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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Home Broken Arrow | Your Path to Your New Home

Your path to your new home Broken Arrow with Shaw Homes, all of our customers are run through a path starting out. We take you on a model. Home tour takes about 60 minutes. We will show you five to seven homes, furnished and decorated. You drive your own car. Can’t ride with me that way. If you have an emergency, you can just leave. There’s no pricing or pressure to buy. We give you just information and we focus on function. There’s always something for everybody. You can have three or four bedrooms, one or two stories. After you have found a home that you like, we can move on to financing on the path. We can give you monthly payment quotes. Three preferred lenders have extra incentive, actually that’s wrong. We have four preferred lenders. Now with extra incentives, most will pay closing costs at certain times. It’s about a five minute application and it takes about 24 hours for the approval process, sometimes less.

Um, and our lenders also have interest rate and matching and closing cost matching as well. We can do conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, native American loans, whatever it takes to get you into your new home broken arrow. Our four preferred lenders are spirit bank, bank of Oklahoma. First Oklahoma bank and total lending concepts. After that, we can go onto Homesite reservation. We can figure out what community you’d like to buy in. Once you figure that out, show you some home sites. It’s a $250 deposit. It is refundable for seven days. If you decide, you’d like to switch homicides, we can switch you home sites. In that seven day period, there are no rush decisions. And the switching home sites is not only allowed, but encouraged. If you find another one that you liked better. So you can take your time to make the decision to be sure that that is where you want to build your home.

We can answer all your questions. We don’t cash. The check. It sits in my desk for seven days and competing customers are blocked from that site, meaning nobody else can snatch that home site from you. It is your home site. As long as you choose to stick with it, all home sites are one of a kind, there is a lot of lands on earth, but only one piece of land that is specifically exactly like the one that you choose. Then we can move on to a price out. You can meet at your favorite model. It’s about a 45 minute meeting. All of our price outs are itemized

Showing you everything that you’ve chosen in your model, all of the options and upgrades, and you can make a decision as to if you want to keep those upgrades or remove them. So there’s no surprises at all. And all of your questions are answered. Everything is priced the way you want. If you want it to spend extra money on your new home broken arrow, you can. If you’d like to take a little off to bring down that, uh, upgrade cost, you’re more than welcome. It’s priced down to the dollar, the total price printout on the spot. You will leave the model with a few pieces of paper, a little packet that tells you the cost of every single thing in your home that you chose. There are tons of options to choose from. And when I say tons, I mean, tons, all of our staff is knowledgeable and able to help you with this.

And like I said, it takes about 45 minutes for a price out after the price out. And you agree that that is an acceptable price for you. Then we can move on to the purchase agreements. And the purchase agreement is about a one-hour meeting. We go over and at that point, all your structural options are final. Your home site selection is final colors. Our final finishes our final additional deposit. Do your earnest money would be 2250. And that is if you don’t go over $10,000 in extra option upgrades, and then you can have your mortgage approval due, preferably from one of our preferred lenders, um, then we can decide if it’s going to be contingent. You know, do you need to sell your home before you buy a new one? Or do we need to do a delay of build? Perhaps you’re not ready. Your lease is going to be up in 10 months.

And it takes about six months to build one of our homes in the Manchester Sherry’s so we can do a delay of build up to four months before we start building your home. After that, your congratulations. You’re good to go. You can move on to pre-construction of your new home broken arrow on pre-construction. We will go through the ratification of the agreement at the, our main office in broken arrow. Building permits are then ordered construction, loan application and closing for Shaw homes. And then our construction manager plan review and scheduling trades from contract to breaking ground usually takes about five weeks afterwards. After that five week waiting period for your new home broken arrow, we go into building, we will start with groundbreaking, our construction manager, initiate contact with you and our construction manager sends you weekly updates on a progress to let you know what is going on with your home.

What’s happening in. What’s going to happen next. Your home is open for viewing. You can show up and take a look at your home and see the process for yourself. And you will get a written notice for closing issued 30 to 45 days prior to closing on your new home. After the construction is complete, and you will discuss our homeowner orientation after our home, more homeowner orientation, you will move into closing, uh, on your new home broken arrow. And what that, the way that works is you’ll meet at the title company. Your down payment is then fulfilled. You will have to fulfill the rest of your down payment, um, then you’ll pay your closing costs. And the less you go with one of our preferred lenders and they happen to be running an incentive to pay for your closing costs for you. Um, then you signed for your mortgage and then we will transfer the title to you, give you your keys, and then congratulations. It’s time to move in.

After that, we will move on to our warranty. That’s number nine on the path for your new home broken arrow. Um, we have Tulsa’s best warranty. It’s a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty, one year limited warranty. And we also provide a 24 hour emergency line for our warranty, our in-house warranty department. So that way, if you have any emergencies, there’s always someone there to answer the phone and take care of your problems for you. Um, we have a full time warranty coordinator on staff all the time after you move in, we will call you and a 60 day follow-up call just to check in and make sure everything is moving smoothly. And then again at 11 months, uh, we will follow up with you again for your new home, to remind you your one year, everything is warranty is about to be up and make sure there’s no other issues that you want us to take a look at just in case after that, you’re good to go. You received our excellent service. Congratulations on your new home with Shaw homes. And usually also on a side note from groundbreaking to move in is about like I said, five to six months. So that is the path for buying your new home with Shaw homes. It’s very simple. And you can come in any time in any one of our upper sales professionals will explain that to you, walk you

Through the path, a big problem with first-time home buyers and new home buyers, um, is they don’t understand the process and they feel so overwhelmed that they don’t know where to begin, where to start, and they have no one to help them here at Shaw homes and their new home in broken arrow. We will walk you through this path. We will hold your hand the entire way. We will make sure that you know exactly what is going on and what steps you’re going to have to take to get into your new homes, broken arrow. And it is a very simple process when you actually come in and see the path that we have laid out for you, you will understand how simple this process actually is and how quick and painless to get into your new home, built exactly the way you like it, customized to your taste and your preferences. So if you want a new home broken arrow, give us a call out here at Shaw homes.

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