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Speaker 1: (00:02)
So today we are sitting in the village at Southern trails and broken arrow, Oklahoma talking about new construction and new home construction builders and broken arrow, Shaw Hollins, and we’re in villages, Southern trails talking about some different neighborhoods and communities that Shaw builds in. We’ve already discussed multiple neighborhoods, such as Ashbrook, Brighton village, crystal Creek, Adriana states, Elwood park stay to the river Highland Craig, the Highlands of forest Ridge, the homestead over just states pine at the preserve Ruby estates rush Burt north. And now we’re going to continue talking about quail Creek and, um, quail Creek is located in big SPE. The HOA dues are approximately $450 a year. The zip code is 7 4 0 8. This is big speed north for an elementary school. Big speed as the middle school and big speed as well. So the high school, this is city water, city sewer, and there are sidewalks in the community.

Speaker 1: (01:56)
The next new home construction neighborhood is seven Oak south. There is a clubhouse and a pool. The HOA dues are approximately $500 per year. The zip code is 7 4 0 1 to the elementary is leisure park. The middle school is all over spelled O L I V E R and high school is south of the city, water and city sewer. And then the next neighborhood is SilverLeaf. There will be a pool and a park. When the neighborhood is complete, the HOA dues are between three 50 and $600. She got to be determined. It is broken arrow 7 4 0 1 for right now, we’re talking about new construction,

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Home builders, Shaw homes, and broken arrow, new home construction , new home builders, show homes and broken arrow and a silver leaf. Uh, the elementary school is, um, Liberty. The middle school is Onita Ridge and the high school is broken arrow. The water is rural desert city and the side that does have sidewalks and next neighborhood is Somerset. Somerset is a gated community and a HOA dues have not yet been determined. It is in big SPE. Does it could. There is 7, 4 0 8. The grade school is north middle school is big SPE middle school, big  B I X, B Y. And the high school is big city, high school, city, water, city, sewer. There are sidewalks in that community. And um, so the next community is spring hill at forest Ridge. HOA dues are approximately $350 and it is in broken arrow. 7 4 0 1 1 and it is broken our schools, city, sewer, city water. There are sidewalks the next community. Um, we’re actually sitting in villages, Southern trails in broken arrow, Shaw homes, new home construction builder in broken arrow. And, uh, spring hill farms is the next neighborhood theater half an acre lot. It is 360 3 approximately for HOA dues. Um, it is in big SPI school district and this is technically the city of Mount. And this is Tulsa county.

Speaker 2: (05:22)
They, uh, the kids go to central for grade school, big SPI for middle school, and then Bixby for high school. And it’s rural water septic is, uh, it’s a robotic and are not sidewalks and stonewalled crossing. HOA dues are approximately $200. This is broken arrow. 7.01 to arrow hood head is the elementary school. Sequoia is the middle school. This is broken era and it’s broken north. This is city water and city sewer. And in timber Creek, that is in Tulsa county and it’s DJing school district hos are yet to be determined. These are half acre to one and a half acre, lots in the GenX school district. Um, city water. I believe it’s aerobic for the sewer Tucson village also to be determined on the HOA dues. And that is 7 4 0 1 2 Fran Creek is the grade school. The middle school is, um, let’s see. The middle school is Childers.

Speaker 2: (06:54)
The high school is broken arrow city, water, city, sewer lock. There’s a striped book over here, stationary brown paper, and then, um, village at Southern trails, a new home construction, broken arrow. Shaw homes is where we’re at now. The village has Southern trails. There is a pool. There is a park. The HOA dues are approximately $550 annually. Zip code is 7 4 0 1 line, and this is Wolf Creek elementary school. All of our middle school and a broken or a high school says in the city of broken arrow city, water, city, sewer sidewalks included pool park while stone at forage Ridge is the next community. It’s about $20 a month for the gates and private streets says about $305 annually. The, um, zip code is 74 0 1 4. It is in broken arrow. Highland park is the elementary school Nita Ridge as the middle school broken arrow is a high school city, water city, sewer, and, um, last but not least on this sheet, um, outside of broken arrow, new home construction, Shaw homes, um, we’ve gotten Yorktown and James and they have a pool splash pad playground

Speaker 3: (08:55)
Park, party, pavilion, basketball courts, football, field baseball, walking trails, and stock page pong, approximately $756 a year for their HOA. 7,437 in Jenks is a location grade school central. Um, it is Bixby middle school and Bigsby high school. The, um, it’s city water city sewer. This is actually city of GenX, water and sewer. And in the big SPE school district, um, there’s Jenks, fire and police as well. Some of the other older neighborhoods, um, our bell trace, which is 3 43 a year for HOA dues and 7 4 0 1 2 is their zip code country lane. As the, the elementary school. Centennial is the middle school for our Connor has a high school and this has city water and city sewer.

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