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New Home Construction in Deer Creek | The Redford Experience

If you’re looking for new home construction in deer Creek, you’ve definitely came to the right place. Um, as a company we’re building all over the Oklahoma city Metro area, but our deer Creek locations are really, really booming. Um, the floor plan, I kind of want to tell you guys about today is going to be the Redford. It’s the model that I currently sit in, um, and of all the, all the neighborhoods that I, that I’ve seen in the deer Creek area. I mean, this one really, really stands out. Um, the Redford’s a beautiful, beautiful home and, and goes perfect on a, on a large home site, which in the deer Creek area, especially towards the, you know, towards the west side of Oklahoma city and Edmond, you start to get into much larger home sites. Um, he find a lot of neighborhoods that are, you know, half-acre up to an acre.

Some, some are going to be larger than that, but when you’re talking about a Redford, Redford’s got multiple variations anywhere from 2300 square feet, 2,400 square feet up to 34, 3500. So pretty, pretty large variety there, but the largest of them, the Redford one edge, it looks fantastic on a, on a larger new home construction in Deer Creek site. Um, but as you walk in, you’ve got a really large, um, cathedral ceiling, I guess you could say. Um, on the left-hand side, you’ve got a great size office. Uh, you could put quite a bit of furniture in there and not really feel like you’re like your cramps, you know, like you, uh, like you’re going to have to squeeze through and between everything as you’re, as you’re moving around your office during the day. Uh, but right across the hall from your office, you’ve got two bedrooms and a guest bath.

The bedrooms are great size, um, especially for, for children. Um, the front bedroom has a nice vault, it’s beautiful, beautiful bedroom. Um, then as you’re coming out out of that hallway, uh, make a right, and you’ve got the stairs off to your left hand side, and then you’re walking into your living space, the kitchen and nook area. Um, I love that the new home construction in Deer Creek builders and the way that they laid out this kitchen, living in nook area is fantastic because while you don’t have, you know, a large vault running through or, um, you know, it being one of those just kind of shotgun rooms where they’re kind of all lined up in one in one row, um, it still feels very, very open, large, tall ceilings. Um, but the nook also, they’ve, they’ve kind of enlarged the nook to a point where you could utilize that space for, you know, I could see myself having a bowl of cereal there in the morning after getting up, or, you know, it’s large enough to where if you want to have, you could host Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas dinners. Um, so a very large space there.

Um, and then off of the, off of the kitchen and nook area, you’ve got your master suite and in the Redford in particular is there was a lot of thought put into the master and how, how a couple would be living through that space. Uh, the master bedroom is, is massive, huge master bedroom. Um, in our model here, we’ve got tons of furniture in the master bedroom and, and even still, it doesn’t feel like, like it’s a cramped space at all. Um, so a lot of space and then going into the, going into the master bath, you’ve got from, from the master bath door, through the, through the master closet, you’ve got this like real, his and hers kind of feel to it. Um, you’ve got split vanities with a beautiful freestanding tub in the, in the middle of those split vanities and good sized vanities too.

You’re not getting, you know, tight, tiny, small cramped, uh, vanities, um, across the room from the, from the vanities in the model, you’ve got a beautiful, beautiful, uh, master shower, uh, but going from the, from the master bath into the master closet, uh, in the Redford, the closet is actually kind of split. So, you know, you’ve got the, the, his, and hers vanities and then going into the closet, you’ve also kind of got this, uh, kinda got this, his and her feel to it, um, which is great. Uh, and then you come out through the master into the laundry and utility area, which, you know, the, the thought behind laying out the master suite that way is, is phenomenal because, you know, in terms of convenience, uh, you know, you’re coming in from doing yard work or, or, you know, working on your car, I mean, anything outside you, you don’t have to, you know, walk all the way through your house to get cleaned up.

You can go right in through garage and right into, you know, your master bath area and all of that being right there, you know, also for, for laundry, you know, if you’re doing your laundry, you don’t have to walk your laundry all the way across the house. Uh, your laundry is right next to your master closet. You can do it and bring it right over into that space. Um, all of our heritage homes, uh, in the deer Creek area are gonna have, uh, three car garages. So a lot of space in the garage area, but the best part of this particular home, I think is the upstairs. Um, I feel like a lot of, a lot of homes that I see now from new home construction in Deer Creek, the upstairs is kind of just almost like an afterthought. You know, they, they wanted to add a little bit of, uh, extra square footage.

And with the Redford, there was a lot of thought put into the functionality of the upstairs. So, um, as you come up the stairs, you’ve got two great sized bedrooms. Uh, they they’re a little bit larger than the bedrooms downstairs. The bedrooms downstairs, um, are going to be like 11 and a half by 11. If I’m not mistaken, the upstairs bedrooms are going to be about a foot, a foot larger in width and length, so good size, good size bedrooms upstairs. And then the, the guest bathroom upstairs is, is really unique in that they, they kind of pushed the, the shower tub area off into almost like a separate room. So you’ve got a door that’s going to allow, you know, maybe one kid to, to be taking a shower while the other kid is in there brushing his teeth and not be, you know, in each other’s spaces.

So, um, it’s really, really nice how they did that, but you come out of the bathroom and you’ve got this great little catwalk on the other side of the stairs that, you know, as you’re, as you’re going to it, it’s, it’s almost kind of like a mystery of, of what’s on the other side. But, um, as you’re coming down that catwalk, you make a left hand turn and you, you’ve got a couple steps that bring you up into this massive game room. And, uh, so it’s really nice that, you know, the game room doesn’t feel like another bedroom. It doesn’t feel like it’s just another room upstairs without any thought behind it. You know, those, those, the bedrooms and the game room are two completely different spaces. Um, and the game room feels private enough where, you know, you can, you could have guests or your kids in the, in their bedrooms and you can be in the game room and not have to feel like, you know, you’ve got to keep it down or you can’t make too much noise, or you have to, you have to watch what you’re doing because of, because the other people upstairs you’re far enough away, um, that you don’t really have to worry about that.

And so, but you come up into these steps and you’ve got these three beautiful windows that are bringing a lot of light in. And another thing about the game room is you’ve got the double French doors coming into the game room, but on the other side of that is that, that grand entry that we’re talking about. And so there’s a window at the top of that entry and that not light coming in through the entry, along with the light coming in from the, uh, from the three windows at the back of the game room, or honestly bring in, uh, a ton of, of natural light into that space, to where, you know, especially during the day, you don’t have to be running your, your lights up there. Cause you’ve got a lot of great light coming in and, uh, but large, large room, um, I mean, there’s enough room for pool table and, you know, TVs, maybe a projector screen, if you wanted to make it into like a movie room or something.

But, you know, I was talking earlier about our new home construction in Deer Creek, um, locations and a house like this one in particular having, you know, those three massive windows at the top of that game room in a neighborhood, like some of our other Creek locations being that they’re on large wooded, beautiful lots, you know, the view is spectacular. And one of the things that you’ll find, uh, is common through these homes, there’s going to be, there’s going to be a lot of windows. I mean, they packed just about as, as many windows into these spaces as they possibly can. So, um, but you get a beautiful view from the master, from the game room, um, from the living space. And there are, uh, a lot of, a lot of beautiful, beautiful home sites in the deer Creek area. Um, it’s one of the fastest growing areas in, in the, in the Metro, uh, beautiful, beautiful schools, um, beautiful property. So, um, we are definitely going to be looking to expand the new home construction in Deer Creek area. Um, you know, we’re already, already, um, building a lot of homes, um, in the deer Creek school district area. Um, but I definitely think that we’ll be looking to add more.

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