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new construction in jenks school district | Results Based

new construction in jenks school district | Results Based

All right now is arnold here with custom homes, broken arrow builders back at thrive. new construction in jenks school district How awesome is that so back doing podcasting with these guys over at 3 I would have cool company. They are marketing company and cool concept, coaching company business, coaching company and we from charles homes, custom homes, broken, arrow builder-have been hooked up with these guys and they have done good good work for us. I mean they’ve, increased our cells that I’ve been with the company 5 years and they have increased our cells. They are hardcore, so you know it. Micromanagement might not be your thing, but they’ll go to the level. Whatever level you need is as close as you want as far as way as you want, but it’s always good to have a mentor and every situation and kind of feel like that’s what they are for. Shaw my boss and dances like ark of hooked up to bring a better product, so I’m here to talk about thatproduct, custom, homes, broken, arrow, builder, product and i. new construction in jenks school district So that’s my desires kind of get into that. So we we talked a little bit about our process before I’ve done to the podcast. Before and really it’s been pretty heavy process-driven, because I really feel like that that determines that determines how good things can be, especially in a build scenario where you are needing to keep peace and annie’s of mine and understanding of what the value is in things. The process is the most important thing that you can actually honing in on.

So if you’re g, seeing something without a process is going to be a nightmare for you. If your g, seeing something without contacts going to be a nightmare for you so hooking up with somebody that has the process kind of nail down, that’s the way to go, and so there’s multiple steps in our process. There is a model home tour which is the first step of our process, the cool thing about a motorhome torres. It’s actually models. When you do when you look up custom home, broken, arrow builders say you visit several there’s about a hundred thirty-eight mom-and-pop builders too. So that’s it can be distracting. But if you take the top five you going to see, they all generally have some sort of a process. new construction in jenks school district What stands out about us is the difference is that we actually physically have model homes, not spec homes cuz. What happens with you with other builders? Is they have spec homes, severe, show you ho and no b-spec they’ll be for sale in. So you never really get a chance to see what you can do with a home I mean what’s the purpose in building or buying a brand new home? If you can’t build it exactly the way you want it or get it exactly the way you want it, why not just go shop? Try to find a needle in a haystack used home, that’s decent, that’s very low price that you can make equity on going to buy a new home. Why would you let somebody else design it for you? Why would you even look at spec homes? Why don’t you just go through the six-month gamma and design it? The way you want haven’t exactly the way you want, so that you know you. You know me. It’s made, you fall in love with it, I mean that’s the best way to do it at I’ve heard people say this and I totally agree that building a home is like having a baby, because it’s that much there’s that much emotion involved. You know when your having a baby, your colt, your unconsciously caring for the life of that child I mean whatever you eat, that baby eats. new construction in jenks school district However, you take care of yourself and that baby is taking care of same thing with building a home.

Every decision is an emotional decision. What you decide is what happens? How you interact is what happens so I get everybody’s best shot as a sales agent for shaw homes, I’ve been doing it. Custom homes, broken, arrow, builder I’ve been doing it for 5 years now, and I’ve seen the the most unemotional people being emotional and was so interesting to see about that. As you actually see people-or you hear people say i, don’t know new construction in jenks school district what’s wrong with me, I’m, so emotional i, don’t know what’s wrong with me, i, don’t know why I’m acting like this i, don’t know why this is so hard for me. I, don’t know why I’m having a hard time with this decision and i, don’t know why it was taking so long for me and you get all the all those kinds of statements. The weirdest statements in there just be so weird for them, sometimes, but realistically they’re, going through an experience which is probably top three or four of the most important decisions. Excuse me most important decisions of a person’s life I mean we get. We get people’s third best shot for that shot and so yeah typically you’re going to act out a little bit because you are because it’s just it’s very and it’s very emotional for you, that’s the that’s the deal, so you know it’s hard for people to understand why they’re acting the way they are or feeling the way they are is because it’s an emotional thing so and it’s okay and we give you a room for that, just to show emotion, to act out to be frustrated to get get upset too laugh tears of joy. You know it’s just it’s waffle, people and we understand that, but we want to make that process that kind of control those emotions as easy as possible on the way to do that is that model home tour and I’ve seen both used home sold and new home. So I’ve seen somebody buy, used home, walk into it and they like it or like it new construction in jenks school district or love it even sometime, but the joy that you get from building a new home versus buying a used home.

It’s not even comparable! You can understand how do you feel about looking at a child and loving a child versus having your own child and loving a child made a major difference. I mean you’ll. Give your life. Usually a good parent, would give his life for his kids. They might not give their life for another child same thing for using a new. new construction in jenks school district When you actually physically make every decision in the new home you become emotionally attached to it and when become emotionally attached to it, you become more invested in it, which means you take care of it more, which means you provide more better things, for it means you pay your bills on time, you, whatever you do you become emotionally into the more you care about something the better you take care of something typically and so on the dynamics of a new home situation or like what I mean is custom home broken arrow builder is a brand new constructed home that you made the decisions on versus even aspect, there. It’s a big deal at least a big difference, big guy named difference, but people unless you’re in the business. You don’t see that in the tires generally, don’t understand that, but that’s why it’s so important to even give a brand new home a chance. I mean i. Had a guy I got an email on sunday night at 8 at night and by monday I got I called him on monday at monday, at 1 p.M. Got to the office at 12, didn’t little bit of email new construction in jenks school district catching up and gave him a call. He’s kind of top of my list of my agenda that day in the guy already made a decision with another builder on a house. Let me tell you why that’s dangerous? We are the number one builder and when I say number one just to break off into why I say that cuz people say:will you just work for sherlock holmes? That’s why you say that know where the number one builder, if you pull the building permits for the whole tulsa area, we are the number one builder in all of tulsa. That’s building permits! That’s a factual document by revenue. We are at.

We hold the lion’s share of the business of new construction. Business in the tulsa area. Is a new home custom home broken arrow builder, we’re number one actually speaking, so when the guy tells me what I’ve already kind of made my decision with another builder another house, why do you think that’s not a very smart way to handle your your business decisions will because you’re not giving the biggest builder a chance to show you why they are the biggest builder you not giving the biggest builder chance to show you why their process is better because everybody else is giving them a chance, apparently, new construction in jenks school district because they’re already doing what they need to do. So it’s very important that you, you, research, how we we highly suggest formerly suggest that you, research, everything we say out, hold us to the fire, see if we’re telling you the truth. Look at our reviews. Look at our testimonials research. Our company look at our ratings. We we we we highly suggested. Do your research known just skin, make an emotional decision immediately and so what you’re so dangerous and what this guy did was very dangerous I’m. So if I had any information for as in for a new buyer out there in the market, I would say:don’t jump research, research, so I’m going to come back in just a second new construction in jenks school district

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