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New Home Builder in Edmond | How Many Bedrooms Do You Need

Speaker 1: (00:02)
We’re doing a tour of the Westport floor plans as a new home builder in Edmond, we have twenty eight hundred and seventy four square feet of living space. We have a three car garage, two bedrooms downstairs, two bedrooms upstairs with a game room, one bathroom upstairs, two full baths downstairs and a half bath in the entry. As you walk in, you’ll see to the left that there is a office which could also be used as a one bedroom. This new home build has a full bathroom in the back, which is tucked away. So it’ll, it looks like an office, but in fact could be a bedroom as well, but they full closet to your right. There is a powder room and a toilet. So half bath right here as one of the  Shaw homes is in the Edmond area. Now with deer Creek, Yukon, Mustang, and many more.

Speaker 1: (01:26)
The other feature of this home is the staircase to your right. That is where the two bedrooms and a game room and a bathroom is. And as we walk into the main room, this is called the great room. It’s a fireplace to your left. She walked in, it’s an open floor plan. One of the new homes and Edmond that we have. And one of the floor plans that we have has the open floor plan. We stand in the kitchen right now. The kitchen has a great big island seats for, we have the farm sink, farm style sink with all your major appliances, New Home Builder in Edmond . It would be Shaw that takes into consideration the flow of the kitchen. The pot filler is also a nice feature. We have built in receptacles.

Speaker 1: (02:31)
We have warranty department, which is an in-house warranty department. Should any of your appliances go, um, uh, fall or break it during the warranty period? Our internal warranty department will handle that with Frigidaire. So that’s something you won’t have to worry about as a new homeowner. We want that headache, not to peep with you. And you’ll see the dining room is pushed out. We call that the nook, Mr. Shaw, I must have his designs in many of his designs as a new home builder in Edmond that the kitchen table, which would be the dining room tables pushed off to the left. You’ll see that there, we have huge cabinets. Those are optional. Whether you’d like to have the stained or painted, we have eight basket weave back splash.

Speaker 1: (03:31)
We have, uh, deeper drawers under the range there. The gas range, there are some nice deep drawers built in microwave oven, a regular oven, I guess that would be your convention oven. And, uh, many of our new homes in Edmon all have the built-in appliances. We have a pantry that is the size of a small one bedroom. So we have a huge walk-in pantry, plenty of shelf space, good lighting up above you’ll have choices on your doors as well. It’s a very nice feature of building a home builders that are, New Home Builder in Edmond . We also have some more, um, storage here under the staircase.

Speaker 1: (04:29)
It’s a nice feature too. Some people like to look at it as look at it as an extended pantry because of the shelves that are in here. I want to put some different chemicals in here or just about anything. Actually, if you’ve got enough room in your pantry, you can make that in anything. Then we have the mud room to the right, sorry to the left is the Butler, the Butler area. I like to call it. It’s got two drawers, two cabinets all underneath and cabinets have up with three shelves. Hinges are very easy but slamming. So you don’t have that slamming sound. Sean, new homes in Edmond are all customized. It means you get to pick out all of your colors. Mudroom is to your right. It’s a nice place to sit, take off your boots, especially when you’re coming out of the snow. You have snowy boots need to sit down. It’s a nice area for that. Come into the laundry room. You’ve got plenty of cabinet space, shell cabinets above your sink. We have cabinets below your sink. New Home Builder in Edmond

Speaker 2: (05:57)
Our show is one of the greatest features is, uh, the choices and the countertops. So those there’s a few different choices and materials for that laundry room has two shelves and a large rack for hanging your clothes. For those that can’t be folded. And we come into the master closet and it is spacious has got lots of hanging spaces and built in shelves, kind of NIC shells, where you can put baskets, nice lighting in here. So you can see very well. This closet here, the master closet is, uh, let’s see here. They want to say it’s seven feet, 10 by 11 feet, 10 inches wide. These are, these are how our New Home Builder in Edmond are built very wide. There’s the past through here, we have two sinks. We got the silk tab and you have your bathroom water closet with your linen closet, right behind you. We have a standard shower. And as I said, two vanities, one for each person, but the home builders and Edmond were a part of that flow of, of, uh,

Speaker 1: (07:24)
Throughout the master suite. Now we’re in the master bedroom.

Speaker 2: (07:30)
This was the snooze feature that has Shaw homes, new homes for Edmond, Edmund, new home.

Speaker 1: (07:39)
These, these rooms are, um, are designed as a snooze plan for that person who, um, sleeps at during the day. He works at night. That is a great way to get your sleep without having to go into your bathroom or your closet that ever happened to enter the master bedroom. We have the Volta ceilings in the living room with the three beams. Those beams are also extended into the front room, bedroom or study.

Speaker 1: (08:16)
That is an, that is one of our other features of New Home Builder in Edmond that we have. We go upstairs and find ourselves on the second floor with wide hallways. Those wide hallways have, um, two, two bedrooms up there and a large game room with a full bath. The wide hallways would be used for, um, getting larger equipment up there, such as a pool table as an option. It does have that enough space up there to get large, large pieces of furniture, which is a nice feature knowing that can get large pieces of hardship on the second floor in the game room. And as we walk around outside, we have the nice full porch. We’re going to talk about the patio back here. We have a nice porch covered patio, concreted lighting. You have it all set up up there. And then we have the large windows that are facing out over the patios.

Speaker 1: (09:19)
So you could set out nice patio set out here with the new homes, uh, new home builder in Edmond new homes and Edmond. Well, mostly home builders in Edmond are also featuring many of the same, uh, the same types of patios, but we have a great option to enlarge in that as well. So it will go out front to the front door. The front door has glass, and this one is actually for I’m sorry, six panes, the walkout and the you’ll come out to where you have a rock siding along with brick and vinyl. You also have natural wood. Also as part of that, up there.

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