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New Home Construction in Broken Arrow | How Long Will Closing Take

Speaker 1: (00:02)
Today at village in Southern trails, new home construction in Broken Arrow saw homes. Um, there are many houses under construction. Um, many houses closing. There are, I believe, five under construction currently one wall be closing. So just a few lots left. I think about 10 lots left in this neighborhood in broken arrow village at Southern trails, Shaw new construction home builders. We’ve got two homes being built as spec homes and two different cul-de-sacs. One is going to be a Monroe two P with the white modern form house. Look, the other will be a Stonebrook V and the other cul-de-sac yesterday. I grew up by on it looks as though the ground has been leveled. Dirt has been brought in at the location of the Stonebrook and villages, Southern trails, new home construction in Broken Arrow Shaw homes.

Speaker 1: (01:41)
There are two under construction currently there. Well, should there’s another couple that are under construction. The dirt’s just been moved or getting ready to get moved. The, um, there’s one that should be closing within the next 30 days. It’s a very nice ride for three hardwood floors throughout extended the living room, an extra four feet, nice big living area. They’re going to be able to move in shortly after Thanksgiving and celebrate Christmas and their new home in village of Southern trails in broken arrow, shall homes, new construction who doesn’t want a new house for Christmas? Well, the new decorating claim, this of the new home inviting family and friends over for the holidays, having more room to spread out the room, different location, closer to your family. Preferably. So homes, new construction,

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Broken arrow villages, Southern trails. We have one that’s getting ready to break ground at least, or there should, there’s going to be about 600 construction at the same time. So was one of our hot spots, nice easy access to a hundred and first street between 120 ninth and 140 fifth convenient to highway 1 69. Lots of, uh, shopping around the area in restaurants. Nice and centrally located. There are a many homes available. Moving ready was Shaw right now, new home construction in broken arrow and the legit Southern trails in broken arrow. The two that were getting ready to break ground on our, the, um, let’s see, they are the Monroe two P elevation B and the Stonebrook B and uh, always top sellers around the corner on 120 ninth in rush Brooklyn north, we have, uh, four market ready specs right now, um, ready to be moved into, get closed and moved in by Christmas. They are the Notting hill, uh, which is a large three bedroom and a game room up two bathrooms up downstairs, a master to study and your kitchen living area all back into green reserve area. You don’t have to worry about neighbors behind you. That house is beautiful and it’s fully decorated right now. It’s got a side side load garage, which several people love the sideboard garage.

Speaker 2: (05:11)
You also in that neighborhood, we have a Peyton in the Manchester premiere series. The Peyton is two story with two bedrooms and a bathroom up downstairs and master and a study living in kitchen. There’s also a Kincaid in that neighborhood. The Kincaid is four bedrooms, three baths, and a three car garage. Also in that neighborhood. It’s a Liberty. Liberty is a three bedroom, two bath, two car garage. That’s our best price point in the area for new home construction in Broken Arrow.

Speaker 3: (05:57)
Convenient to highway 1 69 centrally located. And those are all in rush from north, which has a pool in the community for everyone to use that community also has full gutters, sprinkler system, very nice neighborhood, all the amenities centrally located in broken arrow, Shaw homes, new construction, where in villages, Southern trails, also a community that has a pool. And, um, every house has sprinkler system and full gutters. Full gutters is helpful to keep from your, your yard on the side and back from being freed up when it rains and the water flow runs off the roof.

Speaker 3: (07:06)
The, uh, the rush Burt north has, uh, a nice, uh, reserve area and a branch over into the back of the neighborhood. It’s, um, very nicely located central easily accessible, same as well. Just Southern trails, new home construction in Broken Arrow shaw homes in broken arrow. We have the model and seven Oxo. The Stonebrook V is currently for sale for 299, 9 move in available April. We are taking offers. Now that neighborhood effective November 1st will become our Manchester premiere series. So lots of opportunity in broken arrow or a new home construction show homes. And as we move to the, to the east there’s Highland Creek and, um, Highland Creek has a Glendale moving ready, four bedroom, three bath, three car garage, and a cul-de-sac. Um, I believe in Ashbrook, there is a Crescent under construction and in spring hill at forestry Ridge, there is a Ventana moving ready, and a Crescent would’ve been ready. As we moved to the west, there is a, uh, there’s our Redford model and Somerset and our Monroe one model is an states with a river. There’s also a Monroe three or sail, and I believe there’s a Monroe one for sale that we look at the list,

Speaker 3: (09:20)
Statins, a river, Thursday, Monroe one at a Monroe three, both available currently the Bixby school district in Somerset. There is a Liverpool currently available. That was a former McCollough home right now. We’re in village at Southern trails, broken arrow show homes, new construction owner, Glen Shaw, around for 35 years, new home construction in Broken Arrow.

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