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New Home Construction in Broken Arrow | Construction Made Easy

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Today’s my car name, Shaw villages, Southern trails, new home construction in broken arrow. And we’re looking at various floor plans and, um, alphabetically. We have the Addison P four plan and we have the croissant and the Creston, Tam trust P the Glendale, the Greenville and Greenville one E the Greenville one L uh, the Greenville one age. And, um, let’s see, I’ll go in here and print another copy of the, uh, floor plan, the Greenville one where it is back to start over with Addison P and then the Crescent Crescent, Crescent, Greenville, Greenville, Greenville, long age Greenville, Greenville to Greenville, to Greenville to age we’re in the villages. Seven trails, construction, Shaw homes new home construction in broken arrow, Greenville to L the Monroe won the Monroe one E the Monroe one H the Monaro one. I, the Monroe one P the Monroe two, the Monroe E the Monroe two H the Monroe, the Monroe two P the Monroe three, no Monroe three. Then Monroe three, H the Monroe 3i, the Monroe, J K L M N O P. Just kidding. So Monroe three P and then the Monterey one, the Monterrey one, a F G, just kidding. The Monterey one, H the Monterey to the noting hill. H there’s not a NY, the Notting hill V. Well, I don’t know where the V came before. The L that is when you make sense, Notting hill L and

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Then there’s Steve Prescott, which I believe is going to be discontinued along with the press cutting the cross. Scotty, the Prescott, H I J K L a middle P. Just kidding. The Redford one there Redford one, a the red Ford one E the Redford one H for two H the red for three to red for three 18. Stonebrook H Stonebrook V I’ve been taught a P not to be confused with the VIN tonic cue, the Westport age, and we’re in the village at Southern trails, new home construction in broken arrow, Shaw homes. The, um, Addison one story is now going away. So I guess I can go ahead and throw that in a trash. We’re just going to start with the Paddison P after I throw number one story in the trash. There we go.

Speaker 2: (04:26)
The Addison PS, twenty four hundred and twenty one square feet of pure excitement. And, um, with the, uh, the office on the front, or I guess bedroom two, and, uh, entry your choice of fantabulous garages, the included colonial, or the upgraded carried style, where you can add the hardware. And then of course you can do the wood overlay and several different looks new home construction in broken arrow. And, um, so that’s on all the houses. Addison P is 24, 21 square feet. The Crescent is a, probably one of our smallest, if not our smallest one story and, uh, 2095 square feet. Um, this house is, uh, three bedrooms, a study and a formal dining and in a great room and the nook laundry’s off the garage, this house, uh, can also be built as a two-story. The Crescent is twenty five hundred and ninety three square feet. And the upstairs is just a game room and it looks like it’s got a nice big collage it off of it. The

Speaker 1: (05:57)
P is 2,946 square feet. Not one. It has the, the big game room at the top of the stairs and a bathroom and a bedroom with a big closet ideal for that older team that needs her own space, um, or the boomerang child that never leaves home and same setup as the Crescent one, the Finley, I guess I need to throw this in the trash too. So we got rid of that plan as well. So I don’t want to mislead anyone down the wrong path. Next house. Let me throw this in the trash. Maybe next house has the Glendale redo my book here because I’m missing pages. Now, the Glendale is a one-story. It’s about 1 0 5 and four feet.

Speaker 1: (07:02)
And, um, then there’s the Greenville one it’s 2257 new home construction in broken arrow. So it’s about 150 square feet. More than the Glendale. It’s got three bedrooms that formal dining, big living area, three car garage, and a Greenville. One E is the same, but it has an upstairs game room, bedroom, and bathroom. The Greenville one H is the same as the Greenville, one story, but upstairs is a game room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. And the Greenville one L is the same as the Greenville one, but upstairs, it has three bedrooms and one, actually two bad bathrooms. So total that is a six bedroom house and it is a four bathroom house. So for that, that big family, that is a 34, 13 square feet. And then the Greenville two is 25, 56 square feet, and it has the side study and private exercise room off the master, not accessible from the rest of the house. And that one is 25, 56. You can build that as a two-story with one game room, one bedroom, one bathroom up, and it’s 32 86 square feet. So it’s an extra 730 square feet to do the upstairs bathroom game

Speaker 3: (08:55)
Room upstairs. It’s 34 63 square feet, and that gets you three bedrooms or three bathrooms and, um, five bedrooms. And then the side study and exercise room, the Greenville to get you the, uh, the Greenville to concept as a one-story with the side study and the exercise room upstairs, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, total of 37, 12 square feet. And that is our biggest Beastie house. I’m pretty sure on in the heritage plan. Um, let’s see how well it looks like I’ve got a, another big one at 34 48 and another big 1 36 71. So yes, the Greenville two L is the largest of the two story houses in the heritage series. And the village has Southern trails, Shaw homes, new home construction in broken arrow.

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