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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Speaker 1: (00:02)
Monday, April the 19th, 2021. This is Mike Lewis with Shaw homes to premium new construction builder here in the Tulsa area. Shaw hones concentrates on New Home Construction in Owasso broken narrow Tulsa Jenks, Glen pool, big speed. I’m forgetting one other place, but I haven’t it. But, um, yeah, definitely a new builder that you guys want to try out. Our five-step process is awesome. It definitely helps people, um, come to the realization sooner than later, if building is an option for them. And if building is an option for them, they definitely come to the understanding that Sean is the premier and premium builder in this area. Yeah, there are some that come around, but Shaw is definitely the one that stands the test of time. Um, I’ve been here since September and it’s pretty cool. It’s pretty cool. I’m not gonna lie. Um, it’s definitely, uh, definitely a huge step forward for me and breaking my comfort zone because I come from a place where for almost 20 years it was non-profit. And then I did get into a couple of industrial warehouse jobs and that was cool, but those jobs take a toll.

Speaker 1: (01:42)
And so this job kind of happened. Um, I was looking on indeed saw something like did the pay got me, but it wasn’t, they didn’t advertise a large summer pay. It really was just something to keep you comfortable in New Home Construction . And I don’t want, I don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t mind making a lot of money, but I don’t want to be super rich. I just want to be comfortable. And this job gave offers that for a family. It also offers a little bit of flexibility when it comes to, um, spending time with the family. But of course it’s a catch 22 in order to gain that flexibility. You have to put in work on her front end and then recouped that flexibility on the back end. So that was a catch 22, but I’ll get, things are not easy, but definitely Sean is the premier builder here in the Owasso area. Um, we concentrate in price points anywhere from two 50, all the way up to 800,000. Just depends on what your packing stuff like and what you’re wanting to build. We can do anything from a one story, five

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Bedroom, two, a two story, five bedroom, um, and everything in between. Um, we can go as little as 14 square feet, 1400 square footage all the way up to 5,000 square foot just depends on what you’re looking for and what your family needs are. But we definitely do concentrate premier building in the WASO area. We also do New Home Construction  broken arrow. We also do jinx Glenpool big and places like that, like I was saying, I’ve been here since September going into April now. Um, it took a bit, it took a minute to make a sale. I’m not going to lie. Of course, when you always take that minute to sell, you always ask yourself, is this really gonna work? Of course you’re contemplating and you’re debating and all this other stuff. And within that time, I’m in I’m of the mindset where nothing comes easy. So you got to go get it. So I went out and got a job at Amazon. The job in Amazon was good, um, to start, but then after a while, it was just, it was a three-day stretch where I went from Thursday. I going to come in to work here and then I leave work here and go straight to Amazon. And that was a 12 hour shift. So it was from here from 10 to five. Then from Amazon, it was 5 45 to six 15.

Speaker 2: (04:35)
Then not go home, take a nap for about an hour and a half. If that wake up, have a sales meeting on Fridays and then go into work. After the sales meeting, go back to Amazon. After that, go home, give it a little bit of a longer night for about two hours, maybe two 15. Um, wake up, go in. The Sean could come in to Sean, excuse me. Um, do Sean and go on Amazon, come home Sundays. I typically crashed because my body was done, but I knew I couldn’t keep that up. So that was temporary and that temporary and it’s definitely got me through two dry months here at Charlotte is January and February word drive for me. I did not recoup, not one sale. Um, and then I go into March and I get four sales, which was nice. Then I go home in April.

Speaker 2: (05:49)
I think I get 10. I got to maybe one. I think it, one thing that might be to find out some of that later. Um, so that was kind of cool, but that’s all due to the fact that I worked for a builder called Shaw homes. They one of the premier New Home Construction  builders here in, uh, uh, WASO area and focus on homes within the price point of two 50 to 60, all the way up to 808, 50,000. Nice. These homes are really, really nice. Thank you. Got to like him. Um, we do white homes. You do the black homes, you do the farmhouse homes. We do modern looking homes. We do new homes. We even have market ready homes, homes that we build because people know people may not have a need to build, but they definitely want to buy. So we’ll build a few market ready homes and we’ll have them for sale. And if that’s something that people like and some people get, but yeah, so those are pretty good. But working with Shaw has definitely been transformative for me.

Speaker 2: (07:07)
It really has been transformative for me simply because I know it’s going to lead to something great. I’m just going to take a minute to get there. It is going to take a minute to get there. The people I work with, there are some people who are very, very cool, and some people, some people who are not cool, can’t get a good feel for everybody. And maybe it could be just me. I could be super high. So, I mean, excuse me, I could be super sensitive to a lot of what’s going on. So it could be just me and I need to get out of my own head and stop that.

Speaker 2: (07:56)
And if it is just me, I do apologize. And we’ll apologize as, as needed to the people who are doing nothing, but show me love and kindness. I just got to get out of my head, but the premier builder here and put the premier builder here in Oklahoma by far Shaw homes, check out sharp homes, dot com for a lot of the information. As far as what we build the size of our floor plans, where our New Home Construction  communities are, what four plans go in certain? Well, excuse me, what price points go in certain communities, what the square footage is per community. It’s a lot of information up there. We also work with St. Jude. So you do a lot of good work. It’s not just about making money. It’s about giving back as well too. And I appreciate that it’s giving back. And sometimes, sometimes you got to step outside yourself to understand life is bigger than you or for some people you have to have moments where you are forced to step outside yourself to understand that life is not just about you. I think this is the one job that helps me. Well, this is one job. I’ve had one. This is my second job that helps me to understand that you have to step outside yourself and know that life is not about you.

Speaker 2: (09:26)
And I appreciate that definitely has not been an easy road, but like I said earlier, anything worth having is not easy. So if you really want that shot home, come check out shot homes. We got New Home Construction  models in Owasso. We got models in broken arrow and he got models in big speed. And he got models changed. We got models in, um, Glenn pool and we have all different sizes. So the premier builder, Shaw homes broken arrow, come check this out.

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