all, fully furnished and decorated that we do model home tours out of how cool is it that you can get to at least half of those six of them and have fun different functions for everyone and have that money functionality involve so that when your 6 comes around in your in your home that you still love it name, another builder, another custom home, broken, arrow builder that offers that there’s not one the closest one you have to it is a terrible product in builder, a and a tract home and builder be and I want to say their names. new construction in Jenks school district But out of respect, I won’t do it so come on the model home tour again, my name is nigel in all my numbers, 918-518-1266, our buyers are told us to. Even if they’ve been that building a used home with someone else or buying brand new that they found or buying you some. They found that our model home tour was a single most helpful thing. They did during their new home shopping experience, not only that, but if you’re not in the building scene, if you’re not in real estate or you’re, not in construction and do some other job like 90% of the other people, then there’s there all the time coming out with new things in the market, all the time and out.

What’s so cool about that is there’s also a brand new house. Styles. new construction in Jenks school district You’ve never seen if you have, if you’re not staying relative or fresh up with the market trend, for instance, I’m giving it sample. One of the biggest trends right now is to get up get rid of the dining room. Because people say it’s a waste of money wasted space and i, don’t use it. What does that mean? You make your nook larger, absolutely because you still going to eat somewhere right and you probably have family generally speaking that you’re going to ride over. So you don’t have a no dining room small nose. Well, then, that’s another functionality question. So how big do you want that nook? Then another functionality question, so what we’ve done been doing as we’ve been turning the island away from their living room towards the milk, these oversized notes, which gives it a more intimate, feel imagine this. Do some play imagery with me in your mind. Imagine yourself some say it’s a cold night outside and you have family over and say it’s christmas time and and your baking cookies, two guys just got done with the big dinner and the guys are ready to chill and relax, and the ladies are still wanting to conversate. So the guys go from this oversized milk that has it island turn right towards it to the living room. new construction in Jenks school district

The oversized note with the island turn turn towards. It gives it a big kitchen where everybody’s kind of congregated together cuz, that always happens. You know everybody goes to the kitchen custom home, broken, arrow builder kitchen and they all conversate when you’re eating nobody’s watching tv. Generally speaking so the kitchen and dining room or oversized milk hearth room is most important in that situation. Well, we can separate that from the living room, then we can give you some some separation when I mean separate I mean it’s still open, but when the focus is turned away from galley-style kitchen, that opens to a sitting area in front of the the island did that right behind the sitting area, you have a couch, then right behind the couch. new construction in Jenks school district You have a tv and you have all those levels of distraction. When you have just that island sitting area and a big hearth room and kitchen, then you have that one intimate space, then the guys can go or even the latest can go sit on the couch turn the tv on and now they have their intimate space, custom, home, broken, arrow builders, how cool it was that think about the flow in the functionality of that? Well, that’s a new design style out that you probably never seen because it’s brand new and we just started that design out kind of brand new to the market. What everybody that I know! That’s built! Those kinds of homes have love them because of the new style of function in the kind of intimate conversation they have in the flow of the home. Or if you never do a model home tour custom home broken, then you never get a chance to see that if we could never understand, new construction in Jenks school district if you would really like it or not, so that’s what I mean it’s kind of hard to make those choices without understanding the different styles and you can understand model home tour again. My name is nigel arnold. My number is 918-518-1266

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