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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Home Construction | Finding a Home in an Area You Love

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Shaw homes built in big state, Oklahoma, definitely worth coming to check out. You won’t be disappointed in the floor plans that show homes has to offer. Got home. He got four plans such as the Redford, which is one of the nicer floor plans, but then you also have the Westport and you also have the Cypress and you also have the Ashby it’s, it’s a ton of four plan. And each four plan is designed, um, to cater to every individual’s needs and desires when it comes to what they would want in the home. Yes. Single story. Two story, three car garage, two car garage, some have two bedrooms, some have three bedrooms, housing, some with it, but up to five bedrooms, which is awesome. So if that’s what you’re looking for, I would definitely consider New Home Construction , a new build, especially in Bixby, Oklahoma. I’m off on a different note though.

Speaker 1: (00:59)
I recently went and checked out a local cigar lounge because ever since I’ve moved here, I’ve been looking for a girl house. I’ve been to a couple, the one I’m like by far, there’s probably a classic cigars is downtown Oklahoma Tulsa. Um, excuse me. And it’s, um, it’s in a nice little area. So when you go in there, of course you walk in, you see the person sitting behind a desk, he greets you, Hey, what’s going on? Stuff like that. And then you walk into the humidors, even though it’s a nice size humidor, I’ve seen bigger, but definitely not going to apply them because they got a nice selection. I’ve been in some big humidors and the selection is.

Speaker 2: (01:45)
Excuse my language. It’s horrible. He’s been, so I was thoroughly impressed with this, with this humidor and the different selections that they had to choose from. So when I go in there, I’m looking for a certain brand I’ve gotten hit, I’ve gotten addicted to, but I don’t know if want to use the word addicted. I’ve gotten attached to a certain type of scar. So I’m trying to get out of that type of cigar. So I went in there, I found a couple of steaks. I go outside, I pay for them, striking up a conversation with the cashier for New Home Construction . He tells me about how long they’d been in business, what else they sell and what special cigars they have for the month and things like that. Then he says, Hey, you have a lounge in the back. I was like, okay, that’s fine. I’m here for it.

Speaker 2: (02:36)
So I walked through the double doors and it’s like, this opens up and back there it’s a rectangular shape, but it goes long and all the way down in the near steps that go down to the bottom. And it’s another area. Let me backtrack a little bit. So the open up doors, he goes, oh, and then I keep walking. And on my left is a bar. Now I’m a whiskey guy. I recently became a whiskey bourbon and scotch guy. I was not disappointed when I went and saw this bar. It literally, it literally can be called a bourbon bar because they had a lot of Browns. I love it. I love it. I love it. But so I go up there and I always ask for a certain time because I got not addicted, but attached to a certain brand. And I love gentleman’s Jack.

Speaker 2: (03:33)
I haven’t been able to find him as Jackson’s. I got here. So that’s the first thing I asked for. I was like, Hey, do you have gentleman Jack? She was like, yes. I was like, oh, snaps, let me get a double neat. So, so I got me a double need. Of course, no ice, um, with a dab of water, I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why you add a dab of water later. Um, then I take my drink. I go sit down and find a nice little spot. They got cushions, they got high tables, they got seats. I find a cushion cause I want to be comfortable. So I sit down. The only spot that was available that I liked was, um, off to the corner, which is kind of good for me. So I can see everything I had to have my eyes on the entire surroundings.

Speaker 2: (04:19)
By the way, if you’re looking for a New Home Construction , I would definitely check out Shaw homes. Show homes is definitely one of the better new builder. New Home Construction , um, highly rated, most touted well-staffed the staff is phenomenal. Like you get greeted from the first time you say, Hey, until you signed your contract. And even then it’s like, top-notch customer service. Like you can’t beat it. Um, but then you also get that full transparency of what it takes to build. Like there is no, there is no shakiness. This there’s no cutting corners. It is, this is what you get. Take it or leave it. And I love that the shawl builds and Bixby TOSA, broken arrow, Owasso, Glenn pooled Jake’s um, and some other areas too, but yeah, so definitely check out show homes, shot homes, dot com. Um, can’t miss it. So as I’m I’m in the lounge, I sit down, I take a sip of my drink and my God it’s like having now imagine now I recently moved here from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Speaker 2: (05:32)
It’s been a while, but with the pandemic, it’s been hard to get out. So this is like my first time finally getting out out. Um, I left the wife at home with the kids at home. So it’s out just me solo. And I was enjoying that and it was good to see people like just people just out social distancing, of course, but just out to just enjoy yourself. So I look at the sticks I chose when I say sticks, I mean cigars. And so I pulled them out. I got three and of the three. I chose a puppy van Winkle. Now the name’s funny, but the cigar is classic. When I say classic, I mean, classic, you will not find a better smoke when it comes to consistency. When it comes to flavor, when it comes to how the cigar is wrapped, when it comes to creaminess of how I want to pools in, um, finding that good cigar is next to nine, when it comes to just the better things in life. Uh, but that’s my personal opinion. Arguing me later. It’s your choice?

Speaker 2: (06:47)
Oh, by the way I said, I mentioned Shaw builds homes, check out Shaw homes, dot com. You won’t be disappointed. We definitely cater to every inkling that a person has in terms of their desires, for what to, for what they want their home to look like. We have a lot of different homes. Of course, you can get homes with the study. You can get home without a study. You can get home the two to three bedrooms. I mean, excuse me, bathrooms up to five bedrooms. You even have one with the formal dining room. If you like to host a lot of parties, especially around the holidays, that would probably be good for a plan for you. Um, and we also have homes that are between 1500, I’m up to 5,000 square feet. So really what’s the harm of checking out shot homes. But anyways, back to my store, I’m in a cigar lounge.

Speaker 2: (07:45)
I’ve got my scar, I’ve got my brown, I’ve got my chair, I got my torch. I’ll put my torch out. I’m ready. Like I’m lit, I’m ready. I’m ready to smoke the cigar and just chill and get back to some type of normalcy. When it comes to getting out and smoking the lounge, I go to lighten my torch and poop. The torch breaks now to you, this may not be a problem, but to me I’m devastated. I’m like, what in the world is going on? Mind you now I had this torch for about two years. So I knew it was time, but it was my trusty tour. It’s like, it’s never failed me until now. So, and the reason why I liked it towards it, because at the end of it, first of all, the torch, it had four torches at the top, which mean, which means basically that fire that came out was fire.

Speaker 2: (08:46)
But at the bottom of it, it had a punch. And for those of you who don’t smoke cigars, the punches where he could punch a hole and the end of your cigar, and just that punch helps concentrate the smoke and the flavor into that one spiritual hole and just pulls into your mouth for you to taste everything. Anyways, that’s my story. So I’m upset. I go to find a piece and it just flicks all over the place. I’m like, oh my God. So now the top of the torch would typically closes and latches. It won’t close. Like I’ll close it, but it doesn’t latch. So it pops back up. And when I go to light, it, it doesn’t like it’s, I’m like tripping. What, what was going on? So I struck it about five or six times, 10, 15, really? And it didn’t like, so I gave up, but I still wanted my punch.

Speaker 2: (09:36)
So I flipped it over and I punched a hole in the bottom of my cigar and I just found some matches that matches or the next best thing, what probably the first best thing. But I liked the torch. So I found some matches that even though my torch breaking was hurtful and disrespectful, it didn’t ruin my cigar experience at this classic lounge. Needless to say, I enjoyed my time distraught. My torch broke for now. I have a lounge to go to or prefer to lounge to go to, but I will say this. If you’re looking to build New Home Construction , check out shower homes, dot com, you N you will not be disappointed in the four plans we have in the salespeople that we have in the customer service that we give. And just the overall experience we build in Tulsa, we build a big speed. We build New Home Construction broken arrow. We build in a WASO. We build in pool Glen pool, and we build in jinx.

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