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New Home Builder in Edmond | Get the Best in the Business

Speaker 1: (00:01)
So chip we, when we are in our communities, um, in the end of it Edelman area, Shaw homes as a new home builder in Edmond, or the home builders in Edmond features a beautiful community with a beautiful neighborhood of houses that don’t look alike. We call that Monat Tommy monotony, but not tonight. And, um, each house has its own unique features. This is a gated community. It does close at six o’clock in the evenings. And you’ll notice that in the community that the drive-through is kind of goes up and down and winds around new homes in Edmond, many neighborhoods that would mean then that not the need for speed bumps. So it would eliminate the need for speed bumps by naturally driving through the neighborhood and just naturally slowing down because of the curves and the Hills eliminates first, you’ll also find in our New Home Builder in Edmond that we have in our communities, I walked, that was something that the parade of homes really appreciated was that they’re nicely landscaped nanny cures yards with sidewalks.

Speaker 1: (01:30)
There are 35 floor plans in this, in this, uh, New Home Builder in Edmond, new homes and our new home builders in Edmond. Uh, also including other areas have a swimming pool, uh, that would be a community swimming pool resort style. We also have a development going on. Uh, the second half, our development is in the back. So we’re going into the second phase. Two of that with our new homes in Edmond, we have, um, for our model home on the exterior, we have a beautiful evergreen tree and other bushes that are shorter and a lot of mulch and some flowers here that accentuates the area of the landscape. Also on the exterior of our building, it’s a three car garage, whereas a new home built new homes and Edmond. We have a three-car garage before the model home. There is a two French doors that just kinda shows you where are the placement would be walking around. You’ll notice in these homes in Edmond that there’s two air conditioner units that’s for the upstairs and the downstairs.

Speaker 1: (03:03)
Those are bright Lennox. And then on the other side of us, we have a wood fence home-builders in Edmond. I hired using these would a dog ear fence. The neighbor who does have it is a really nice feature as well. I had a big backyard, plenty of space as a new home. New comes in Edmond have matured last man to your property. Plenty of space. We’ve got the show home sign is right there as a New Home Builder in Edmond, you have more landscaping in the Gatorade on the side, we’ve talked about the venting and the braid. The ability you have the house is completely wrapped. Moisture proof. So eliminate condensation between the brick or the materials on the inside and the outside builders in Edmund are somewhat, somewhat cautious about this. We also use a new materials, new, a nice new left foot here on the left and the entry of the house on the front. We have two windows that shows that that would be the office or the, or the, um, bedroom. Someone say mother-in-law plan where the community has. Yes, 35 floor plans. Each one are very unique and different, and you’ll not see, as I said before, when new homes in Edmond in this neighborhood, you won’t find the houses looking identical. That’s the unique feature of it, of the shock community.

Speaker 1: (05:13)
We have, our street signs are all labeled there because they’ve got the, uh, iron style that the home community style of a neighborhood signage. We have large wide gates attached to the brick and the fence that build, build off the neighborhood and the community. We do have first floor plans and in the home builders and Edmond as with many home builders and Edmond, we have probably more than most for most other builders.

Speaker 2: (06:02)
The neighborhood has the age range from, it looks like late twenties, early thirties to fifties in the sixties. And that age range. We have many children in the area that are safely playing on the sidewalks. Homebuilders and Edmond rarely has sidewalks, but, uh, in this community, they do have sidewalks. One of the other features of our community is the drainage. So in New Home Builder in Edmond, the drainage system, the drainage works as a community drainage. So they, each house has elevated by grading it just, just above. So that the rain that comes off of the roof of the house is drained away from the house, which in the end ties into a community drainage plan, homebuilders and Edmond should know that as a community works together, when you’re building it, you’re building a community drainage plan so that all the water is moved away from the houses and, and down the right drainage paths in schools in this area, uh, are going to be Freeman elementary, received a B plus, and the new hubs of Edmond Washington, Irving elementary school received an a plus rating, but the 1801 student to teacher ratio, which is really great, Santa Fe high school also received, uh, looked like an, a rating with 21 point 21, 21 ratio to one student to teacher ratio.

Speaker 2: (08:01)
Home builders in Edmond are taking advantage of the fact that there’s, um, you know, a thriving, uh, community that’s being built in this Northeast part of Edmond, which is, uh, which is a, uh, a wonderful place to put your homicide show homes has the 79 home plans, uh, that we do build is a home built home builder in Edmond taken. In fact, a home site is one step. Well, another step is determining which homes will work for which particular family, some of the New Home Builder in Edmond, uh, have smaller property lines and, or they have a variety of sizes of, of different types of, uh, lots that, uh, your home we’ll go on. Well, we currently have two model homes in Edmund, uh, for the home builders in Edmond. We do have a, uh, uh, two, um, two model homes in the Edmond area, uh, with Ridge Creek and a Westport showing the, this floor plan here, which is the west port and, uh, the Woodland park.

Speaker 2: (09:17)
That one is that the Redford home. So you have as a new home, the new homes and Edmond have, uh, for our Shaw has, um, you know, uh, two mobile homes in the Edmond area and, uh, homebuilders and Edmond. Uh, we’ll be happy to know that all the public schools and Edmond, you know, uh, have eight plus ratings with the over 60 years of new home construction experience with, um, our combined companies, Shaw comes has spent an incredible amount of time researching home builders in Edmond and how best to handle every part of a home builder in New Home Builder in Edmond, uh, when you call and ask for joining for one of us.

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