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New Home Construction in Broken Arrow | Looking for a Spacious Home

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Today, um, village Southern trails, Shaw homes, new home construction in Broken Arrow,

Speaker 2: (00:10)
And broken arrow. Lots of construction going on in the village of Southern trails. Well, three or four houses up and going. We’ve got the current model home still in the neighborhood. The Monroe TUPE one of our top sellers you’re um, having the lawn crews come out today, make everything pretty cleaning crews have been out. The inside is clean. Exterior is clean, nice, safe, quiet community in new home construction in Broken Arrow, Shaw homes, villages, Southern trails, landscaping has been done and taken care of. We’ve got a

Speaker 1: (01:14)
Joe tutorials. How about clean the inside swept floors vacuumed, clean the bathrooms replaced all the, you know, all the total pair, prune paper towels, incense room, fresh nerves, and got everything looking nice and clean and changed light bulbs. Sure. Everything is in good functioning order. Everything on display to show the usability of these homes, full storage in the master closet, along with the hall closet, extended pantry linen closet bedroom closet, lots of space by bench or added added space to hang things. Got lots of nice lighting fixtures. In this model, I chose the gold bronze accents and lighting features lots of, uh, lots of nice decorating ideas by the design team, Shaw homes new home construction in Broken Arrow, shouldn’t village at Southern trails in broken arrow, have lots of different setups. Yeah. Dining room what’s so decorative features and lots of lighting. And, uh, let’s see if these light bulbs work. See what this fixture looks like when the, by turn on what to be plugged in.

Speaker 1: (03:49)
Lots of floral displays. See if there’s a switch on this lamp, that would be a nice feature to be able to see. Nope, doesn’t look like the light bulbs work on that particular lamp. And, uh, we’ve got a nice combination of the silver and the gold and the bronzes and this house, very warm feeling. We’ve got graves and Browns and tans to accent. The, uh, the different color spectrums. This, uh, the flooring in this house has the kind of some tans and gray tones that were mixed with the grays. It pops the gray colors and we mixed the Browns. It brings up brown tones and the wall color in here is kind of a grayish, which is kind of a combination to where it just depends on how you look at it and how the light’s hitting it today. There’s not as much light. It’s a cloudy day and village.

Speaker 1: (05:10)
It’s Southern trails in broken arrow, new home construction in Broken Arrow, Shaw homes. Um, nice cloudy day out, looks like it might rain, um, coming into cooler weather. Nice autumn day, the chime changed last weekend. Looks like today. The afternoon high is supposed to be about 64. And, um, see actually the high today is supposed to be 65 at 64 right now. And tomorrow the highest set for 64 with a low of 48, Wednesday 61 with a low 40 looks like it’s supposed to rain on Wednesday. Um, Wednesday it says showers cloudy with occasional showers, high of 61 when south to Southeast of five to 10 mile per hour, chance of rain like see the hourly countdown on that. Um, looks like the hourly C Thursday. I’m trying to figure out what we get to do on the next couple of days. It looks like this evening. It’s just supposed to be cloudy and, um, tomorrow cloudy and then it looks like sunny.

Speaker 1: (06:49)
Mostly through the afternoon. I have around 62 and then, um, Wednesday, it looks like that’s the Horning rain coming in. And, uh, then just some cloudiness and then some more rain comes in and looks like it’s going to be a nice dreary rainy day on Wednesday, high of about 59, pretty much, you know, anywhere from 25 to 50% chance of rain all day. So that might be a nice day to just stay inside and take a nap back to a Thursday. Let’s see, it looks like Ooh, Thursday looks pretty horrible. Looks like a high of 44 and a low of 24 that night. We got some a am, a showers Thursday. That sounds awful. Um, 20 to 30 mile per hour winds. It looks like that’s going to be a good day not to run when the village of Southern trails saw homes, new construction, um, by know, Shaw homes in new home construction in Broken Arrow, Friday high of 48, low of 30 to 60 at warm 60 on Saturday.

Speaker 1: (08:10)
It looks like it gets a little bit nicer on Saturday. Um, Sunday 52, I’ll take that. Uh, we get into Monday, Monday, pretty yucky Tuesday, pretty yucky, Monday 42, Tuesday 43, Wednesday 47, Thursday 48. Well, that just looks like some horrible weather coming up, uh, fall into winter kind of weather and, um, villages, Southern trails, Shaw homes, new construction, and broken arrow. Uh, make sure you by and see the Monroe two P model. So a nice community with a pool park. Nice and quiet. And, um, it’s got about three houses under construction here. Now. Hopefully we’ll have some more soon got about 10 lots left and, uh, hopefully we can get to the house was sold and built and everybody can enjoy the new neighborhood and all the amenities and religious Southern trails in broken arrow, Shaw homes, new construction, and, uh, the, the model is ready and open. Um, 12 to six month stays until the time changes. Then it will be 11 to five and village at Southern trails, Shaw homes, new home construction in Broken Arrow, um, make sure it stopped by the Monroe to page.

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